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What is inRESONANCE?

inRESONANCE, a Community Brands company, offers their student management platform to independent schools, which includes basic parent-teacher communication support features along with registration and enrollment support, billing, interactive website, and also general fundraising, gift and pledge management, and event management.

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What is inRESONANCE?

inRESONANCE Technical Details

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Score 3 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
inRESONANCE was chosen by my current school when it was a start-up and served the purpose for a new/small school quite well. The price was "right", and for a school of under 100 students/families at the time - with very simple fundraising needs, it certainly did the trick from my understanding. We use Generations in the Advancement department, but inRESONANCE is used for admissions, as well.
  • Customer service in response to problem-solving.
  • Extremely hands-on in making additions to the software on the spot to fulfill a need.
  • Functionality in terms of splitting gifts when it comes to comprehensive campaigns.
  • Tracking attributes and actions in a way that is intuitive for senior administrators.
Over the past six months, I've run the full gamut of emotions/thoughts on inRESONANCE. The software is dated, so it is not intuitive if you've been in web-based tools in recent years. That said, I think it is perfectly suited for smaller, start-up organizations that need guidance. The support we receive is excellent and always timely.
  • Annual fund tracking is very easy and pulling simple things like donors/non-donors is easy. Fine for a straight-forward appeal.
  • If you are going with a comprehensive/combine ask - this is not the tool for you. There's no way to split gifts with % allocation. We're losing money in spending time trying to figure out how to configure pledges in accordance with the software.
Apples and oranges. Comparing these two products is not really fair when it comes to functionality. That said, when it comes to customer service, inRESONANCE wins in my book.
Brian, our representative, as been tremendous. His response time is outstanding - and if he is able to alter the tool on the spot, he will. We've been able to do more sophisticated maneuvers because of his willingness to problem-solve with us. When the functionality isn't there, it is also a very honest conversation and we know when we have to work outside of the tool.
Raiser's Edge NXT, Little Green Light, iWave
Diana Robinson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use inRESONANCE as the database system to hold all of our scholars. It tracks all pertinent information including initial recruitment applications, academic review and all contact information for each scholar. It addresses the problem of having a database that is streamlined, consistent, and can be used by every phase of our organization in the same way.
  • User levels where only certain individuals are able to do specific task. You don't have everyone making changes to fit their needs. Keeps things consistent.
  • The ability to build custom lists. We are able to make the list as specific as we need them to be for our particular organization.
  • The ability to send individual HTML formatted email messages to a specific set of individuals is helpful for the difference phases of our program. Each is able to communicate with their specific phase alone.
  • There are a lot of terms used for different information in the database. It would be nice if that could be streamlined somehow and more intuitive for the users.
  • There are a lot of details to go through to make custom list or create reports. If you don't do these processes regularly, it seems you are always relearning the process.
  • There was a point when data changes needed to be done in two different places, but I think we may have resolved that issue.
Well suited to having the ability to import information when there are large numbers of scholars to be updated, such as graduations or moving up a grade. On the other hand, the program is geared towards a school and we are not a school so we had to do a lot of tweaking for our purposes.
  • It has provided us with a more consistent, and more accurate reporting system for grants and overall analysis of our scholars.
  • We are all working in a similar way with inputting information into the database which adds to the consistency and accuracy of reporting.
We were using the CRM database system, however it was too proprietary and when we wanted to make changes or customize we were continually paying an outside consultant to get things done. With inRESONANCE, we are able to make the updates, and customize as we need to internally. It has saved us a significant amount of money in this regard.
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