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Google Ads

AdWords works very well as a lower funnel channel, this means that you are able to target users who are already expressing interest or intent to buy or sign up for a specific product, it works very well as a B2C product, where you have a product to sell, or you want to push a certain product. I think AdWords is less suited when it comes to a branding piece if you are trying to give your business more exposure in the public eye. This could work as support to other channels, such as out of the home, or paid social.
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  • AdWords utilizes audience lists very well. These are lists that are created either with cookies, first-party data (from the business) or by using Google's own created topics. Audience lists are a strength mainly because it allows the business to target users who are more relevant to them, this, firstly, reduces spend on less relevant users and also increases revenue and conversions, which can really help a business grow.
  • AdWords also circumvents the problem regarding low organic search rankings.
  • For many businesses, organic search rankings could be very low for many non-brand related terms. AdWords gets around this by allowing you to bid on the first 4 positions on the search results page. This is essential to increase the visibility of the business, as well as allowing you the choice to bid on certain terms.
  • AdWords also provides Ad Extensions, these are extensions to your usual PPC ads and allows you to add additional information that you may not be able to fit into the character limit. The ad extensions include sitelinks (links that take you to various pages on your site), callouts (a list of unique selling points that will entice the user to click), Call extensions (a phone number).
  • These extensions allow your business to firstly take up more space when the advert is shown on the results page, which takes attention away from competitors and thus, vastly increases the likelihood of a user clicking on your ad. These extensions would not always be available if you run your business using SEO only.
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  • One scope of functionality that I find missing is that what if a user is not as advanced to select the best keywords for their business. Google has facility to do topic targeting on content networks, and that facility should be extended to PPC. For example if the clients want to sell shirts they can select apparel as a category and have a chance to appear on relevant searches.
  • Google AdWords also has a long way to go as far as mapping online to store purchases, since a lot of time the final decision is made online but the purchase happens in the store. Google is putting steps in place to get closer to this but there are several enhancements that are possible.
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Google Ads10.0
Based on 19 answers
As of today Google AdWords leads approximately 90% of paid searches globally. There is practically is no other network that can offer such a relevant and engaging audience at the price. The PPC model is also unique in that no media dollars are wasted, since PPC models ensure brand interaction versus traditional media which has heavy ad avoidance and clutter but still charges a hefty amount for ads.
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Google Ads9.0
Based on 1 answer
Very quick UI. Put together in a very intuitive and simple manor, while allowing users to go into the depths of functionality if they want
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Google Ads9.0
Based on 2 answers
Good support from the AdWords team, and the community.
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Online Training

Google Ads9.0
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Daily use with advanced account structures. Familiarity with reporting/api and complex setups.
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Alternatives Considered

I have used Yahoo and Bing’s platform as well to do PPC marketing & they are far behind AdWords in terms of bringing innovative stuff to the table. They often catch up with AdWords' capabilities in three to six months.
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Return on Investment

  • Increased traffic to our website
  • Responsible for approximately 45% of total lead form submissions
  • Creates brand awareness by giving our ads visibility on searches that don't result in clicks; and no click means no cost to the business
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Google Ads

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