Happy with Certify!
April 10, 2019

Happy with Certify!

Linda Lavella | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Certify

At Enzo, we use Certify for many departments at our location and at our European locations. It has simplified T&E submission for the users and organized the submission for the reviewers. Questions that come up during review by managers are easily resolved with emails within Certify. Certify has the ability to require certain information in regards to an expense, where the expense cannot be submitted without the required detail.
  • Certify has the tools to calculate mileage reimbursement from one location to another. The calculation is based on the amount that you want to reimburse per mile. Using this tool within Certify is much easier and quicker than having to go on a "MapQuest" type website to come up with this information.
  • A variety of reports are available in Certify to help track expenses by department, individuals or type of expense. Customized reports can also be added to Certify to provide data on "not so ordinary" expenditures.
  • I am not a user on Certify, only an administrator, but I have been told by many users how easy it is to use Certify. It was very much welcomed by our users when we started using Certify about 5 years ago.
  • When approving an expense, a manager has to approve it and submit it and a few times the manager approved it and never submitted it, thinking it was done.
  • We use the delegation tool that allows a manager to have another individual go into Certify and review and approve expenses for him. I find this feature a little difficult to find for setting this up and for the user to find. I have had to look it up in the support section of Certify.
  • On the screen when setting up a new user, a manager is set up to approve and there are two other fields that approvers can be added, a second approver and AP rep. When the second approver box is not populated, the expense keeps going back to the first approver. I have to put the AP Rep in as 2nd approver and AP approval.
  • The organization and automatic flow of the expense report to approvers and then AP saves time for all. The user has agreed that it is easier and quicker to prepare the expense report and the managers and AP department finds the automated process to be quicker and more efficient. Time saved is money saved.
  • Certify can recognize if a duplicate expense is submitted or if an expense is submitted too late to be reimbursed according to our policies. This prevents us from reimbursing an expense in error.
  • We use a customized report to track a specific type of expense that gets submitted by our sales team. There is a limit on what can be spent on specific expenses that fall into an entertainment category and the report helps us to stay within the limits. Previously, without this tool, we had spent so much more time manually tracking these expenses and had gone over the limits, creating a deficiency in our processes.
I gave a nine rating instead of a 10, to allow for some improvement in the areas I specified on some of my answers to previous questions. I guess there's always room for improvement. Certify has worked great and met our needs so far. As I noted earlier, I plan to eventually add the upload to GL feature and hope that goes as well as all the other features we use.
I have only discussed the comparison of Certify to Concur by users, and our users seem to be happier with Certify. I have not had much experience with T&E expense software. Therefore, when I started using Certify, I expected to have problems, but with Certify's help desk and Online support, I did fine.
Certify is well suited for adding many departments and different expense categories within each department. I have also used the foreign currency tool that seems to work well (no complaints from users). I very much like the mileage calculation tool. At Enzo, we have not yet used the tool to allow for upload to the GL, for which I am looking forward to adding at some time. I am happy with the availability of reports and the option to add customized reports. One of the problems encountered is when a 2nd approver is not added to an employee's set up and the expense report does not seem to circulate properly unless I add a 2nd approver.