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Ten-X supports, an online multiple listing service (MLS) emphasizing foreclosures and auctions for residential properties.

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Real estate investors have found to be a valuable data source for finding distressed properties and potential flip …
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TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Real estate investors have found to be a valuable data source for finding distressed properties and potential flip opportunities. The platform's ability to provide critical information such as pricing and property condition helps investors make informed decisions on whether to pursue a property or not. With its single-source searching feature, users are able to search by geography and other parameters effortlessly, saving them time and resources.

Another primary use case for is the ability for users to find all types of investment properties instantly. The platform is a concentrated market for investment properties, allowing users to easily locate auction properties, bank-owned properties, off-market or unique properties, and foreclosed properties without having to engage real estate agents in unfamiliar areas. This feature can save users money on commission fees while offering wider access to a larger pool of potential buyers. Overall, provides an efficient solution for real estate investors looking to grow their portfolios and maximize their returns on investment.

Ease of Use: Users have found that is incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it a reliable and convenient source for finding properties quickly. The ease of finding properties and bidding was also appreciated by multiple reviewers.

Unique Properties: Reviewers noted that's unique listings not found on traditional commercial real estate websites helped them find properties at a discount. This market put properties in front of buyers that normal marketing wouldn't, which was helpful for finding unique properties.

Helpful Information: Multiple users appreciated the amount and quality of information provided about each property, allowing them to decide whether to pursue the property or not. Additionally, users found the blogs highly useful for clients interested in finding an auction property, giving clients access to bank-owned property information which was hard to come by.

Questionable Trust and Safety: Some reviewers do not trust with their money due to concerns about the site's trust and safety. These users suggest conducting thorough research before transacting on the site.

High Reserve Prices: Several reviewers have noted that auction reserves are often higher than market values, resulting in prices that are not cost-efficient. Additionally, auctions mainly consist of lower-valued properties, and commissions can be nonexistent for buyer brokers.

AS-IS Sales Policy: Many reviewers dislike that sales on are AS-IS to the winning bidder, meaning buyers have no recourse for seller misrepresentations. This policy leaves buyers with a short amount of time to obtain financing while sometimes offering below-market commissions to buyer agents.

Users have made several recommendations based on their experiences with The three most common ones are as follows:

  1. Thoroughly read and understand all of the fine print in the terms. This advice emphasizes the importance of being aware of all the details and conditions associated with participating in auctions or purchasing properties on the platform. By paying attention to the fine print, users can ensure they have a clear understanding of the process before committing to any transactions.

  2. Consider as a valuable resource for clients interested in investment properties. Users appreciate that the platform provides access to a wide range of real estate options, allowing them to explore and potentially find lucrative investment opportunities. This recommendation highlights that serves as a helpful tool for individuals seeking to expand their investment portfolios.

  3. View as a cool, fun, and interactive way to participate in and monitor the real estate marketplace. Users enjoy the engaging nature of auctions and find it exciting to follow the bidding process in real-time. This recommendation underscores the user-friendly interface and enjoyable experience that offers, making it an attractive platform for individuals interested in real estate transactions.

In addition to these recommendations, many users also express their willingness to recommend to their colleagues, further indicating their positive experiences with the platform as well as their confidence in its capabilities.

Overall, these recommendations highlight the importance of understanding the terms and conditions, emphasize's potential for finding investment properties, and praise its enjoyable user experience.

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Incentivized is being used for our Annual Holiday Luncheon. With it, we log in all of the silent auction items (over 300) listing them with the donor, value, category, etc. We also use it to track our attendees and to do the table seating. It runs our bid sheets, labels to tag the items, etc. At the event, we collect guests info by swiping credit cards. After the bidding is done, the program runs the invoices (one for the guest and one for distribution). The invoices show which guests are Quick Checkout - meaning we have their credit card info so they can pick up their auction items and go. At and after the event, the program runs all of the necessary reports you need for the items, the guests, the committee, and the Board of Directors.
  • Entering auction items and guests is very easy.
  • The assigning of table seating function makes doing table seating easy and easy to change.
  • The reports could be made easier to run.
  • The training on the system could be better. is well suited for an event, which has a silent and live auction. I can't imagine hosting an event without being able to swipe guests credit cards and being able to generate invoices. Entering winning bids at the event is easy and can be done on multiple computers - then merged onto one to run the necessary invoices, distribution sheets, and reports. Running a report on the items not bid on allows you to verify that you have entered all the bid sheets.
  • The system has enabled us to see which items bring in the most money so that we can focus on getting those items.
  • It also shows us which items don't sell, so we can quit wasting our time trying to secure them.
I have not used any alternatives to
Support is where shines. Their support team is incredible. On the day of the event, you can count on them to be on the other end of the phone when you call and to fix issues that you have. They are all very knowledgeable and understanding. They will walk you through any issues or actually make the changes remotely for you. I have nothing but praise for their support!
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