ActivTrak Review
August 12, 2020

ActivTrak Review

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Overall Satisfaction with ActivTrak

ActivTrak is used to determine which employees within the organization are considered lazy workers (determined by the amount of time they do not work), these lazy workers are then disciplined or terminated for stealing company time. As is expected at a private company, this is applied to all workers below the executive level.
  • Employee Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring
  • Enduser Reporting
  • Slowness when loading large database of users
  • Features
  • The amount of anxiety when I use it.
  • Ability to terminate wasteful employees
  • Ability to investigate users' web activity
  • Ability to close applications when they are open
  • Application history - catch people when they lie about what they did
  • Web history - see what people are actually doing before they delete their history
  • Step-by-step-by-second activity log
I am not privy to the numbers but I know it has forced more productivity for the IT team processing terminations and new hires. The good hires stick, the bad ones don't, and you throw enough eggs at a wall eventually it'll all be yolk and no albumen. I think we're able to see how fast you can get results from 1 to 2 days of activity logs.
I think, again, it comes down to the ability to see what someone is doing on their computer, every moment of every day, to see and capture they are transferring on/off the PC on a USB stick to aid in litigation and the fact that this is all backed up offsite.
We tried eXo5, not eXo Platform, I had to choose eXo Platform here to be able to submit this review, but it was more of a lockdown tool than an employee monitoring tool (not to say that eXo5 didn't do employee monitoring by way of physical GPS/Wifi triangulation from the internal components of the computer) - eXo5 also has the ability to remotely lock the bootloader on a workstation which isn't a feature of ActivTrack, nor should it be. These were two separate applications and ActivTrak was the application that the CEO gave the thumbs up on so we didn't get to test other applications.
I would only recommend ActivTrak when speaking with another professional at another organization. I would describe how it works within our company, what it does, and then tell them that, while I enjoy ActivTrak for our organization, think about your organization's specific needs, evaluate multiple products, and make an informed decision.

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