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Ravi Ansal profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
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It is one of the solutions we have for webinars, we just used it because software download is not required when you join the webinar. Otherwise we use it mostly on the high-level webinars which are really interactive and the organizer is asking the users to provide answers such as surveys, downloads, etc.
  • It is a really high-end interactive tool.
  • The webinars feel more engaged than any other webinar tool.
  • They have a seamless integration with Marketo.
  • Difficult to set up.
  • More expensive than others.
  • I would like to see more analytical data than now in future.
  • Video hosting is not possible.
Well, I will start with not-so-effective scenarios first and later the well-suited ones:
1. It is not easy to use, you need an expert for training.
2. Most of the features are not for every industry or not useful at all.
3. Sometimes because of many new products it feels confusing and takes a lot of effort to understand.
Now to better things:
1. If you want your webinars not to be boring, use this.
2. You can connect it Marketo, SFDC, HubSpot, etc, etc.
3. It helps not only the audience but also the speaker to be interactive.
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Claire Rivero profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
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We are a nonprofit organization focused on supporting teachers with free resources and training. We currently use ON24 for our monthly webinar series. It is primarily used by two departments, but that is because it has been daunting for staff in other departments to learn the functionality. There are two teams and about 5 people now who know how to use ON24, and they support all the other staff in presenting when the need arises.
  • Easy set-up. Once we created our first webinar, we were quickly able to just copy it for subsequent webinars and keep all of the same registration features, widgets, etc.
  • The Q&A feature (and the ability to prioritize questions) is well structured so that the person producing the webinar can quickly filter the most pressing questions to the top for easy access for the presenters.
  • Good data output at the end. It is easy for us to pull reports on attendance, particularly how long people stayed on the webinar, which we need to do after each webinar.
  • We have a need for breakout rooms for our training. I understand this may be possible with an add-on, but it would be great if it was included in the standard elite package. We also host online courses, and webinars where we need attendees to converse and work with other attendees. We currently do those through Zoom or via Google docs, but it would be great if it was centralized within ON24
  • We'd like to be able to organize items in the resource widget better. We sometimes upload many resources, and it's difficult for attendees to find what they're looking for quickly.
  • Our most important need is to be able to send follow-up emails (and certificates) on our schedule--not simply upon completion. The goal of our webinars is for people to take what they learn and apply it in their classrooms and share what they learn with others. They need time to do that, so we want to survey them 2 weeks after they've taken the webinar to see if they've done it, and then give them the certificate.
  • We'd like more opportunities to email people on a schedule of our choosing - not just pre and post. It would be great if we could automate follow-up emails so that they always went out 3 months, 1 year, etc. after the webinar.
ON24 is well suited for traditional webinars with a presenter and an audience who primarily are just listening.
ON24 is less appropriate for interactive learning experiences where we want people to engage deeply in real-time. In these scenarios, we're looking for deeper engagement than just completing a poll. We often have attendees work through a task or problem, and it would be great to be able to watch them work in real-time like you can on a platform like PearDeck. We also find it's challenging to onboard multiple new presenters and they are intimidated by the functionalities of the platform. Because we have new presenters almost every month, this can be a challenge. When the presenter has already used ON24 though, it is very straightforward.
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Jocelyn Robertson profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
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We use ON24 for just our department. It helps us keep our webinars engaging to those who watch them. We do hundreds of webinars a year and we try to make them stand out. ON24 allows us to add interactive elements to our presentations.
  • They are always listening to the end users' feedback on how to improve their platform. I love that they roll new features or enhancements out quarterly.
  • Very interactive audience console that keeps their attention longer than just watching slides move on a screen.
  • Their main webinar console view is a little cumbersome. They list all webinars in a scrolling list and it's hard to sort which have been completed vs. those that are coming up. They are making enhancements to this and it will be better soon.
  • Their reporting options could be more robust. No option to aggregate multiple events together. Can only report out on single sessions.
If you run a lot of webianrs, ON24 is a great choice. They let you run some webinars Simu-Live which means you can pre-record it and play it at a desired time as if it was live. That helps with our scalability to offer many webinar time slots to our clients.
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Matthew Dilworth profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
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Review Source
ON24 is used by our marketing team primarily. We implemented ON4 about 18 months ago after participating in a short series of webinars hosted by third parties. We use webinars in a demand function role to promote our product updates, brand awareness, and internal thought leadership.
  • Very stable webinar platform, little issue with technical problems during live webinar events.
  • Simulive meetings are a huge time saver.
  • Intuitive back end presentation manager.
  • Better engagement analytics options.
  • Integrated dial-in phone option for attendees.
Perfect for lead generation or customer marketing options. ON24 is a webinar platform for marketing professionals. It's not as great an option for online training requirements.
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Chaimaa Aarab profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
We're using ON24 for our webinars
  • Easy to use
  • Analyze results
  • Support
  • Producer access
1) The best thing about ON24 is the interactivity, you can answer your customers' questions and have their feedback during and after the webinar.
2) Brand customized.
3) Measurement and Analytics.
4) Convert a live webinar to an on-demand one to engage more people.
5) Instant and detailed reports of who viewed the webinar (both live and on-demand versions).
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No photo available
Score 9 out of 10
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ON24 is used by our organization to meet the needs of broadcasting our webcast or podcast. There are 60 to 90 minute webinars that we have and are used to market and broadcast our service offerings to internal & external participants. ON24 solves the reporting problems and helps us distribute CPE certificates to the eligible viewers.
  • Reporting needs are met. We understand who has registered, attended and qualified for the credits.
  • Helps cater to a large audience of over 10 thousand. Seamless management of profiles and data
  • Data flow becomes an issue sometimes if the number/quantity is very large. XML feed is required during such times.
  • There are few records that do not get captured, but customer support helps in such cases.
All the scenarios wherein you have large broadcasting and need clear audio and video streaming, ON24 is great. It can become difficult at times to share the certificates to over 5,000 attendees, but the features that ON24 has helps make your life easy. Any communications, like reminders to all the registrants, becomes easy with ON24.
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No photo available
November 30, 2019

