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What is LogicMonitor?

LogicMonitor provides an agentless SaaS-based monitoring platform. LogicMonitor provides prebuilt integrations and an open API, and is designed to provide monitoring across networks, servers, applications, websites, and containers, including insights and reporting capabilities.

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Product Details

What is LogicMonitor?

LM Envision is a SaaS-based unified observability platform that enables digital enterprises to adopt a cloud-ready operating model for meeting key business demands. LM Envision provides clarity across hybrid enterprise IT, brings diverse IT and development teams together to solve complex problems, and enables IT to innovate faster while improving operational efficiency to the critical IT services they deliver.

LM Envision aims to offer an alternative to the tool sprawl that exists in many organizations today. By leveraging a platform that enables collection, analysis, contextualization insights and exploration of observability data across traditional and modern environments, it helps IT teams to remove the blind spots that come from siloed monitoring tools. And it enables IT teams to rally around a platform that offers a “single source of truth” to quickly triage and resolve problems, leverage AIOps to spot performance trends, and shift their time and investment from operation tasks to work that drives innovation for the enterprise.

LogicMonitor Features

  • Supported: Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Supported: Network Monitoring
  • Supported: Cloud Monitoring
  • Supported: Logs
  • Supported: Server Monitoring
  • Supported: Remote Monitoring
  • Supported: AIOps (data forecasting, root cause analysis, dynamic thresholds)
  • Supported: Database Monitoring
  • Supported: Container Monitoring
  • Supported: Synthetic Website Monitoring
  • Supported: APM
  • Supported: Storage Monitoring
  • Supported: Virtual Machine Monitoring
  • Supported: Configuration Monitoring
  • Supported: Topology Mapping
  • Supported: Customizable Dashboards
  • Supported: Alert Escalation Chains
  • Supported: Reporting
  • Supported: Alerting
  • Supported: 24x7 Live Technical Engineer Support

LogicMonitor Screenshots

Screenshot of AIOps features for enterprises using technology or hybrid environments with cloud and container resources. LogicMonitor can be used to monitor and improve the performance of complex enterprise networks with dynamic thresholds, topology mapping, anomaly detection, and root cause analysis.Screenshot of LM Envision's comprehensive monitoring and observability capabilities across the IT infrastructure, that help to identify alerts for the most important systems while ensuring the user experience is uninterrupted across the globe.Screenshot of Monitoring that ensures servers and the applications running on top of them are highly available. Helps resolve issues and optimize resource consumption for the server infrastructure.Screenshot of LogicMonitor remote workforce monitoring, which ensures that employees are connected to the systems that keep them productive and provide proactive insight into dispersed systems and third-party outages.Screenshot of Unified cloud monitoring across a hybrid multi-cloud ecosystem.Screenshot of LM Logs delivering log analysis at enterprise scale.

LogicMonitor Videos

LogicMonitor helps Abrigo maintain 99.99% uptime
GCISD accelerates digital transformation with LogicMonitor
who is LogicMonitor?
Carrier partners with LogicMonitor in path to unified observability

LogicMonitor Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mobile Web

Frequently Asked Questions

LogicMonitor provides an agentless SaaS-based monitoring platform. LogicMonitor provides prebuilt integrations and an open API, and is designed to provide monitoring across networks, servers, applications, websites, and containers, including insights and reporting capabilities.

Datadog, PRTG Network Monitor, and Dynatrace are common alternatives for LogicMonitor.

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 9.1.

The most common users of LogicMonitor are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).

