Grateful for this software!
Updated October 15, 2019

Grateful for this software!

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Overall Satisfaction with Treasure Data

We use Treasure Data as our ETL hub. We extract data using its connectors to several sources, such as Salesforce. We transform data using Treasure's query tools and also use it to build scheduled workflows. And we ultimately load ready to use tables into visualization tools such as Tableau.

This process allows us to combine and centralize our data into a format to best make use of it to uncover business insights and create reporting for accountability and tracking purposes.
  • Building Workflows is easy using Treasure's interface. You can run many jobs in parallel or in sequence and those jobs can run at scheduled times and create the right tables and data loads you need.
  • Being able to write queries (in Presto or Hive) using the all the data sources you have brought in to either create tables, run a query, or export data to a variety of sources is seamless and intuitive.
  • Extracting data from a variety of sources is fairly easy.
  • Very responsive and helpful customer service who you can reach easily by Chat.
  • Pricing is a bit of a black box. We are currently priced on split hour usage and some spikes come out of nowhere and leave us seeking answers (and sometimes finding unsatisfactory ones).
  • Some jobs will fail, causing workflows to be interrupted due to a product change or a one-time product related issue. We usually contact Support in these cases, and while they are incredibly responsive and helpful, it would be great to have more proactive communication.
  • Treasure's UI leaves us wanting more in terms of organization and controls, especially as we scale and grow the number of data sources, queries, and workflows.
  • We have built and supported our source of truth data tables using Treasure. This forms the foundation of our decision making.
  • Most of our Tableau data sources are created using a Treasure Data export which is executed by workflows on a daily basis which allows us to have visibility into day to day performance and communicate them to a wide variety of roles.
  • We load custom data into our Salesforce instance which allows us to trigger certain workflows and build accountability - i.e. a "Sale" will only count once a certain product driven event occurs which comes from data we pipe into Treasure and then into Salesforce.
  • Loading custom data into Salesforce Objects
  • Automating Sales commissions by creating the commission logic in Treasure Queries which create tables which we then pipe into Tableau
  • Keeping our data up-to-date by having workflows which extract the data, transform it with queries, and load the result tables into a wide variety of sources.
We used to use a company called Textur, but they went out of business. We feel like we have more control using Treasure and although it is more expensive, it has allowed us to better scale and given us more options both in terms of which sources we can connect to and also which sources we can export to.
Treasure Data is a great use case for a company who is seeking to use a third-party (and at times, expensive) solution to automate the centralization of their data, even if it comes from a broad array of sources, and who has the resources to then create unified data sources and load them into a variety of options, be it Google Sheets, Tableau, or to even load enriched data into their own CRM to make the best use of it.