ON24 Review

Score 7 out of 10
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Review Source
ON24 is used on a daily basis by our whole organization. It is very intuitive for what we need. We obviously run into small issues like any other company but the ON24 support is great to responses with quick solutions and problem-solving.
  • ON24 is a very organized platform. You can find old events really fast but using keywords or tracking them down by date. Simple!
  • ON24 customer service is very good. Whenever I've put in a ticket to them they've responded to me very quickly. Even if it is a quick answer saying "we received your issue, we are looking into fixing it". At least you know your issue is being taken care of.
  • Cloning or making a new webcast is super simple to do. This makes it easier for earnings, webcasts, etc. Because the client usually wants the same elements and same layout for those events.
  • I believe ON24 can improve on uploading assets. When I'm uploading a slide it shows me a percentage but not a time. It goes from 20% to 60% to 80% then done. It leaves you in the dark of how long an upload could take.
  • Sometimes when you upload a slide with animations ON24 doesn't take it in very well and it converts things on the powerpoint to allow it to upload. This isn't ideal as people make Powerpoints to show exactly what they made.
  • When you are archiving an event it is really hard to scrub through the player. It's not super accurate and takes a while to reach a specific point in the timeline.
Their team is great! The tech team has helped me in a lot of different situations and responded fairly quickly to my request and questions. There have been a couple of times where they couldn't or didn't want to solve the issue but for the most part, its been great!
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No photo available
November 12, 2019

