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Sales Performance Management Software Overview

What is Sales Performance Management (SPM) Software?

Sales performance management is the practice of applying corporate performance management tactics to sales teams and determining how to best encourage the kinds of behavior that drive sales. SPM is concerned with sales knowledge (best practices), sales rep motivation (incentives, commissions, and gamification), and sales accountability (projected revenue, corporate goals, etc.).

This type of software is closely related to sales incentive compensation management (ICM) software. In fact, sales performance management suites often include ICM capabilities. However, SPM solutions typically have a broader range of functionality and more advanced sales analytics capabilities. For example, many SPM tools include gamification capabilities, such as allowing managers to set up sales contests or keep track of sales goals on public leaderboards.

The goal of SPM is to educate and motivate salespeople to set goals and satisfy customers. Sales performance management software provides a way for managers to track sales performance on a per rep and team basis based on key performance indicators (KPIs). By linking performance and revenue analytics, SPM solutions enable sales leaders to monitor and guide sales reps in ways that improve their ability to sell. They also provide sales reps with insights into their own performance and the performance of others.

Most SPM products perform these five core functions:

  • individual and team-based sales performance tracking

  • Advanced sales analytics and reporting

  • incentive compensation management

  • territory management

  • quota management

Measuring Sales Performance

Sales performance management tools use sales key performance indicators (KPIs) to track, report on, and influence how well salespeople and teams are performing. SPM platforms aim to understand sales success factors, and how these factors influence the bottom line.

The key questions asked by a sales performance manager, and addressed by SPM software, are:

  1. What makes a sales rep successful? What does success look like at this organization?

  2. What is the impact of sales performance on revenue?

  3. How can I adjust sales performance—through coaching, opportunity and workflow management, territory and quota assignments, goal alignment, incentive plans, etc.—in order to optimize revenue?

Sales Performance Management Software Features

SPM spans a major swath of the Sales Enablement platforms umbrella category. Depending on the approach a company takes to managing sales performance—namely, the relevant KPIs a sales manager is interested in tracking and optimizing—the most useful SPM software will offer a combination of features that enable a manager to view and fine-tune interrelated sales processes.

Most sales performance management solutions will cover these key capability areas:

Incentive compensation management (ICM)

ICM (Incentive compensation management) allows managers and reps to understand how earnings are related to performance and how changes in performance would affect earnings. It may also include functionality for commission/bonus accounting and fulfillment and might support non-monetary incentives.

Territory Management

From an SPM perspective, sales territories should be assigned and monitored so that they yield the most net new revenue. SPM platforms may allow managers to take into account sales cycle lengths and revenue yield by type of deal and by rep, revenue yield vs. incentive over a period of time, etc. Managers should balance territory assignments to facilitate improvements in individual rep performance as well as overall sales team performance.

Quota Management

Related to territory management, quota management involves planning for, assigning, and managing sales quotas across individual sales reps. Some platforms include the ability to set rule-based quotes, have top-down cascading quotas, or using Machine Learning (ML) technology to optimize quota assignments. The ultimate goal of quota management is to optimize quota assignments in a way that engages sales reps and enables them to meet their targets. Quota analytics help sales leaders track performance across reps and identify where quotas may need to be adjusted.

Sales planning and forecasting

Sales planning and forecasting includes goal planning and goal alignment features, as well as tools that help managers explore what-if scenarios and plan changes to optimize sales performance. This can also include mechanisms for managers and coaches to provide informal feedback to individual reps, or conduct performance reviews and job evaluations.

Analytics and reporting

Sales performance reporting and analytics, which tie together sales KPIs to provide a comprehensive view of the relationship between revenue and sales behavior, compensation, and pipeline management, as well as change over time. Many sales forecasting point solutions exist to help users generate expected deals and projected revenue reports; these tend to focus less on adjusting/optimizing sales behavior, and many are really BI tools with a sales use case.

Predictive sales analytics is another type of advanced sales analytics tool that can generate highly specific, highly accurate sets of expectations; however, predictive analytics tools for sales and marketing tend to focus on models that use machine learning to dynamically update expectations, which is very different than the type of overview sales forecast reports that are traditionally used in quarterly planning, for example.

