E-Sign-Saving Time and Money and Keeping Order
February 19, 2016

E-Sign-Saving Time and Money and Keeping Order

Lori Diggs | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Sign

We use Adobe eSign Services for policy acknowledgements. Each year we have employees acknowledge they have read the employee handbook and use Adobe eSign for this. We also use it when there is a new policy that more than 10 employees have to sign off on. The final use is for when one of our employees wants to use a auto out of our fleet for company business. We send the acknowledgment to them. They have to review and provide us with their drivers license information and birth date. Then we add a second signature which is a person from our insurance team who runs an MVR to make sure the person has an active drivers license and is able to drive a company car. Then final copy goes to HR who makes a copy for the employee file. All can be done in a matter of minutes instead of days sending forms back and forth.
  • Multiple signatures on one form.
  • Providing an audit trail that stands up in court.
  • Easy tracking of where you stand when needing multiple forms signed.
  • Ease of form creation.
  • Speed of system.
  • Saved a lot of time in tracking signatures for policy acknowledgements.
  • Ease of access for employees to sign off on form.
  • Don't have to wait for someone to create the form for us. Can have form created and out in a matter of minutes.
  • Only negative is the amount of time it takes to print off acknowledgments once they come in. It would be fantastic if there was a print all feature (form and audit).
Most of the time the support technicians are readily available and are very quick to respond. There have been some occasions however, when I send in a support request and it seems to get lost in the shuffle and I have to do a little digging to get a response.
It has a lot of great features but some things are not clear on how to set up and printing signed forms once completed is time consuming.
We used them for policy acknowledgments in the past. We would have to wait 2-3 days for the form to be created and then would be charged $500 for the creation of the form. Adobe eSign takes much less time and there is no charge for adding new forms.
I think Adobe E-Sign is well suited when you need many acknowledgements at once (MegaSign feature). It is also quite useful if you have one form that needs to get multiple signatures as part of a process (e.g. employee, authorized user, manager). I think it might be a little too cumbersome for just one signature on one form.

Using Adobe Sign

1500 - That is our entire employee base. Once a year everyone has to sign off on the employee handbook. We also use it throughout the year for insurance forms (spousal affidavits) and Motor Vehicle Policy Acknowledgements. The last two are quite useful as they allow us to obtain multiple signatures on each form. For example, the spousal affidavit form has to be signed by the employee first, then their spouse.
1 - I think you would need basic computer knowledge. The system is extremely easy to use with drag and drop features for form creation. If you are going to use the Mega Sign feature some basic understanding of Excel and your company's HRIS system would be very useful. As long as you understand how emails work, the system is pretty easy to use.
  • Employee Handbook Acknowledgements
  • Spousal Affidavit forms for Health Insurance
  • Motor Vehicle Policy Acknowledgement with additional signature from Insurance authorizing use of vehicle
  • The work flow of the forms for multiple signatures
  • Management was impressed with the Mega Sign feature
  • At this time, we cannot think of any other ways we could use the services but would be interested in other's suggestions.
It is by far the easiest service we have used to obtain digital signatures from employees. In the past we had done it by hand (a process I would not recommend for 1500+ employees) and with another company that would not allow us to create our own forms and would charge us for each form.

Evaluating Adobe Sign and Competitors

Yes - We were using Silk Road systems for our policy acknowledgements. They would not allow us to create our own forms and charged us for every form they created for us. It was not only expensive, it was time consuming as it could take a couple of days to a couple of weeks to create the form. Adobe eSign allows us to create our own forms with a very simple drag and drop feature.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
The single most important factor in our decision was the fact we could create our own forms at no additional charge and that the forms could be created in a matter of minutes as opposed to a matter of days. The ease of use of the product also played a large part in the decision.
I don't think that we would change the process unless it would be that we looked at Adobe eSign first. It was by far the best value for the money that we found and was super easy to use. We have never regretted the decision to go with this product and it has worked really well for us.

Adobe Sign Implementation

Make sure you set aside enough time to get properly trained on the system. We needed to act quickly on our initial use of this product and I did not have the time to go through all the proper training so it was basically go in and learn. I think it would have been much easier had I been given the time by the company to learn everything first.
Change management was minimal - Change management was not a part of this implementation at all. We were looking for a way to get policy acknowledgments digitally signed with a legal audit trail. We were also looking for a system we could create forms on our own and could mass launch a request for several people to sign.
  • Initial Training
  • Setting up users permissions
  • Getting company to sign off on the product

Adobe Sign Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
No escalation required
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
No - I did not know it was available. I think that this would be something I may or may not be interested in depending on the price of product. If the price was reasonable I think it would be worth it. If the price is too expensive I don't think I could justify the cost to the company.
When we were first getting started with Adobe, the person that was assigned to our implementation was fantastic. He took the time to walk me through all the processes and options and was very patient with me when I called with numerous questions. When the time came to launch the product he was available with just a phone call.

Using Adobe Sign

Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
  • Creation of Forms
  • Megasign Feature
  • Tracking status of forms
  • Printing out forms once completed - too many clicks
  • Intitial use of multi signatures on one form (once I did a few it got easier)