Great software that continually makes improvements based on user input
Updated June 16, 2015

Great software that continually makes improvements based on user input

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Modules Used

  • beta interface
  • email message composer
  • form creator
  • stationery
  • website visitor reporting

Overall Satisfaction with Act-On

Our business is using Act-On primarily in the marketing department. As we are in our first year using the program, we are extending use of Act-On to the Sales Managers as we become more familiar and comfortable with the software. Ideally, it will eventually be used throughout the Marketing and Sales departments. Business problems that it addresses are ease of communication, contact management, and marketing automation. It allows us to easily track communication with clients and report on results.
  • The most notable thing about Act-On is how they listen to their users. Customer support is very helpful and responsive, and they genuinely do their best to supply a solution to problems, or a work-around if they need to do more extensive research or problem-solving. I have also suggested changes to the structuring of the email code to increase message deliverability, and they responded by changing the message structure, demonstrating that they take user input into consideration when making improvements to their software.
  • The message composer is good and easy to use. They are coming out with a new composer soon, which will hopefully make it even easier and turn-key; however, the current composer is still good, as it allows full access to the code which gives total design control to the user. There are also ways to compose messages that do not involve editing the code at all, making it a good composer for users of all skill levels.
  • The form builder in Act-On is helpful in identifying leads and customers, but the builder itself is somewhat difficult to use. There is not very much CSS customization available - it would be helpful if you could create a personalized stylesheet to use on all/most forms moving forward so you don't have to update the CSS on every single form. I usually end up downloading the code and applying my own stylesheet outside of Act-On. There are also some smaller things I would suggest concerning the response to the user after they submit a form, such as being able to stay on the same page when confirming their submission, and making confirmation emails easier to create. I know Act-On is working on updating their form creator based on user suggestions, so I'm hopeful it will contain some of these improvements.
  • Although Act-On has functionality to create landing pages, I have not used them because they would not be trackable in Google Analytics with the rest of our company's webpages, making it more difficult to create reports. Also, when exploring the landing page creator, I found that I did not have as much flexibility in creating the page as I needed, from a design and layout perspective. It is much easier to create landing pages on our own company site.
  • As fairly new users, we are just beginning to use the automation services Act-On provides, which will greatly decrease the amount of time spent on consistent campaigns and automated lead nurturing.
  • The sales users are beginning to use Act-On in their day-to-day communication with clients, which allows them to track communication and report on the effectiveness, helping them see what kinds of communication work best to bring conversion.
Act-On is so much easier to use and offers so much more in terms of marketing automation than RealMagnet. Act-On's email composer is also very much easier to use. List management is also much easier, and allows us to integrate with our CRM, making segmentation possible and easy.
Act-On is excellent for smaller companies, or those looking to start small with Marketing Automation and grow. Customer Support is very helpful, so you don't have to have a lot of knowledge or skill to start with Act-On. You also have a personal support representative to meet with you consistently and help guide your use of Act-On and all that it has to offer, helping you get the most out of the software. We have found this resource to be very good.

Using Act-On

I am not the one making the final decision to renew, but if it were my decision, I would definitely renew because of the helpfulness of the support representatives, and how Act-On listens to their users as they continually make improvements to the software. This isn't a program/company that gives you a product and leaves you with it. They are always making improvements, and those improvements are inspired and directed by the requests of their users. This is an excellent software to grow with, as it serves both inexperienced users and advanced users. The personal support representatives help you along the way to make your marketing automation the best it can be.

Act-On Support

Act-On Support is very helpful because they always try to understand the issue at hand, and either have a solution immediately, or do their best to provide a temporary solution until they have figured out a more permanent one. Also, the customer success managers are extremely helpful, as they provide one-on-one support and are usually able to provide solutions that meet your overall strategy and business goals as well.