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Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes

Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes


What is Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes?

Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes enables users to deploy, scale, and update bare metal private clouds on Kubernetes substrates.

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The Future of OpenStack: Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes [webinar excerpt]


The Future of OpenStack: Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes [webinar]

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Product Details

What is Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes?

Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes Video

Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes overview

Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes Technical Details

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Score 9 out of 10
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One of our client's organizations wanted to have a performant, scalable OpenStack solution. The main reason why we use this is Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes can be run on bare metal private clouds, which we also call on-premises private clouds, which can scale well and can provide high levels of reliability. Hence we chose Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes.
  • Can be deployed and run on bare metal on premises clouds
  • Is highly reliable and highly scalable
  • One of the good performance private cloud IAAS platforms available around
  • None as I have found and used.
Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes is highly scalable and very easy to manage Infrastructure as-a Service (IaaS) platform. It has a built-in Mirantis Kubernetes Engine which is best optimized for bare metal hosts for the best performance. Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes is easy to use virtualized Infrastructure as-a Service (IaaS) platform for both cloud-native applications and traditional applications reliability.
  • Reliability is one important feature
  • Resiliency and high scalability is good
  • Self healing and auto scaling feature is exceptionally good
  • Containerization of all OpenStack services
  • Management of data has become simple
  • Certainly improved performance and security with Kubernetes integration
  • Updating of containers is seamless and it certainly is good
Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes is easily manageable and has seamlessly configurable containers. It also has high reliability and security, which is certainly a positive point for this product. Overall I think it is a worthy competitor in the market to compare for your needs.
Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Mirantis OpenStack was one of the proof of concepts we did to test if we could run our infrastructure on OpenStack.
  • Works out of the box. There is very little back-end configuration necessary for users.
  • The support is active and response times are very good.
  • Staff is extremely knowledgeable and can help with more complex concepts and design ideas.
  • Mirantis OpenStack managed services are expensive. Very expensive for a start-up.
  • I'd personally like to see a little more under the hood details in the status pages.
  • Mirantis could also benefit heavily from a free "light" version that start-ups could use to run their own cloud. Maybe coupled with advertising or some sort of surveys.
Mirantis is well suited for someone who doesn't mind spending money but doesn't quite want to commit to a cloud provider like AWS. It is also well suited for small or junior technical teams that don't have the skills, experience, or time to run their own openstack clusters.
  • Mirantis did help our business figure out if openstack was right for us.
  • Using Mirantis I felt a bit cheated on understanding the deep technical knowledge of how openstack works. But that being said that is probably a value add more than a detractor for most people.
  • Using Mirantis was considerably cheaper than AWS.
Mirantis is a managed service. If you're looking for that type of support, infra management, and to relieve yourself of the burden then they are a great option. If you're looking to build your own cloud and save as much money as possible then running openStack yourself is your best option. I would say in the category of OpenStack managed services Mirantis is ahead of Ubuntu (who uses JuJu to manage everything) but behind Rackspace.
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