My Time in the CallidusCloud
September 22, 2017

My Time in the CallidusCloud

Amir Draquez | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with CallidusCloud Marketing Automation

Currently CallidusCloud is being used by a few departments in my company, however, the marketing automation is only used by our marketing and sales department. It addresses the issues of mass marketing and scheduling for various campaigns that we have every month. This allows for a multitude of options when it comes to reporting as well. We market different products to various demographics and with this program, I can schedule them at various times, days and lists all at the same time or as far in advance as I would like. This allows me to focus my energies on other aspects knowing that everything else (the execution, reporting statistics, etc.) will automatically follow.
  • You can send as many emails to as many people as you'd like, there seemingly is no limit. I sent an email campaign to over 1 million contacts and was able to receive detailed reporting on each individual as far as who opened, when, how many times, did they click anywhere else etc.
  • The platform does the calculations for you as far as percentage of opens and click-throughs. Minutes after releasing a campaign I am able to retrieve the necessary information to create custom reporting for our customers.
  • The platform automatically dedupes contacts from receiving the same release more than once as it can be difficult to filter through mass amounts of contacts/lists.
  • The platform has room to improve on their customization for customers. CallidusCloud cannot easily customize reporting that you would specifically need but rather searches for the best resource that's closest to your demands.
  • CallidusCloud needs to improve their update process. It has almost been guaranteed that whenever an upgrade/update has been made, there will be a hidden glitch in the system that will be effected for at least 1-2 weeks after. In other words, when they fix something, something else breaks.
  • Automation with this platform makes it so easy to modify to your custom specification, there are no books or help-desk representative necessary.
  • There are frequent glitches every time they do an internal update that I would not find immediately but somewhere down the line within 2 weeks.
  • The various reporting tools available make it easier to track and configure the best strategies for each campaign that I may be running at the time.
Callidus and Marketo are polar opposites when it comes to customer service. There was no way of getting immediate assistance with Marketo. There were times where a response would come a couple days later or not at all as you could not speak to a live representative at any time. Initially, with CallidusCloud I could contact someone directly as long as it was within business hours and even after hours I could send an email and have a response by the next morning. We chose Callidus because the business and its reps were personable and possessed the tools that we needed at the time to maximize efficiency.
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I honestly can't see any situation where this is not suited. Even when we release campaigns to 20 people, which could easily be done using any email platform, you still are able to use reporting that could be used to make processes more efficient.

CallidusCloud LeadRocket Feature Ratings

WYSIWYG email editor
Landing pages
Lead scoring and grading
Not Rated
Data quality management
Automated sales alerts and tasks
Not Rated
Social sharing and campaigns
Not Rated
Role-based workflow & approvals

Using CallidusCloud Marketing Automation

5 - Email campaigns for various departments. For example the marketing department could assign a membership, product promotion or internal campaign for various assets within the company while the editorial department could use it for blogging purposes or to promote their various publications.
To be honest, there are no immediate skills that you need to use this program. It's pretty self-explanatory if you're willing to explore and learn.
  • Sending out thousands of emails at the push of a button
  • Being able to track the links within each campaign for customer reporting
  • Being able to customize the information that is tracked within each campaign
  • We have been able to test various subject lines, images, and taglines to see what produces better results
  • We have been able to choose both quantity as well as quality with the capacity that you can send within the system
  • Overall we have been able to utilize CallidusCloud within other departments instead of the sales & marketing departments that the program was initially intended for.
  • We can utilize more of the reporting tools as we have possibly only scratched the surface.
  • We can utilize the templates to come up with more innovative ways of displaying creativity
  • By utilizing more of the social aspect
Since the company has grown, the personal touch has dispatched and it's more difficult to get a rep. There is no longer a phone call that can be made but the responses don't take as long as others and the glitches are becoming more and more frequent.

CallidusCloud Marketing Automation Support

It has declined since we started with this company and it could be better.
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
Quick Initial Response
Difficult to get immediate help
Yes - they have all been resolved. I know that the time frame in which we need them resolved is always extremely short but we are able to get support in the meantime while the bugs are being taken care of.
When we first started everyone in support was a phone call away EVERY TIME. There was never a moment when someone couldn't walk me through an issue and tackle it right then and there.