MIP is a great fund-accounting software program.
Updated January 08, 2018

MIP is a great fund-accounting software program.

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Overall Satisfaction with Abila MIP Fund Accounting

We use MIP Fund Accounting, not only for our daily operations, but for payroll and human resources. We utilize most of the functions offered with the software and find that they are user friendly. MIP Fund Accounting is easy for even our newest employees to understand. This software is a huge assist to our company. When an issue arises we contact MIP support and have an answer in a short amount of time. The staff is very friendly and professional.
  • Allowing reports to be exported into a PDF or Excel worksheet is very beneficial when presenting to our board.
  • Emailing a report to a funding source without having to print it out and scan is very smooth and helps when you are in a hurry.
  • The ability to filter for the exact item(s) that you need help when auditors need verification of those exact details. This is valuable for helping our department locate those areas that need explanation as well.
  • It would be helpful to locate an item when we are given a check number rather than the name on the check.
  • When we process our payroll we have to manually remove extra coding so that our salaries are not all over the general ledger. It would be nice if there were a better way for this function to be eliminated.
  • It would be great if the process for using Atrix was smoother. We have issues almost every year for one reason or another.
  • MIP helps us produce information quickly.
We have approximately 25 funds that we utilize with MIP. We receive revenue from over 9 different funding sources. We are able to keep each fund separate by year and source. MIP helps us track multiple funds by numbering each fund by year. This process allows us to close out a certain year and start a new one seamlessly.
We have had MIP since before I came to work at this organization. I had only used QuickBooks before I came to work here, but it was a very easy transition. I am not sure about any other fund accounting software on the market to compare MIP software to.
MIP works great for a non-profit organization. The financial reports are easy to access and help show what is required in the non-profit world.

MIP Fund Accounting Feature Ratings

Using Abila MIP Fund Accounting

10 - We have four employees with 10+ years experience using MIP and we have three with 3+ years and 3 with less than 2 years of experience using MIP. MIP is very user-friendly when you know each tabs functionality. All of the employees using MIP have learning curves; however, once they learn to use MIP they find it easy to use.
  • MIP is used primarily by the accounting department to assist in preparing monthly reports, payroll, and accounts payable. MIP is essential in helping us with our daily activities, monthly and quarterly reports, and annual audit.
  • We use MIP to process our 1099's and W-2's every year making this process quicker and easier, considering we process over 240 W-2's and around a thousand 1099's. The only drawback in the past has been the communication of MIP with Aatrix when uploading our files. We have worked through those situations with the help of MIP support, but in a couple of those years, we had to start over.
  • We have the HR module and use it for our employees; however, we were not able to use the EWS module because it lacked functionality that we needed for our employees.
  • We use MIP to help with our profit sharing reporting. We have found ways to put most of the information into one report and email to our administrator.
  • We have found ways to track missing TIN's by printing out reports and then exporting into Word to print out letters in the mail merger.
  • Would love to use MIP for employees timekeeping, if some of the needed functions were added in the future we might consider switching to EWS.
  • Would love to see if there are ways to produce charts and graphs to use in board reports.
We have used MIP for years and it is a good product with a solid history and because of the good reputation, there are countless numbers of non-profits using MIP. MIP continues to improve and enhance the software, which helps us do our jobs more efficiently and effectively. I would recommend MIP for any non-profit now or in the future.
10 - We use MIP in every area of our accounting, HR, and payroll department. In years to come, I am confident that MIP will improve and enhance other modules so that other modules can be added in the future.

Evaluating Abila MIP and Competitors

  • Product Features
  • Product Reputation
I was not working at the organization when they switched to MIP; however, I know that the employees that were here at the time said that MIP was a good switch.
I think that MIP would be the choice regardless of the evaluation or selection process. I receive calls about our accounting software and if we would consider looking at their product, but we are happy with MIP and are not considering a switch.

Abila MIP Training

Denise O'Malley provided training for the HR module when we added it to our system. Denise also gave us a demo of the EWS module which we were able to see that it would not meet our needs. She was very kind about and understanding regarding the functions we needed with a time clock system.

Abila MIP Support

We usually have our issues resolved in the same call. There have been a few times that the technician was unable to help us and had to send to someone else. The next person has resolved our issue even if we had to submit our database for them to review.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
They helped us set up our direct deposit function years ago and also helped us with the ACH process to pay some of our vendors. In both cases, they were very patient even when having to repeat or restate the steps we needed to complete. I appreciate the understanding and willingness to help that each technician offers when we call.