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INSYNC Commerce is a B2B eCommerce platform that is built for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors to help them run their business and launch themselves in the digital landscape. The platform aims at improving customer experience and brand loyalty through a simple yet robust web store setup and management and offers solutions for better order processing, inventory management and streamlined distribution channel.

INSYNC Commerce enables omnichannel commerce as well. The platform also automates various critical operations since it is integrated with other applications used in any business scenario (ERP, CRM, POS, etc.).


Online Storefront Features

  • Supported: Product catalog & listings
  • Supported: Product management
  • Supported: Bulk product upload
  • Supported: Branding
  • Supported: Search & filter
  • Supported: Mobile storefront
  • Supported: Product variations
  • Supported: Subscriptions & downloads
  • Supported: Website integration
  • Supported: Visual customization
  • Supported: CMS
  • Supported: Customer service tools

Online Shopping Cart Features

  • Supported: Abandoned cart recovery
  • Supported: Tax calculator
  • Supported: Shipping calculator
  • Supported: Integration with Amazon
  • Supported: Integration with eBay
  • Supported: Checkout user experience

Online Payment System Features

  • Supported: PayPal integration
  • Supported: Returns & refunds
  • Supported: Single-click checkout
  • Supported: eCommerce security
  • Supported: Credit card transaction fee
  • Supported: B2B features

eCommerce Marketing Features

  • Supported: Promotions & discounts
  • Supported: Personalized recommendations
  • Supported: SEO
  • Supported: Product reviews
  • Supported: Social commerce integration
  • Supported: Customer registration

eCommerce Business Management Features

  • Supported: Multi-site management
  • Supported: Order processing
  • Supported: Inventory management
  • Supported: Accounting
  • Supported: Shipping
  • Supported: Custom functionality



INSYNC Commerce is an end-to-end Integrated B2B eCommerce Solution specially made for Distributors, Wholesalers and Manufacturers for better digital adoption, quick launch and faster growth. The platform offers in-built integration with the other backend applications of a business such as ERP, POS and CRM solutions to provide a seamless experience of eCommerce functionalities.
Manage B2B customers and all their details seamlessly with INSYNC Commerce B2B Customer Management. This video focuses on wholesaler and distributor customer management.
Sales Reps are an important part of the merchant's success when it comes to B2B eCommerce operations. These Sales Reps help the organizations by managing their customers, their order details and other related operations. With INSYNC Commerce, merchants can create, assign and manage Sales Reps and establish a smooth ordering processing system.
Setting up Customer-specific Pricing in B2B eCommerce is a commonly demanded feature. This enablement of Pricelists in B2B eCommerce helps merchants segment their customers and offer products at the desired prices. Through INSYNC Commerce, merchants can create multiple pricelists, assign specific products to these pricelists and assign the pricelists for segmented customer groups at one go.
Tier Pricing is a pricing rule in B2B eCommerce that follows the notion of volume discounts. B2B merchants use tier pricing to offer special discounts when buying bulk quantities of products. With INSYNC Commerce, B2B merchants can create tier pricing, assign specific products to these tier prices and assign the tier prices to segmented customer groups.
Special Price is a feature of B2B eCommerce where the merchant allows specific period discounts or special discounts during special occasions for the customers. In this video, we will show how the Special Price feature can be achieved through INSYNC Commerce.
Allowing discounts on special product categories to specific customers is highly demanded in B2B operations. This feature allows the merchants to offer short-period special discounts to specified customers on selected product categories. With INSYNC Commerce, merchants can easily create customer-specific category discounts, assign products to the rule and assign B2B customers to the products.
Pricing and discounts are some of the most important aspects of a B2B business. These price and discount rules help the merchants in visualizing the company's revenue structure and offer insight as to how the business should grow. With INSYNC Commerce, B2B merchants can quickly create and assign multiple price rules and discount rules, set rule priority settings and witness the application of price rules on priority.
Category-wise visibility based on customer segmentation is crucial in B2B eCommerce. This allows the merchants to show specific products/items to defined and selected customers or customer groups. Through INSYNC Commerce, merchants can provide unique shopping experiences to each customer.
Allowing additional discounts at the time of checkout to very specific customers is an important way of maintaining customer relations in B2B eCommerce. Through INSYNC Commerce, merchants can allocate customer-specific additional discounts.
Order Approval is a crucial part of the self-service feature for B2B customers. Enable the self-service feature of B2B eCommerce with Order Approval through the INSYNC Commerce platform. This will allow the merchants to set up self-service features to their liking and let the customers do as much as possible.
How to Set Up Ideal Payment Options During Checkout for B2B eCommerce Setting up reliable payment methods in B2B eCommerce is very important. While the payment options are very different here, with credit playing a major role, it immensely helps the B2B merchant succeed with his business. With INSYNC Commerce, B2B owners can set up various payment methods and assign each to its correct unit.
How to Set Up Quotation and Negotiation Process in B2B eCommerce Quotation and Negotiations are critical aspects for maintaining a business in B2B eCommerce. Being a part of the core sales and purchase cycles, these form the base of the entire business journey. With INSYNC Commerce, B2B merchants can set up and assign Quotations and Negotiations and help their business grow.
How to Set Up Quick Order for Large Enterprises in B2B eCommerce Quick Order is a highly demanded feature in B2B eCommerce. This feature not only offers convenience to the buyers and helps increase their interest in the business but also ensures loyalty over time. With INSYNC Commerce, B2B merchants can now provide robust quick ordering features to their customers and improve their shopping experience.





More Pricing Information

SaaS Editions Pricing
Pricing DetailsTerms
Basic Plan$40010 Users, Per Month, Full License - 100 GB Storage, Daily Cloud Backup, 1 Domain, API Performance 200/sec, No. of Customers upto 10,000, No. of SKUs upto 5,000
Advanced Plan$55010 Users, Per Month, Full License - 500 GB Storage, Daily Cloud Backup, 1 Domain, API Performance 400/sec, No. of Customers upto 30,000, No. of SKUs upto 20,000
Enterprise Plan$1,20010 Users, Per Month, Full License - Unlimited Storage, Daily Cloud Backup, 1 Domain, API Performance 1000/sec, No. of Customers upto 30,000, No. of SKUs upto 20,000

INSYNC COMMERCE Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)30%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)50%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)20%

INSYNC COMMERCE Technical Details

Deployment TypesSaaS
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android
Supported CountriesGlobal, All Countries
Supported LanguagesEnglish