LogicMonitor Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)29%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)41%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)30%
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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We had a major issue in our instance and LogicMonitor has been a valuable tool for me and our team to find and solve that issue. With it we can easily monitor all our servers and cloud application from a centralized location which boosts both our speed and productivity. Also I particularly appreciate the free trial because unlike others, they provide full access to their software which helps us test all aspect of the software and they also provide customer support to help you through the installation process and any problem you may have.
  • Easy server and cloud application monitoring.
  • Provides speed, productivity, and technical assistance.
  • Provides detailed reports and logs for fault detection and correction.
  • Free trial with full access to the software.
  • The website and desktop application works fine is up to date but they should update their mobile application also.
  • Even with the technical support the installation process is very complex.
We use LogicMonitor to monitor our website and servers health and performance, all from a centralized location. Which gives us easy access to our servers and real time analytics. So we can better detect any faults and quickly fix it which saves us both time and money and increases our productivity.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I like how LogicMonitor is easy to set up and configure, plus it simplifies website and server monitoring. Also, whenever something goes wrong in your system, LogicMonitor will automatically notify you via email, phone, or any other way that you prefer. So you can quickly fix the problem or contact support to get it solved.
  • Easy to configure and set it up plus it simplifies both server and website monitoring.
  • Instant notification whenever something goes wrong in your system.
  • Quick and helpful support.
  • Quite costly.
  • Not easy to customize.
  • No other problem but a reduction in price would be much appreciated.
I prefer LogicMonitor over other similar monitoring systems despite its costly price tag. And we can keep tabs on everything from our website to our servers with it. Also, the initial setup was straightforward to follow and configure, so it is very much recommended that others try it.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Both the on premises and cloud monitoring system has been converted to LogicMonitor and thanks to that we can analyze and collect more specific data without worrying about our infrastructure cost. Also installation was easier than we imagined as the documentation to set it up was extensive and both customer service and LogicMonitor community was always available and friendly enough which accelerated the whole process. There is no other monitoring system that matches its low cost and ease of use.
  • No need to worry about the overall cost as it costs much lesser than it's competitors.
  • Has friendly community and support so whenever there is an issue, it quickly gets solved and the extensive documentation further makes the process easy to follow.
  • The tool's overall performance is great and the UI is updated frequently to fix bugs or improved user experience.
  • Further improvement is required in their mobile app. Since it has a lot of bugs which causes it to crash and start glitching.
  • Even though it can identify if there is an issue and report it, it can't automatically fix it or give the solution for the issue. So if there was such a feature, it would save us a lot of time.
  • That was all that the it needs to improve on and there are no other significant problem or improvement that it needs.
The ease with which LogicMonitor lowered administrative and infrastructure costs earned it great recognition. It lets us monitor our entire network and see what's happening with a very intuitive graphical user interface which is frequently updated to further increase it's performance. And among all of it's competitors LogicMonitor is the best and cost effective solution to use for your company.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It's great since we don't have to install bothersome agents on the devices or hardware that we want to monitor. I didn't even need to consult the instructions or contact customer support when I wanted to add a device; the process is simple and easy to follow. But if you still find the configuration to be too much to handle, technical assistance is always available to assist you. Finally, there is no downtime experienced whenever there is an update, hence giving us a smooth experience.
  • It doesn't require the installation of bothersome agents on the devices or hardware that we want to monitor.
  • It is very easy to set up and add new devices without going through the instructions or contacting support.
  • No downtime experience even during updates.
  • Has enough documentation if ever required.
  • Sometimes updates change the UI which I then need some time to get used to.
  • The type of alerts send through email is limited and less options are available.
  • Cost may increase significantly if number of devices increases.
It is excellent as no bothersome agents must be installed on the devices or hardware we want to monitor. Plus, they have great support even though you may never contact them, as LogicMonitor is very easy to set up and rarely has any issues. So I would recommend them as you won't get this smooth experience anywhere else.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It gives real time data and has a wide range of monitoring choices which is constantly accessible and lets you group severity alerts for abnormalities. Also their technical support is available 24/7 and their security updates are very frequent hence providing the best possible security.
  • Frequent security updates which ensures best possible protection.
  • Lets you group severity alerts for abnormalities.
  • Support is available through out the day.
  • The reporting templates are old and needs new ones.
  • The devices logged should have more info. Such as their ip address and the device name and the time when logged in.
If your application has many users, it can show you which servers have the greatest issues such as a malfunctoning CPU. And as server performance data is clear and informative. The issue can be easily fixed within a small amount of time.
Alejandro Gomez Martinez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use it mainly to collect data and alarms from our network devices, SSL certificates, internet accesses and in general is our NOC tool. Nowadays, LogicMonitor helps us to be prepared ahead for any events on the networks, including our MPLS and VPN links, as well as any hardware resource on the company.
  • Graphics with detailed info
  • Collects data easily
  • Easy to deploy dashboards
  • SNMP walk on cisco devices such as FTDs and FMC
  • Better network topology diagrams
In general, for networking monitoring, LogicMonitor makes a great deal, but with other scenarios like CyberSecurity, there is still room for more improvement.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As a managed service provider, we use LogicMonitor as our primary monitoring platform across all our managed customers.
Servers, network equipment, cloud resources and storage devices are all monitored with thresholds and alert routing which integrates into our ticketing system. This provides us with a clear method of onboarding new customers or resources to our established monitoring standards and ensures we have proactive metrics to review and address.