Sales coaching analysis

This includes things like sales playbooks, skill development, call recording and coaching, onboarding/new hire workflows, etc. In SPM software, these capabilities are designed around best practices for optimal performance, and may be triggered by or tailored to a particular rep’s performance. Some sales training point solutions are HR or corporate learning management products, where “Sales” is a specific use case. Other products like and have been developed specifically for the sales use case.

Sales gamification

Sales gamification features can contribute to ICM and/or sales coaching and goal setting. Gamification, along with compensation, plays a large role in the “motivation” aspect of SPM. This can help individual sales reps stay engaged and motivated, while also fostering a sense of team-based achievement. Features may include the ability to set up contents among reps or keeping track of rep performance on a leaderboard.

SPM Software Comparison

Before investing in a new sales performance management product, consider these key factors while evaluating your options:

  1. Would it make more sense for your business to invest in a larger sales cloud that includes an SPM module, or a stand-alone SPM solution? Vendors like Oracle, Salesforce, and SAP all offer sales cloud suites that include sales performance management as a key capability. If your business has already invested in other parts of these sales clouds or will need to in the future, purchasing a larger sales cloud platform may be the right choice. On the other hand, if your business already has the other pieces of your sales or marketing tech stack in place and needs a stand-alone SPM solution, smaller solutions may be the best choice.

  2. Some SPM-related tools specialize in sales coaching as a way to increase sales enablement. Products like and provide a set of robust coaching features, including call recordings and playback, call analysis and coaching, and delivering meeting intelligence. However, these tools typically don’t offer quota, territory, or incentive compensation management. With this in mind, is your business looking primarily for a sales coaching solution, or a fully-featured sales performance management platform?

Pricing Information

Pricing for sales performance management software typically depends on a few variables; the number of sales reps to manage, the range of features required, and whether or not your business is purchasing a larger sales cloud suite that incorporates SPM or a stand-alone sales performance management solution.

Vendors that include SPM as part of their larger sales cloud offering may charge a higher price than SPM point-solution providers. Most vendors do not disclose pricing information directly on their website, but will provide a quote upon request.

Sales Performance Management Products

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Xactly Incent

Xactly Incent

Customer Verified
Top Rated

Xactly Incent Pro is a cloud-based, secure sales incentive compensation solution for enterprise-class businesses. Incent Pro replaces tedious, spreadsheet-based manual processes, making any incentive compensation program easy to manage and error free.



Customer Verified
Top Rated

Anaplan, Inc. (NYSE: PLAN) is a cloud-native enterprise SaaS company helping global enterprises orchestrate business performance. Leaders across industries rely on the platform—powered by its proprietary Hyperblock® technology—to connect teams, systems, and insights from across their…

Oracle CX Sales (formerly Oracle Engagement Cloud and Oracle Sales Cloud)

Oracle CX Sales (formerly the Engagement Cloud, and before that the Oracle Sales Cloud) is a sales automation software accessible through Microsoft Outlook, iOS, and Android, along with territory and quota management and social collaboration. CX Sales includes modules such as the…

InsightSquared Sales Analytics

InsightSquared Sales Analytics is a sales analytics and development platform that also supports demand generation analytics and SaaS reporting. It is designed for providing insights into sales processes, closing rates, pipeline and revenue forecasts, calculating KPIs, and market…

Varicent Incentive Compensation Management

Varicent (formerly IBM Cognos Incentive Compensation Management, or IBM Sales Performance Management) is presented by the newly reformed vendor as a Sales Performance Management (SPM) Solution that will accurately track, manage and report on sales-related data and processes to reduce…


Clari is a predictive sales analytics and sales forecasting solution from the company of the same name headquartered in Sunnyvale.

Xactly AlignStar

Xactly, headquartered in San Jose, offers AlignStar, a sales territory management and analysis application available for Salesforce or via a Desktop edition. calls itself a revenue intelligence platform for go-to-market teams. The platform promises to help sales, marketing and customer success teams uncover every revenue opportunity from every customer. Customers include: Lyft, Gainsight, Tanium and Palo Alto Networks. People.…

SAP Sales Cloud

SAP Sales Cloud (formerly SAP Cloud for Sales) is a cloud sales application with sales automation, enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration, and collaboration capabilities.


