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First Advantage

First Advantage


What is First Advantage?

First Advantage in Atlanta delivers comprehensive background check solutions and insights that enable employers and housing providers to make confident choices, reduce risk, and maintain compliance.

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What is First Advantage?

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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
we use first advantage in screening new hires, ensuring that the date they provided during interview matches their background check, criminal record and credit history. it also helps ease in verifying their identity, pre requisite for opening bank account, benefits, and payroll. we can now safely vet that the hires that are endorsed to hiring managers are within the standards of the company
  • interface
  • ease of use
  • easy integration to other crm
  • turn around time
  • list of dropdown options
  • integration to other screening apps
First Advantage is most suited for a well organized end to end HR workflow, from hiring to onboarding. all HR associates can access all new hire details when encoding employee details in our HR systems. After all verification is done, we have the confidence in hiring those who passed the screening
  • interoperability
  • secure
  • widely regognized
  • cost per user
  • secure integration to MSO365
  • site security
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We used First Advantage for our client's requirements of having background verification done for the candidates joining their projects. SOme of the clients handle very critical PPI data and also the business sensitive data and have policies of strict screening of people who will get access to it as a part of their work. Hence it becomes essential to have thorough background check done for candidates joining these kind of projects. First Advantage proved to be a reliable partner in this area for us.
  • Crisp and clean documentation around candidate profiles
  • Lean and efficient business processes which are predictable and outcome centric
  • Prompt customer support
  • Processing candidate profiles quickly which may have worked in Tier 3 or Tier 4 cities
  • During pandemic, we had delays in candidate profile processing but I think that is understandable given the situation we were in
  • Their software may need improvements, though we seldom used it, we relied on them to provide us with necessary reports rather than using software ourselves
First Advantage is well suited for scenarios listed below based on our experience with them -

1. For candidates background verification before offering him/her employments
2. For our clients needs of having specific screenings done for people who would get deployed on their projects

We don't have an experience of using First Advantage software's yet however the software didn't provide all the features that we were looking for.
  • Coverage of areas for background verifications
  • Customized profile screening for our specific needs
  • Great customer support
  • We could onboard people quickly on projects which were dependent on background screening
  • Our customers specific needs were addressed in much more efficient way resulting in great client value add in their onboarding processes
HireRight, SkillSurvey Reference, SterlingOne (TalentWise)
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