  • Data Thresholds
  • Wide range of vendor equipment supported
  • Modules can be customized
  • Agent or agentless monitoring
  • Security features
  • API expanded for multiple ticket service boards
  • API response data posted in alert details for ticket reference
  • Additional tokens to use within integrations and alert templates
A mid to large-size company is the perfect fit for LogicMonitor's features. It may be overwhelming for a smaller business.
Managed service providers may struggle to handle the alert routing of all the customers, but the features are available within the platform to built what is needed. The regular updates require constant vigilance to stay abreast of changes and adopt, although most module updates are unnecessary.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have seen a significant improvement in our response time when dealing with server related difficulties because to LogicMonitor's ability to closely monitor all important systems. And although LogicMonitor is mostly used on servers, it is also compatible with many other devices. Also a crystal-clear dashboard allowing us to maintain tabs on the most critical systems from a single location is the result of the meticulous tracking of all these events.
  • Monitoring and alerting users of network or connection changes.
  • Anomaly detection is great.
  • Real time dashboards and reports showing insights across all systems.
  • Changing the alerting settings is such a hassle and takes forever.
  • Device logging is not nearly targeted enough.
  • Pre-built alerts and templates are desperately needed.
The warnings are incredibly detailed. I think it would be incredibly helpful to have a record of what happens when an outage starts and when the status changes. Also the average customer who isn't overly concerned about the data's storage location will love LogicMonitor, but security-conscious clients may find it harder to adopt due to data not held locally.
Ali Gaeta | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use LogicMonitor for network and other network infrastructure monitoring and alert generation as a Managed Services Partner. We have recently transitioned from another tool that was not powerful enough and not customizable enough for our growing MSP business. We have a large enterprise customer that we couldn't effectively monitor/manage with our legacy tool. Thus LogicMonitor gives us the interface to do so in a more effective way. As an MSP providing business intelligence data and striving to proactively optimize our customers. LogicMonitor gives that data and view under the hood into so many systems for us to use to our advantage.
  • Granular data and metrics on all types of systems WITH graphical display
  • Range of products supported is vast and way more robust than our legacy mon tool
  • Customization abounds, and a lot of options to really make it work for customer nuances - a must for an MSP-used tool
  • Dashboards are key for internal management as well as providing MSPs a view and value add
  • Integration capabilities with PSA/Ticketing Tools lack customization for multiple calls/actions per alert function
  • Netflow/traffic analytics could show endpoints vs. IPs for all the popular ones, ex: Facebook, youtube, Netflix, etc.
  • GUI could be beautified...think Apple OS and easy buttons. Some of the navigation is cumbersome
  • Reports function ... cumbersome, drag and drop would be lovely since properties to not auto-populate
After using and evaluating many monitoring tools for our MSP to use, I do feel like LogicMonitor is the best in class for power MSPs with a deep tech skill set that wants and needs the granularity and metrics LogicMonitor uncovers. An 8 because LogicMonitor still can improve in some areas, and if their GUI was updated to the modern, ease-of-use tools of today, it would be the only tool of choice! If it doesn't improve the GUI and ease of use, another player could certainly get there and push them out of the market. Ease of use with powerful = winner for any business, whether 1 or an MSP serving MANY.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
LM handles several input and output formats well. Monitoring anything with an IP address is easy with new or updated software. Network operation center security camera software should be network-compatible. I monitor all my networks with LogicMonitor, despite its cost.
  • Notifies the appropriate parties whenever an incident occurs at a monitored asset that could affect the quality of service.
  • Both the LogicMonitor support team and the documentation have been helpful to us.
  • Unanticipated limitations exist, and the strength of the reporting is quite low.
  • I don't really like how complicated it is to delete items from LogicMonitor.
Companies wishing to streamline monitoring infrastructure, replace on-premises solutions or update platforms might consider LogicMonitor. Managed service providers love its multi tenant support, single sign-on, and client read only access. We can use idle assets productively. If the server's CPU usage reaches a threshold, all parties will be notified.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
LogicMonitor dynamically scales with our network's growth. Whether we add new devices or expand into the cloud, the platform adapts seamlessly, eliminating the need for constant manual configuration. Excels in providing comprehensive visibility into our network infrastructure. It auto-discovers devices and monitors various network components, including servers, switches, routers, and cloud services.
  • Comprehensive Network Visibility
  • Automatic Scaling
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Customization Complexity
LogicMonitor Network Monitoring to organizations of all sizes, especially those with complex or growing network infrastructures. It provides the tools needed to ensure network reliability, optimize performance, and proactively address issues.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use LogicMonitor to monitor our own as well as our customers' infrastructure, in particular cloud infrastructure such as AWS and Azure resources, as well as applications such as Tableau Server, Alteryx Server, and Matillion. At a high level, we have an MSP use case for LogicMonitor, and it is our primary observability platform.
  • LogicMonitor is very customizable. We can build whatever modules we need, because it uses standard protocols like HTTPS, SNMP and WMI to gather data and metrics.
  • We like that LogicMonitor is an agentless solution for our use case. Not all customers will allow an agent-based approach to 3rd party tools.
  • LogicMonitor has thousands of out of the box modules, which work on their own and also act as good baselines for the ones that we will end up customizing more. We are rarely starting at zero when we decide to do something new with LogicMonitor.
  • LogicMonitor has great documentation, and support has been helpful in the instances where we've needed them.
  • It's not cheap - LogicMonitor is three times more expensive than our previous monitoring solution, and it gets more expensive every year. They run some risks with the SMB market with guaranteed rate hikes every year.
  • LogicMonitor can be 'fussy' compared to other solutions. We have a dedicated architect who manages our deployment for us.
  • I don't love the built-in analytics and reports, but we have other solutions for that.
LogicMonitor is great for its intended use case. It is a top tier observability solution that will work the way it needs to in most scenarios because of the standard approach it takes to data collection, the flexible deployment options, and the nearly infinite customization options.