MoData is an AI-powered sales intelligence software that provides organizations with insights on all major sales metrics to help make data-driven business decisions. Key capabilities include pipeline analysis, sales forecasting, revenue analysis, and account based sales reports. The…

Iconixx Sales

Iconixx Sales is a cloud based sales compensation software application (SaaS) that enhances sales commission management with flexibility and scalability in an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution.

Upland Altify

Upland Altify is a Customer Revenue Optimization solution, aka a sales platform for key account management. It includes account planning, opportunity planning, and portfolio analysis to help sales teams operationalize their sales methodology by visualizing the people, priorities,…


Synygy is a Sales Performance Management solution from the company of the same name, which advertises itself as SOaaS (Sales Operations as a Service). It includes software and best practices around sales compensation management, sales optimization, sales enablement, and sales analytics.…

beqom Total Compensation

beqom is a Total Compensation Solution for HR & Sales to lead, align and motivate their employees and partners. The beqom Total Compensation platform is used globally across all industry sectors by over 100 large companies such as Microsoft and Pepsico. It addresses all Performance…


Insights is a professional development / coaching platform for teamwork, employee engagement, leadership development, sales and service performance, and change management. It provides employees and managers with Jungian psychology-based psychometric tools that promote self-awareness…

Xactly Insights

Xactly Insights is a sales compensation analytics and benchmarking tool, from Xactly in San Jose.

Allego Sales Learning Platform

Allego, headquartered in Needham, offers their Sales Learning Platform, which contains training modules available via mobile and video platforms; with peer collaboration and coaching tools, the application is of particular use to ensure performance across distributed sales teams…


Azurepath is designed to automate lead management and performance tracking for insightful business growth. According to the vendor, Azurepath is remarkably easy to use and suitable for any sized business selling any kind of product or service. Visual lead queues for individuals and…


Masskom is a sales gamification software solution offered by Masskom, Inc.

Axtria SalesIQ

Axtria SalesIQ is a cloud-based platform that helps sales management run an effective and efficient sales operation. The solution includes modules for planning, deployment and performance management. CRM

Ofisim CRM is a SaaS based CRM software suite that designed to help businesses to boost their productivity with minimum effort. Ofisim CRM also have capabilities such as sales force automation, lead and opportunity management, quote and sales order management, mass email & SMS…

SuMo Motivate

SuMo Motivate is a sales gamification software solution offered by CloudApps.


Greatify is a solution that is designed to help automate employee contest and incentive management for sales and customer service teams. According to the vendor, with Greatify, employees know what to do at any given moment, can monitor their progress in real time, and receive feedback/…


The SalesSeek platform provides Contact & Deal Management, Email Marketing & Automation, Forecasting, Task Management, Web Analytics, and Social Monitoring in a visual web application. The tools are combined with action-oriented visualisations and dashboards for all roles: CEO, Sales…

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sales performance management?

Sales performance management (SPM) applies corporate performance management tactics to sales teams. The overall goal of SPM is to optimize territory and quota assignments and encourage the type of sales behavior that will make the sales team most successful. SPM platforms typically include these five core capability areas:

  • incentive compensation management (ICM)
  • territory management
  • quota management
  • rep and team-based sales performance tracking
  • advanced sales analytics and reporting

How should I measure sales rep performance?

Sales performance management software allows sales managers and leaders to plug in KPIs, targets, and goals on a per-rep and team-level basis. These are then used to track sales performance of the entire team and individual sales reps. Goals and KPIs are typically structured around meeting specific quotas, operating within defined territories, and tracking closed-won deals over time.

What are the main benefits of sales performance management?

Setting up sales performance management as part of your sales process and using SPM software produces a number of important benefits. These include:

  • deeper visibility into which sales practices and approaches are successful
  • optimization of territory and quota assignments in order to drive revenue growth
  • motivating and engaging sales reps and reward successful sales behaviors
  • Improved sales planning that more closely aligns with sales targets and goals
  • More accurate incentive and compensation planning based on per-rep and team-wide performance

How much does sales performance management software cost?

Most SPM software vendors do not openly disclose prices on their website, but will provide a quote upon request.

A few variables help determine how much a sales performance management solution will cost. For example, whether or not your business is purchasing an SPM point solution or larger sales cloud from a vendor like Oracle or SAP, the number of reps on your sales team, and range of features required.