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What is Huntress?

Huntress is a security platform that surfaces hidden threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits. The platform helps IT resellers protect their customers from persistent footholds, ransomware and other attacks.
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Fantastic Partner

10 out of 10
June 10, 2022
We use Huntress to detect anything that makes it past threat protection platforms and for basic exterior scanning for open ports. The …
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What is Huntress?

Huntress is a security platform that surfaces hidden threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits. The platform helps IT resellers protect their customers from persistent footholds, ransomware and other attacks.

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What is SentinelOne Singularity?

SentinelOne is endpoint security software, from the company of the same name with offices in North America and Israel, presenting a combined antivirus and EDR solution.

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Product Details

What is Huntress?

Huntress combines a managed detection and response (MDR) platform with a team of human threat hunters, to help can defend business from today’s determined cybercriminals. The Huntress Security Platform enables users to find and eliminate threats that lead to breaches, and ransomware. Huntress provides the technology, personnel and resources needed to catch threats that other tools miss and stop hackers in their tracks.

Huntress sits at the bottom of the customer's security stack, providing a crucial layer of detection and response that complements existing security tools already deployed. The Huntress 24/7 ThreatOps team investigates suspicious activity, removes false positives and enables the user to swiftly respond to advanced threats.

Huntress' human-augmented threat hunting goes beyond automation, providing users with the hands-on support and expertise to help stop persistent malware and other attacks. With one-click remediation, custom incident reports and integrations, Huntress helps the user's staff to respond to security events.

  • Detect - Install the Huntress agent and find attackers who abuse legitimate Windows applications and processes to bypass other security systems.
  • Analyze - Receive custom incident reports that combine automated intelligence with human expertise to understand the scope and severity of potential threats.
  • Respond - Isolate threats and get rid of hackers who are dwelling in the IT environments. With one click, the user can execute a series of automated actions to harden your security posture—and reduce future risk.
  • Report - Track incidents, review investigations and generate clientfacing collateral to demonstrate the value of detection and response services.

At the core of The Huntress Security Platform is its focus on identifying malicious footholds. Huntress monitors for these footholds, and
when found, delivers actionable recommendations and instructions for removal. Huntress ThreatOps aims to fill a critical gap in the security stack, supplying the user's company with a team of cybersecurity professionals who can hunt alongside an existing team IT or cybersecurity team. Huntress threat hunters provide 24/7 support and a degree of analysis and expertise that goes beyond software.

Huntress also enables the user to centrally manage Microsoft Defender Antivirus—a built-in and often underutilized Windows resource—to strengthen endpoint protection and open up more resources to strengthen the security stack.

To explore the service, Huntress offers a 21-day free trial. Their plans are oriented around the needs of MSPs, MSSPs, and VARs.

Huntress Features

  • Supported: managed detection and response (MDR)

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Huntress Technical Details

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Mobile ApplicationNo
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June 10, 2022