It is not a universal recommendation because of cost and complexity, but for us it's been great.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Its been a couple years since we engaged LogicMonitor in organization. The platforms integration with cloud platforms has simplified our cloud resource management. We set up automatic scaling policies, and when our applications demand increased, LogicMonitor seamlessly expanded resources to handle the load. We have also leveraged it ability to identify issues before they impact our end users allowing us to address issues before they lead to server downtime.
  • The auto discovery capabilities have saved us countless hours. It automatically detects and monitors new devices and services when added to our network, ensuring we miss nothing critical.
  • The customizable dashboards are great
  • The forecasting tools have been instrumental in our capacity planning efforts.
  • Pricing and transparency. Shading more light into the pricing structure would be really appreciated especially by potential clients
  • The licensing is very costly.
LogicMonitor has been an incredible asset in our IT operations. Its capacity planning features have helped us optimize resource allocation. We are able to identify underutilized resources and redistribute them efficiently. We also set up automated alerts for server CPU usage. When a critical servers CPU usage exceeds a predefined threshold, LogicMonitor immediately alerts our teams.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As a managed services provider, we require the best monitoring tool to provide world-class services to our clients. The tool must be easy to deploy, maintain, and manage. The solution must also be current with the market trends and stay ahead of the ever-changing technology market. Most importantly, the user experience must be intuitive, easy to understand, and feature-rich. We deploy LogicMonitor to over 150+ clients across North America and it is the core monitoring tool we use to meet all of the requirements mentioned above and more.
  • Monitoring of on-prem, cloud, and SAAS-based solutions across hundreds of different technologies.
  • Provides notification and alerting in the event an asset is experiencing a service impacting situation
  • Real-time dashboards and reporting to see analytics across business systems
  • Because of the rapid change in technology, maintaining DataSources to the most current level can be time-consuming for staff.
  • The network discovery and mapping capabilities are not as robust when compared to other solutions
  • While it can back-up configuration files on devices, it does not have the ability to push or modify configuration files back to devices.
For any organization that is looking to consolidate monitoring tools, move away from an on-prem solution, or modernize its existing monitoring platform, LogicMonitor is a great solution. It is an excellent option for managed service providers since it offers multi-tenancy, multi-SSO, and client-facing read-only access options. LogicMonitor is a great option for organizations trying to move fast. Since it is SAAS-based, there is no complicated setup/configuration work up-front. LogicMonitor provisions the instance, and you get started!
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Used to monitor device and site uptime and generate monthly metrics reports for availability. We use it to monitor our public facing websites for performance and uptime. It is also used to provide backups and change notification for all network device configurations, along with storage and analysis of syslogs.
  • The cloud based service has provided good WebUI performance for our global users.
  • Upgrades to the system and our collectors have been seamless with no downtime.
  • The anomaly detection for Windows and network logs is very nice.
  • The support team is great. I can reach out to them directly through the portal in a chat to get immediate help with any issues that come up or if I just need guidance.
  • The reporting area is very weak and has some unexpected limitations.
  • There are no network configuration management functions, such as being able to search configs for a specific setting (or lack of).
  • Licensing is very expensive compared to some other solutions we looked at.
Well suited:
1. Monitoring the usage of our global VPN (PulseSecure/Ivanti) and the web portal performance and uptime.
2. Monitoring the Cisco wireless environment so that we can track the number of users on each SSID
3. Building out alert and escalation paths for specific sites and systems to go to the correct teams through emails, text, and MS Teams messages

