Valuable solution for post-sales team
May 27, 2020

Valuable solution for post-sales team

Jennifer Patton | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with

  • Call Review
  • Coaching & Skill Development
  • New Hire Onboarding
  • Handoffs & Collaboration / Knowledge Sharing
  • Suggested coaching points - capturing long talk time, number of engaging questions, filler words, and next steps. The points help me identify which calls to dig into deeper and provide great suggestions (ex: aim for 3-5 engaging questions and avoid speaking for more than one minute).
  • The ability to search meeting transcripts and creating snippets is incredibly helpful when looking for a specific section of a call. You can share snippets with colleagues, which is valuable for sharing customer stories and background for escalations.
  • The analytics help me see the level of activity across my team. I find value in knowing how many accounts a representative speaks with per week. There is also reporting on speaking time and average use of filler words.
  • The accuracy of the transcript could use some improvement.
  • Organization by Salesforce opportunities, rather than accounts (not all calls tie to an open opportunity).
  • Being able to record meetings owned by external participants. Sometimes clients prefer to use their own Zoom credentials and own the meeting invite.
  • Reduced ramp time for new hires.
  • More quantifiable coaching opportunities.
  • Increased revenue retention.
Chorus works incredibly well with Salesforce and Zoom. Our team operates more out of Gainsight and I would love to see a better connection between Gainsight and Chorus. Chorus' integration with other systems stacks up well against the previous software I have used.
We are able to use Chorus for escalations by creating and sharing snippets from customers. When dealing with a tough situation, it's helpful to hear the client describe their pain points directly. By identifying and sharing risks earlier, we can mobilize the right resources on an account more quickly.

I also did not expect to use Chorus for new hire onboarding. As a new hire, hearing client calls and being able to search transcripts is very valuable. With the movement to remote work, having a centralized repository for calls helps reduce the time to ramp a new hire.
Our company has benefited from the free training resources online, which make it simple to roll out. We had great assistance from our Chorus CSM, who explained how our team could leverage the software.
Before Chorus, we conducted most of our call review activities manually. We shared Zoom recordings with one another.
Chorus is well-suited for a client facing team with responsibility for retaining or growing revenue. The platform encourages movement on an opportunity by bringing in the Salesforce stage and forecasted amount. Sales teams can use Chorus to coach on communication strategies that are working well with prospects. Post-sales teams can use Chorus to capture key information from clients and identify potential risks.

Concepts like "multi-threading" calls and setting next steps for a meeting are incorporated in the call review. As a manager of a client-facing team, I appreciate the chance to see how many contacts are present on a call and if there is a next conversation scheduled. I really like the ability to create and share snippets, which can be used for sharing positive quotes from clients.

Chorus is not appropriate for teams who do not frequently interact with clients or prospects, or environments where unscheduled interactions are more common. If more negotiations are happening via cell phone or email, those conversations would be missed. I would imagine Support teams would likely benefit less from the call review features, which are more geared toward Sales and Account Management.