ON24 Review

Score 9 out of 10
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Review Source
Our marketing organization uses ON24 to implement marketing and educational webinars for our customers worldwide. We have an ON24 account servicing the Americas, EMEA, Japan, and Korea. Our company sells very technical equipment and this is a great way to educate and market to our top, middle, and bottom of the funnel customers.
  • ON24 has a fantastic knowledge center on how to create, host and implement webinars.
  • ON24 platform is very easy to use with many robust features such as desktop sharing, live video, ability to brand registration pages, emails, console, etc.
  • ON24 reporting capabilities are top notch.
  • It would be nice to have an on-demand confirmation email in the email notification section. This would save us from forgetting to update the confirmation once webinar goes to on-demand.
  • Would be nice to embed YouTube videos in the email.
  • Picture on picture would be nice in the Live Video and Audio type webinar so we can use the webcam and share screen at the same time but see both.
ON24 is well suited for many types of webinars like training, marketing, education, and sales using slides, webcam, and screen share.
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No photo available
Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
ON24 is mainly used by our marketing team across business lines. It allows us to engage with prospective and current clients with informative and interactive content. The problems it addresses is how to reach a wide audience in times that are convenient for them in a way that is convenient for them.
  • Engaging users - It allows attendees to engage with polls, bios, resources, and more all within the console. It looks great and can help keep people engaged if they aren't super interested in the content.
  • Technology - There are no downloads involved! Huge Plus!
  • Reporting - The reports and salesforce integration are super helpful and reliable.
  • Set Up - The set up is not the most intuitive and takes a bit to get used to.
  • Console - The console is also a bit confusing.
  • Attendee Help - This is a unique platform, so helping attendees navigate could be a improved.
It is best suited for large webinars or training where you want to present. It is not conducive for smaller webinars or ones which you would like people to speak back to you. It is really ideal for educational purposes for both prospects and current clients, making it is a great use case for client retention or lead generation.
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Gabriel Smith profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
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Review Source
ON24 provides an essential service to our department. We provide professional development to educators on various topics essential to creating culturally responsible teaching practices and social-emotional learning. My department has used ON24 for years, and I've been using ON24 for two of those years. Other departments in my company have begun using ON24 in part as a result of the success we have had with the platform and because of ON24's potential to help them reach their desired audience in more accessible ways.
  • ON24 is a highly accessible platform that allows us to reach webcast participants that are differently abled.
  • ON24's client support is very thorough and efficient at helping you bring out the best in your webcast
  • ON24 has made significant improvements/upgrades to their platform and do a great job of keeping me abreast of those changes.
  • I'd like for ON24 to continue to improve data reporting capabilities. Particularly annual reports of webcast attendance/engagement for all events in an account's entire history.
  • I'd like to see more updates be made to ON24's On-Demand capabilities. The On-Demand platform is very different from the live platform. Making those more similar and intuitive could be helpful.
  • I've had to deal with significant issues on the backend of the site. I've had issues where multiple participants were listed under the same name. I've had issues with certificates generating improperly as well, and ON24 support didn't really have an answer for me on why it was doing that.
ON24 is great for webcasts where there are participants that might be hard of hearing. The seamlessness of the closed captions/event monitoring is very helpful in ensuring that our presentations are accessible to everyone.
ON24 is also great for presentations where audience members need to have the resources connected to the presentation on hand during the presentation. The widgets really help the webcasts come to life and I'm excited to see what upgrades ON24 has in store concerning new widget capabilities.
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james loewen profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
It's being used by several departments at our company. For us in marketing, we use ON24 primarily to host training videos that have credits associated with them, credits that ON24 tracks for us.
  • Tracks the credits of people taking the training courses.
  • The customizable interface provides lots of options.
  • The producers at The Streaming Network, the Canadian arm of ON24, are fantastic to deal with.
  • video size is really really small. I know it's all related to bandwidth, but slightly bigger would be great.
  • the technical support folks, those in the chat section, sometimes seem to struggle with English. Communication is sometimes a challenge. They are friendly and work hard, but the chat experience is often frustrating.
For us, it's perfectly suited for hosting training videos. We used to check the professional credits manually, which was a huge task for a national company. With ON24 taking care of that tracking of professional development credits, it has been an enormous time-saver. We are also quite fond of the split-screen option where we have a speaker in one half of the player and the PowerPoint presentation in the adjacent player.
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Robert Cipolletti profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
At Echosens North America we currently use ON24 to create and broadcast educational webinars on a wide range of topics surrounding the education and understanding of chronic liver disease. In addition to our customer education webinars, we also use ON24 for recording and broadcasting our internal training and best practices.