Less well suited:
1. Creating complex reports that fall outside of the provided templates
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use LM in our organization to monitor a global network of 500+ windows and Linux servers. We have a small server team so we need the LM in order to more efficiently monitor the network.
  • Log Pipelines - Able to monitor SQL events not detected by the main server monitoring
  • Dashboards are eay to customize and import in Logicmodules
  • The dashboards are easy to read
  • Customization of the main dashboard and sidebar
  • More customization of the LogicModules on a dashboard
It is appropriate for any size network. The Collectors can pose a challenge until you get a feel for how they are taking the networkj load and not being overused on CPU. We were unable to put collectors globall due to our network topology. But we setup 2 Windows and 2 linux collectors and have 2 autobalnced and 2 independent for the rest of the load.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
At SCC we use LogicMonitor as one of the key tools to underpin the delivery of managed services to our customers. We have recently deployed LogicMonitor to support our Public Cloud practice, migrating customers from a number of legacy tools.

LogicMonitor works brilliantly as an MSP tool, providing us with a simple to manage and scalable multi-tenant platform. Over time we anticipate consolidating a number of other legacy tools into this platform to provide a single pane of glass view for our operations teams.

The support from the team at LogicMonitor has been excellent, they are listened to our requests and are actively working on improving the service and adding functionality where we have identified any gaps.

