Easy to use, easy to mess up
December 19, 2018

Easy to use, easy to mess up

Basak Buyukcelen | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Calendly

It's used individually by people who need to book time with clients, such as client management people, product managers, support staff.
  • Its integration with Gmail is seamless. Very easy to use.
  • When access is given to people outside the company, so they can pick a time to speak with who they need, no instructions needed, it's amazingly simple and dumb-friendly.
  • No jumping through hoops for sign up, configuration etc. Get started and you're ready to take off.
  • One thing that keeps me from using Calendly exclusively is its lack of system for organizing/picking a time for multiple users. Here's an example: We needed to go on a call with 3 individuals from different organizations as well as myself and my boss. Since there was no option for Calendly to allow them to see a time that was available for both me and my boss, I had to let them use only my bosses Calendly, and I said I'll make myself available if they pick a time that works for my boss but not for me. Then things got even more complicated. Those three people went ahead and booked times with my boss, but since they had no way of knowing who had chosen what, they ended up picking three different times. To make things even more complicated, since it was my bosses Calendly that they had access to and they went and booked him, I didn't receive any notification and we ended up having a huge mess not realizing what had happened. I learned my lesson. I give Calendly access to people only for one on one meetings, and use traditional methods for booking multiple people.
  • It'd be great to opt-in to receive notifications when someone books somebody else in your organization. Let me clarify: Let's say I need to know and want to attend when my boss is booked via Calendly by someone. I'd like to receive an email notification of that (via a permission setting or something) so if I also need to be in that meeting, I won't have to randomly check my boss's calendar.
  • If there were different options than the pre-written meeting times like half an hr and an hr, that'd be great. For example, if there was the ability for someone to just type 45 minutes instead of choosing a meeting for an hour by default, that'd be awesome. There were times when we had decided to have an organization meeting but the person didn't realize it was a limitation of the software and was forced to choose an hour We had to go back and correct the meeting time.
  • Positive: I had to send over 50 emails to different people asking them to book a time with me, and didn't have to give them my availability, just gave them access to my Calendly and it worked like a charm. Makes everyone's lives easier.
  • Made things very messy and got a couple of my clients quite mad when they went ahead and booked us individually and all ended up on different calls. Took lots of apologizing. We looked like incompetent idiots.
Can't really recall other tools like this one that I tried. We had used the traditional method of giving availability.
Works like magic for booking one on one meetings, but gets messy when there are more than two people involved in the meeting.