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April 04, 2020 Record, Review, Succeed

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Chorus is used throughout the entire Sales department at my organization. Often, we have complex meetings that require a good review, and Chorus does a great job of helping us with that. As soon as a meeting is finished, I receive an email with key insights and notes to follow-up with. Sometimes, I'm not able to attend the meetings, so it helps to know that they still went through with a prospect, and I can quickly catch up on what happened during the meeting. Chorus listens to everything that is said and gives me plain insights to use in the future. I've had multiple people reach out to me wanting a copy of the meeting to listen to. Chorus integrates well with Zoom, which is what we use for the meetings.
  • Key Insights: Chorus uses AI to give you the main takeaways of the meeting.
  • Automations: Chorus knows when to record and it is all automated.
  • Integrations: The fact that Chorus is integrated into Zoom makes my life SO much easier.
  • Chorus sometimes chooses not to record meetings that it thinks aren't with prospects. Sometimes I've realized after the fact that I didn't get a meeting recorded that I wanted to.
  • Chorus can be a little bit difficult to understand and set up.
  • Chorus can take a bit of adjusting to with all of the information it gives you.
  • has prepared us for future meetings: bringing our % of closed deals higher!
  • has prepared us for other meetings with different prospects, making us better reps and saving us significant time.
  • has set us up for success receiving referrals, bringing in additional revenue.
I would choose over Outreach due to the key insights that Chorus can deliver. It is incredible. As soon as the meeting ends, I'll get an email and Chorus has picked up on everything SO quickly—what was said, what should be done as a follow-up, etc. It knows who said it, when it was said, and every other metric I could imagine.
I use specifically for it's recording/insights features, and the business impact has been phenomenal. As I mentioned before, Chorus helps us prepare for future meetings with the same prospects, future meetings with other prospects, and helps us understand how we can improve in certain metrics. Chorus makes us better salespeople, and more trained professionals.
If you have a ton of meetings that can be complex, is perfect. It will listen to every meeting that you have, give you key insights & takeaways, and record the meeting for you to come back to. I've honestly been so grateful that we've had Chorus, or else I wouldn't be doing as well as I am in my current role in Sales. Chorus makes the life of a salesperson so much easier.