One of our favorite features of ON24 is the Engagement Hub, where our previously ran webinars are stored on an "on-demand" webinar page, similar to a Netflix style where future users can visit and watch our webinars at their leisure. All of our programs come with excellent analytical tracking and synchronize to our Salesforce CRM for sales follow up.
  • The Simulive webinar format is a game changer for our company. The majority of our KOLs have very hectic work schedules with seeing patients and Simu-live allows us to pre-record webinars at any time convenient for our speakers and then broadcast the recording at a later date as if it were a live presentation.
  • The engagement hub allows our previously recorded webinars to retain their initial value and makes it easy for both future and returning webinar subscribers to watch all of our content in one central location.
  • All of our webinar registrants are synced in our Salesforce CRM in unique campaigns for easy tracking and ROI reporting.
  • I still think the console builder could use some fine-tuning. I've run into very slow load times when trying to work on those elements.
  • Would be nice to have more options in the automated email editor. Has only the bare bones available.
  • I'm having a hard time thinking of things I don't like because On24 is leaps and bounds better than GoToWebinar.
For marketing teams considering a robust webinar program, ON24 is the perfect partner specializing in executing efficient webinars with consistent messaging and branding all of which can be customized to match your brand book. ON24 excels at automation and Salesforce integration as well as many other areas.
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Bryson Craven profile photo
May 29, 2019

One-Stop Shop

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
ON24 is utilized by marketing to assist the sales team with receiving qualified leads. We host monthly and sometimes even weekly 'industry webinars' that aim to educate our clients/opportunities on the latest changes in the financial industry. The goal of this all is to receive lead gen info from e-blasts fillable forms so sales team can follow up after webinar to answer any other questions and offer them company offers.
  • Once you learn the system, really easy to re-create reoccurring webinars
  • The Marketo and ON24 partnership is a MUST for email drips, love it!
  • Analytics are super beneficial to implementing and updating monthly webinars
  • The set up of a Webinar takes time
  • System takes a minute to learn
  • The presentation upload often times errors out on really big files
Well Suited:
  • If you are a company who regularly hosts webinars for EXTERNAL clients, this is the software for you.
  • If you host webinars to pull qualified leads info, this is the software for you.
  • If your company predominantly works with clients digitally (not in office/person), this software is for you.

