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Top Rated
61 Ratings
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Score 9.1 out of 100

Likelihood to Recommend


If you have very large VMDKs (Virtual Machine Disk), failing snapshots or failing Microsoft VSS processes, then Zerto is the product.
If you have limited CPU or storage space or speed, Zerto is the answer.
If you need "nearly" instant RPO and very fast RTO, Zerto is the answer.
If you don't have the platform issues or are not concerned with RPO and RTO, and cost is a driver, then other products can have an advantage.
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer



  • It is simple to set up and use. In my opinion, one of the most important functions of a tool is its interface. If you have the best product in the world but it takes an arm and a leg to configure and a doctorate degree to use, then the product isn't worth very much.
  • The continuous replication is done very well. The failover and failback process runs smoothly.
  • This has less to do with the product than the company, but Zerto as a company really listens to their customer base. We've always had a very good interpersonal experience with their support and sales teams. Having great people behind their product is definitely one of Zerto's strengths.
Greg Goss | TrustRadius Reviewer



  • I’d like to see improvements to the usage graphs so I could dig deeper into network bandwidth usage with the ability to see what VPG is using most of the bandwidth
  • The ability to just failover a single server in a VPG would be useful, as this would reduce the number of VPG that have to be created
  • Bulk editing of failover IP addresses would be helpful
Neil Taylor | TrustRadius Reviewer

Likelihood to Renew


Zerto 9.7
Based on 2 answers
We really like the easy setup of this replication solution, as well as the ease of management. Not to mention, our internal IT Economist determined that the Zerto solution would provide the best ROI out of the competing solutions we analyzed. So far, his calculations have been spot on, and we have saved substantially
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer



Zerto 10.0
Based on 2 answers
Like any other software you have to learn how it works. Once you understand the product, usability is great.
Brian Marcum | TrustRadius Reviewer

Support Rating


Zerto 9.1
Based on 14 answers
Almost perfect, but one time it took the tech a little bit longer than I had hoped to get us back running and he had to wipe the configuration completely and restore it. Not a deal-breaker and definitely got us back to where we needed to be but I will dock 1 point for that. Other than that, support has been amazing.
Tim Lillis | TrustRadius Reviewer

Alternatives Considered


Zerto is a lot more flexible that VMware SRM. We used to use SRM and it was very rigid. All of our protection groups were based on storage volumes so any time anything needed to be added or removed from a protection group you had to adjust the storage volume and make other changes in SRM. With Zerto it is much easier to add or remove servers into protection groups. The scripting and instrumentation for bringing protection groups is much easier with Zerto as well.
Mark McCully | TrustRadius Reviewer

Return on Investment


  • For us, there really was no ROI to calculate when purchasing and implementing Zerto. We had no DR in place. We needed DR so we spun up a project, did some research, and found Zerto. It has had a positive impact on the business due to the fact that we can now pass our audit.
Christopher Mills | TrustRadius Reviewer


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