Overall LogicMonitor is an excellent tool to form the basis for our next generation of managed services, moving into the APM and data services arena.
  • Highly scalable solution designed with MSPs in mind
  • Excellent single pane of glass and built in dashboards
  • API integration allowing MSP's like ourselves to connect LogicMonitor to our own self-service tools
  • The current Public Cloud monitoring relies on a collector to get all the data, the option to move to direct data collection from Public Cloud providers would simplify deployment
As an MSP, and having spoken to many other similar organisations, LogicMonitor is a great solution that helps MSP's deliver managed services and monitoring capability to customers.

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
LogicMonitor is currently being used in IT to monitor our infrastructure, switch configuration and audits, and lastly log aggregation. This meets or exceeds the audit requirements for network backups, netflow, and server monitoring with the additional benefit of log aggregation. It has been an invaluable tool in accomplishing everything that we need, and continues to evolve.
  • Network Configuration Audit/Backup - we're able to pull all of our configurations into LogicMonitor and compare them for changes, and even alert on these, thus increasing the thoroughness of our change management process.
  • Infrastructure Monitoring is terrific, there are tons of metrics and items we can alert on, nothing goes unnoticed.
  • Cloud Monitoring is something that is native in all environments, i.e. AWS, however, being multi-cloud it's nice to have everything aggregated under one product.
  • I'm not a fan of how to delete/remove objects from LogicMonitor - it is a little cumbersome.
  • When you onboard your enterprise in LogicMonitor, everything is thrown into a default "bucket"; this is annoying. I wish the tool would force you to create logical grouping from the beginning.
LogicMonitor is extremely well suited to bring everything under one single pane of glass. It is excellent to have all of my cloud, on-prem and network assets all together. I really like the dashboard functionality as well, as I cannot speak more highly enough for the network configurations. It does get cumbersome when trying to initially setup or add machines to our environment - there's just so much customization, even what is monitored can be cumbersome, such as mount points on Linux servers; I'm not concerned with those so I'm forced to create new profile or edit the default.
March 01, 2023

One of best NPM tools

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
LogicMonitor is a fantastic NPM. We leverage it for monitoring our networking devices, cloud VMs, application servers, and storage servers in short we use LogicMonitor to monitor all of the infrastructure.
  • It captures and monitors devices down to the minute details, and accurate alerts are generated.
  • The UI is very good and modern looking
  • The site categorization looks very effectively
  • When a device is added, we enable all alerts; only the basics are enabled by default.
  • Mobile version is not good
LogicMonitor is very well suited for Medium to Large scale organizations. We can monitor a variety of devices, if any device does not report properly their support team helps us out and sometimes the engineering team also gets involved.
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
LogicMonitor is great for monitoring IT infrastructure and alerting about any issues. We used it as part of our managed services offered to our SMB customers. It can gather data from a wide range of products that are deployed within any IT environment. It also provides long-term data points for historical review and finding trends.
  • monitoring a wide variety of products in IT environments
  • very flexible setup for alerting
  • easy to deploy and add devices to monitor
  • can get very complex to configure thresholds properly and get data points that are of interest
  • very slow to implement updated data sources for new generations of equipment
  • pricing and contractual terms are horrible (annual renewals, automatic pricing increases, locked in device quantities) rather than billing monthly usage
  • not very SMB friendly (lots of features not needed for small environments but there's no options for cheaper, more basic licensing, geared towards larger organizations and constant grows in monitored devices)
I would not recommend it to smaller businesses or MSPs that deal with small accounts. The cost to benefit ratio is not great for those. It's usually a good fit for larger organizations that can benefit from all the features LogicMonitor offers where the price point might be acceptable.
January 16, 2023