Not Well Suited
  • If your company does a lot of outside sales, I would not recommend this software.
  • If the majority of your prospects are not digitally inclined, this software may not be for you.
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Kevin Schillinger profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our company is comprised of various different divisions such as retirement planning, health insurance, property/casualty insurance, technology, school management, etc. Our marketing team manages the On24 account, and we provide educational webinars to our members. We have each division present on a topic that our members may be interested in, and see if they would be interested in any of our other services than they already use.
  • Ease of use on the presenter side. Never had a presenter that was confused on how to move through slides or anything.
  • Data tracking and metrics. On24 provides you with specific data on the group as well as the individuals that attend your webinars, and how to best reach them. I still haven't been able to test out all the data features that On24 provides.
  • Auto-generated e-mails. You can easily set them out to go out when you want, and can also easily edit the content.
  • You cannot choose what fields are in the reporting. For instance, I would really love to include e-mail addresses in the report for one of my survey questions, but they don't seem to provide that option.
  • On audience polls, I would love the font to be customized. Audience members usually complain that they cannot read the default text.
  • Not sure how possible it is, but it would be great if the lag time could be cut down form when the presenter presents the content to when the audience receives it.
If you are wanting to connect with an audience, specifically one that is not in one central location, the platform is near ideal. Educational or training webinars to people who are off-site work really well. The platform doesn't work as well when it's an internal, live meeting. It can work okay at some points, but we had a scenario where we wanted slides to be on the screen along with a live video feed, and the lag really made it difficult.
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Jennifer Koniuk profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It's being used by Marketing to produce 1-2 thought leadership webinars per month. It helps us increase brand awareness, visibility and also convert prospects to new business opportunities.
  • Increase user experience by providing easy access to the platform via browser versus application download.
  • Provide robust analytics to understand webinar performance and establish benchmarks for success at your organization.
  • Increase brand awareness by providing fully customizable consoles with the ability to add various sections including speaker bios, related resources, call to actions, questionnaires, etc. that help businesses showcase their brand and value.
  • Thorough knowledge center and extremely helpful support via Customer Success Managers, live support, emergency hotlines, etc.
  • Must be careful when cloning events because everything copies over. I wish it was easier to save a template as a 'template' versus saving it as an upcoming webinar.
  • Formatting when copying and pasting a webinar abstract/summary gets a bit wonky. Always have to reformat.
On24 is well suited for:
  • Thought leadership webinars
  • Lead generation webinars
  • Product training for onboarding customers
  • Internal webinars
Not well suited for product demos (in my opinion).
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Dean Shaw profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use ON24 as the platform of our external marketing webinar strategy. It is used Globally for external Marketing webinars. ON24 allows us to present a more compelling webinar experience for our attendees and is a critical component to our overall external marketing strategy. It is a simple tool for both presenters and attendees to use and offer many widgets to increase engagement. It also has a fairly robust reporting tool which help us drive insights and KPIs for our webinar program.
  • Simple to use for both presenters and Attendees
  • Drive good engagement during webinars
  • Excellent reporting tools to drive insights and KPIs
  • Easily integrated into other 3rd party tolls like SalesForce
  • Customer support is awesome
  • Language support is somewhat limited.
  • Ability to segment aggregated reporting could be better.
  • My Webcast interface should have options on what to display.
- Very good and straightforward for serving as the backbone of a corporate webinar program.
- Lots of rich features (widgets) that allow for a customized webinar experience.
- Excellent reporting capabilities to help drive insights and KPIs.
- Not as robust as it could be for global deployments as language support is somewhat limited.
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Brigitte Vachon profile photo
July 19, 2019

ON24 Review

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our company currently uses ON24 to deliver 5+ webinars per month in our marketing department. We offer multiple training webinars for our customers.
  • Fantastic training resources on how to use the tool
  • Great customer service
  • Easy to use console
  • Would like a customizable acknowledgment/landing page once a survey is submitted. Example: offer customer collateral once they submit the survey.
  • We have had a couple pre-recorded webinars not launch in the last couple of weeks. ON24 should have a feature that allows us to manually intervene and push recorded webinar to an audience.
  • Unlimited reports only access per account.
ON24 is well suited for live demos, slide presentations, internal or external training.
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Chioma Ejim profile photo
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
The Education department uses On24 to conduct continuing education webinars for our members, we also use it for conference calling and webinar dry runs. Our members participate live and use the on-demand functionality. We also use the program for in house conferencing and as part of our volunteer orientation at the beginning of each year.
  • I like that the program is easy to use
  • Building the consoles are seamless.
  • The polling feature is a great engagement tool.
  • I like the analytics reports.
  • It would be great if the polling results could be displayed differently, more than just straight bars.
  • The support is hard to deal with. Using the chat feature and not having an option for a live phone conversation is frustrating.
  • When you need live technical support it is almost impossible.
On24 is great for small organizations like mine, where there is really on one person managing the program and the platform. It is easy to use and quick to create new consoles and console templates. If there were more people working with the program and creating events it could be a bit more frustrating
Read Chioma Ejim's full review
Halle Kirsh profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
ON24 is being used by a department within our company. Many other employees contribute to the success of webinars as moderators but there are only 2 people that consistently use it. It definitely gives us an opportunity to be more versatile as a company. We also use it internally for company updates which have proven to be very helpful.
  • It is very user-friendly. I frequently have to train clients on how to use the system and it is very straightforward.
  • Their online support/knowledge center is very helpful.
  • They are always adding/updating things which is great as technology becomes more advanced.
  • It is very easily customizable.
  • It would be nice if you were able to edit vanity URLs within a few minutes of creating them in case something is spelled or typed incorrectly, or changed under the wrong event.
  • I would like if you were able see the connection info before logging into the presentation manager.
This is the only webinar platform that I have experience with, but it has been very easy to understand. If you consistently do webinars then it would be extremely appropriate to use. If you only have a couple a year then it wouldn't be worth the investment as much. The investment has been entirely worth it for us because we create revenue around making webinars for clients.
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Justin Moronta profile photo
July 19, 2019