Fantastic Partner

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
We use Huntress to detect anything that makes it past threat protection platforms and for basic exterior scanning for open ports. The Ransomware canaries help to determine if an infection starts we can isolate the host before it spreads. We also count on Huntress for when a foothold lands and how to properly clean it off.
  • Ease of deployment
  • Non-intrusive to host system
  • Fantastic support when something is going wrong
  • Eager to dig in with you to figure out issues
  • Diving into Agents for specific information, similar to RMM setups
  • Better explanation of investigations, what machine they're for or if in general.
Onboarding new clients to find if they have something lurking in the background that an AV would consider "part of the system" at the first scan. This is great too for setting up automatic isolation for Ransomware events. Also great for home and small users who don't need a super invasive threat platform and to just utilize the Microsoft Devender
Chris Loehr | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
We leverage Huntress to protect our customers' endpoints. Huntress provides a unique view of activity on the endpoint and complements other endpoint security solutions in place. The power comes in Huntress' ability to investigate indicators and determine whether they are a threat or not. Additionally, we needed a solution that could be easily deployed, not process or memory-intensive, and is a low touch from an ongoing maintenance perspective.
  • Identifying persistence mechanisms
  • Playing well with others, i.e. other endpoint solutions
  • Excellent 24X7 support
  • Providing remediation assistance once a detection has been made
  • Continuously adding robust features without charging extra
  • Enhance reporting capabilities
  • Provide some connectivity to SIEMs/SOARs
It is awesome for any Windows environment, big or small. It is one of the easiest pieces of software you will deploy. It requires very few firewall policies to allow it to work. It maintains itself via updates. It is incredibly lightweight. So, if you need a solution that is actively surveying your network looking for threats that are installed on endpoints, this is the solution for you.
Scott Quimby | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Huntress is on all servers and endpoints. The product is extremely powerful at finding breaches and footprints of malicious activity that other security products do not often see. Huntress is extremely quiet so if they are alerting us, it has always been some sort of issue. Huntress is also extremely good at proactively looking back and looking across their install base to seek out where else they have seen similar footprints and when they first showed up for threats that had been ongoing and not previously disclosed.
  • Using the latest industry knowledge of threats that have been ongoing, but not previously known and projecting it back in time against their installed endpoints to identify machines that are vulnerable or breached and when it these events occurred
  • Very quiet. If they alert, it is a thing.
  • Very good at remediation.
  • They communicate extremely well when it matters.
  • While there are the most extensive products more often than not they are the first to alert us to a threat.
  • Now that they have EDR capability, they need to fully participate in MITRE testing for direct comparison against other EDR products.
  • Now that they are going into Managed Antivirus and EDR with isolation capabilities they need to update their SLA comparative to other vendors
  • Support for non-Windows OSes for consistency in a network
  • It would be nice to seed canary files in custom shares on servers.
Anything that is a domain controller, contains financial data, personally identifiable information, or is internet-facing needs a Huntress agent. When bad things are happening, our first question internally is done they have Huntress on the potentially affected endpoints.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Huntress leverages their Managed detection and response to help in identifying advanced persistent threats that basic antivirus misses. They have 24/7 threat hunting, when a threat is identified it is reviewed by a real human. An agent is installed on each windows device but it is really lightweight and has no noticeable impact on system performance.
  • Threat hunting
  • Detection of Advanced Persistent Threats
  • Managed Antivirus
  • MDR
  • Managed Detection and Response
  • Pricing
  • Triggered Scanning
  • Overhauling the layout now that new features have been added.
Huntress is great at detecting and identifying things that basic antivirus misses. Huntress detected fileless malware that was on a server that was completely ignored by the antivirus that was installed on the computer. It also detected a KMS activation bypass that was installed on a server. I would recommend installing it as a second party to verify the findings of the antivirus.
Trevor Murphy | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Huntress provides a second level of protection for all our client and internal endpoints. We know that our backs are covered if our traditional AV and other solutions should fail. We also utilize learning resources from Huntress Labs to stay up to date on the latest threats. Lastly, they are constantly releasing new features that we continue to operate, such as AV management for Windows Defender, making using this built-in software viable for an MSP and providing cost savings.
  • Threat hunting
  • Education
  • Partner Engagement
  • Threat hunting visibility
  • Dashboards
  • Not much else
Huntress is great for a managed service provider to provide a better cybersecurity stack to their endpoints/customers. Some smaller clients cannot afford high-priced SOC services but require SOC-level protection. Along with a couple of other layers of security, Huntress provides peace of mind for the MSP that if a threat were to arise, they would be notified with specific instructions for dealing with that threat.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
In building our security practice and stack, we were looking for a security product that fits the needs of all of our users and our customers. The product needed to be safe and secure, obviously, but more to that would reduce our cost of support while improving the security in our customer base. Huntress MDR ticks almost all of our boxes and has set my mind at ease, allowing me to take that much wanted rest, especially over the holidays, when our customers are more vulnerable. Huntress helps to highlight any potential footholds, security issues, and ongoing threat detection on all our servers and workstations.
  • Security foothold identification
  • Detects abuse against real windows applications and services
  • Great security reports
  • [I] would like to see more SOC as a Service - service from them.
  • [I would also like] improved Intune integration, especially with Windows Defender and the rest of the suite.
A great product that highlights any and all persistent footholds on the network and does a great job on breach monitoring. The support staff are great, efficient, and are able to reach out when there is an issue. Most problems are cleared out/mitigated before we even know about them. A great product to add to your security stack.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Huntress allows us to have the constant availability and visibility of a SOC without having to deploy or contract one. The mechanisms that allow for odd behavior to be elevated to the attention of a live security professional are a key safeguard against zero day attacks. We aren't large enough to deploy this in-house.
  • Lightweight sensor/agent on endpoint
  • Regular reports
  • Some explanation as to anomalous behavior
  • Reports could be more detailed
  • Dashboard isn't customizable
  • No direct sales option
This is a great solution for the SMB space where the attack surface is not very large. The assumption is that compromise is impossible to stop and better remediation should be the focus of security efforts. Automated remediation might suit most, but Huntress acts more like an advisor than an enforcer. This is important in our environment where users employ lots of applications and customizations.
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