Worth every penny!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is currently being used by analyzing not only our core switches, but also our data centers, servers (to include VMs), and IDFs all throughout our facilities. We can find faults within our networks, view down switches, view switch configs, or any other sort of critical issues that may occur that we are not aware of. This is a key part of infrastructure as we handle various locations not only in CA but through out other areas.
  • I think the best feature is the SaaS itself. The availablity at a webpage makes things really up to speed on the ever expanding cloud platforms taking over.
  • It also doesn't boggle up the space in your email boxes sending consistent messages that aren't as critical as they should be. It simply expresses just the facts.
  • Finally the ability to oversee all operations over a single customizable window pane makes it extremely intuitive and convenient.
  • Although it can be done, setting up what devices are connected to a certain appliance or switch can be a tedious task as it is a long manual process. I would love to see this get easier over time.
  • The log monitoring can be a bit of a pain. I have heard there is talks of this getting closer to its competitors like Splunk but they are not there yet.
We would have random issues where sometimes a switch would die and we would lose configurations. With Logic Monitor, we were able to have the latest configuration changes synced and never had to worry about misconfiguration on the new switch. It saved us countless of hours of work, to include mass deployments of new equipment during a refresh.
December 06, 2022

LogicMonitor Review

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Logic Monitor to monitor our clients' devices and network connectivity. When we receive an alert from LM, we take action to resolve the incident.
  • Realtime monitoring
  • Captures historical data
  • Can be heavily customized
  • The customer success team is engaging
  • Better reporting options. We need to be able to report on connection up time % and are struggling to produce that.
We are enjoying the ability to review historical alerts within the app itself. previously we needed to rely on our ticketing system to capture this information. Its great at detecting drops in connectivity and is very visual. We would like to see improvements to uptime reporting and network topology screens that show the relationship that one device has with another.
Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
LogicMonitor is being used for npm and NCM, specifically for the Network area and we used that to monitor Network devices like cisco switches, routers, WLC and SDWAN devices in our environment. earlier we were using Solarwinds and we replace Solarwinds with Logic Monitor
  • Device Monitoring
  • Dashboard
  • Poor Report and Alerting
  • don't have ability to create WAN Bandwidth report
  • too many products limitation when we compare it with Solarwinds
  • ICMP based monitoring is also limitation where we can't combine that with SNMP
  • dont have ability to customize report or add more column, very poor tool
Poor tool with lots of limitation in terms of reports, basic WAN B/W report they can't produce. it was regretting decision on moving to Logic Monitor. it might be okay for the NOC where they can keep watching the screen and work but very poor for the mature organization.
Rekha Yadav | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
LogicMonitor is being evaluated in our internal labs as the potential EMS and NMS solution. This is being used for Network, Server and Database Monitoring Solution. We are using LogicMonitor for other infrastructure monitoring as well such as VMWare, Cloud Services, MiddleWare, Websites etc.
Internal Monitoring team is the current users of LogicMonitor who are building out solutions for different technologies.
  • Devices and website monitoring.
  • Cloud services monitoring.
  • Alerting and dynamic threshold
  • AIOPS via alert forecasting and data usage forecasting.
  • Application Performance Monitoring (APM).
  • Devices compliance check.
  • Devices automation.
  • Reports limitation.
LogicMonitor is one stop solution for you entire IT infrastructure except Application Performance Monitoring space. if you want to monitor APM stuff then this is not the right tool. It can also do Cloud Services monitoring for AWS, GCP, Azure. You can also do Selenium based synthetic monitoring via LogicMonitor apart from basic devices fault and performance monitoring.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use LogicMonitor to monitor a variety of deployments at our client sites without requiring an intrusive collector to be installed or allowing us to monitor resources that don't allow for a collector to be installed (networking equipment, etc.)
  • Collector based monitoring
  • Monitoring a wide variety of sources
  • Easy customization and integration with platforms that aren't supported out of the box
  • The UI is undergoing an overhaul, so it can cause a disjointed experience while it's being updated
  • Collector can occasionally crash, and we don't always get notifications that something has died
  • Application of monitoring profiles isn't the most intuitive
LogicMonitor is a great solution for being able to monitor a wide variety of devices and applications. Being able to combine hardware metrics with application logs is also great for being able to nail down a root cause for any increased activity. LogicMonitor works better for monitoring of Linux based devices rather than windows devices. This is due in large part due to underlying technologies, but using SNMP on Windows isn't widely supported on LogicMonitor, requiring local admin user accounts on windows monitored devices.
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