ON24 Rocks!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use On24 to host our educational webinars that are attended by our peers in the Financial Services Industry. It's primarily used within our Marketing Departments. ON24 helps us spread brand awareness by providing a platform that makes it easy for us to hold events online. This allows us to keep people informed about the educational data that we have at S&P Global.
  • The stability of the platform is fantastic! This makes sure our webinars run smoothly and with a stable connection.
  • The support that ON24 provides is exceptional! We often need Spanish speaking agents to help with our Latin American webinars and they are always able to provide one.
  • The widgets are great! Particularly the survey one, it helps us gain valuable insight about our webinars and how we can make them better.
  • The Q&A section on the producers end could use a little more refinement.
  • An automatically refreshing live attendee list.
  • The UI of the platform could be updated.
I would say that On24 is well suited for educational webinars, internal trainings, large scale video conferences, town halls, and high-level meetings where you want a rock-solid connection. I wouldn't recommend using ON24 for smaller meetings or low-level meetings where slides were not being presented.
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Maureen C. McInerney profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use ON24 as our platform to host our webcasts. It's used by most of our departments.
  • ON24 is easy to use.
  • We're teaching users how to use all offerings with the training and cheat sheets available.
  • Good response rate from reps.
  • An intuitive platform.
  • Not being able to switch from Simulive to Live: having to create a new webcast messes up registration if a partner decides to do a pre-record.
  • The delay between the Producer platform vs. Live: often we don't see the glitch on the audience side, but the producer side will not move sometimes.
  • Archiving faster.
The main part of my job is to create, market, and produce webcasts, so I'm always in ON24. As far as my job, it's extremely well suited. However, it may be less appropriate when selling a webcast. Our partners assume we are the best of the best, which is why I'm always striving to learn more about ON24 and its useful tools.
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Katie Macaluso profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
On24 is primarily used by our marketing department to give prospects a deeper dive into the online graduate programs we support. It has been a highly effective tool to re-engage with older, non-responsive leads, and to drive new leads further through the marketing funnel. Its ease of use makes webinar set up a breeze, and frees up staff time for other activities.
  • It's very easy to update templates for registration pages and customizing other elements of the webinar platform. I've trained many team members on the software, and they are able to learn it very quickly.
  • It's easy to use analytics and downloadable reports for webinar metrics.
  • ON24 had a great addition of the CTA widget to give attendees a next step following the webinar.
  • When presenters want to connect audio through their computer (instead of calling in), I would like this to be a little easier and more seamless than it is now.
  • I would like the reports to also show when On-Demand attendees actually viewed the recording vs when they registered.
  • Have the pie chart showing registration sources include more than 4-5 colors, so it is clear which piece of the pie belongs to which source.
On24 is great for presenting a topic or product, by a few speakers, to an audience that will mostly just submit questions or polls. It is less appropriate in scenarios in which the audience needs to be more actively engaged, even able to speak, as that functionality is not available.
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Bryan Crowe profile photo
Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use it to engage our audience across all 4 of our brands (magazines). We have advertisers who create the material as well as advertisers who sponsor a webinar (they foot the bill, our editorial staff creates the content).
  • Access for presenters has improved.
  • Overall, the interface works well.
  • Analytics are robust.
  • Record function is very limiting. It needs to be more like a recorder, where you can pause, stop at a specific spot and re-record from there.
  • It's all or nothing if you want to upload an audio file. I would like to upload an audio file and assign it to a specific slide. Can't do that now.
  • When a presenter hits the stop record button, if they do it too quickly, after speaking, there is a potential the last word, or part of the word will be cut off.
Overall it does a nice job and the analytics is very important, for lead generation purposes. There were issues (running flash) about 18 months ago, but since moving away from flash, it has improved.

It would be nice to have a folder system. Right now, it's just a continuous row of webcasts. We have 4 brands, and it would be nice to be able to have folders to segregate them. Also somewhere to add a title (by brand or advertiser) that is not viewable by anyone but us.
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Ron Newby profile photo
July 02, 2019


Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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ON24 is used by corporate marketing and all international subsidiaries. Additionally, marketing creates programs for our Medical and Scientific Affairs group. Our webinar program started with Go-to-Meeting and then migrated to WebEx when our IT director turned over. Webex was a disaster; there are too many things to go wrong, especially in the hands of so many users. We have had virtually no glitches since implementing this solution.
  • It's easy to set up and implement.
  • High quality outputs.
  • Many of our presenters are from outside the company. ON24's interface makes it easy for even first time users.
  • Most of our programs are simu-live or on-demand, removing the stress of launching a program. See the experience with Webex.
  • The SalesForce.com interface is extremely unreliable. We have 9 support incidents with Scribe. Their support is very poor.
  • We have no other recommendations for improvement.
Our targets, hospital medical professionals and veterinarians, have schedules that do not allow for live programs. On-demand is the perfect solution, and the ability to add handouts is a strong feature.
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June 30, 2019

Loyal customer.

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We offer legal education to in-house lawyers. We have live programs, but offer them via webcast as well because our members live in a wide geographic footprint. It solves our problem of offering CLE education to our members that are too far away to attend on-site.
  • We never have technical troubles with ON24.
  • Its user face is easy to use.
  • The console offers everything we need it to offer.
  • It is not easy for our members to access the speaker information. I think it should be more prominently displayed on the screen, who is speaking and their bio information.
  • We have run the polling feature on a couple of programs and have had technical trouble when we ran it. Also, the polling is quite limited. It would be an interesting feature for interactive webcasts if the polling could offer more than yes/no questions.
  • Video conference would be a nice feature to try.
ON24 works great for our panel presentations that are just presenters talking. When we want to have a program that is more interactive with the audience, ON24 is very limiting. We find the best audio is when we use a Polycom, but if we have a full room then the speakers have to repeat all audience questions and comments. This repeating is awkward when trying to facilitate an interactive program. Therefore, we won't run a webcast on our programs that will have a great deal of audience interaction.
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About ON24

ON24 believes that great webinars are the foundation of successful digital marketing.

According to the vendor, ON24 helps businesses offer engaging webinars that drive business results.

Key capabilities include:

  • Ability to deliver an immersive, interactive, video-rich experience which collects and transmits a wide range of audience interaction measurements.
  • Ability to integrate with leading CRM and marketing automation platforms, providing a rich data set of prospect signals to drive sales and marketing follow up.
  • Ease of use
  • An interactive and engaging on-demand experience
  • Seamless on-demand, chapterization, editing tools, and content hosting

More than 1,200 global organizations, including SAP, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Merck, EY, HubSpot, athenahealth, Macquarie, RSM, Marriott and AdRoll rely on ON24.

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