A great tool to grow client relationships
April 07, 2021

A great tool to grow client relationships

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Overall Satisfaction with Chorus.ai

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I believe only our sales team is using Chorus. I think we could be using it more effectively and on a deeper level, but my management team does not know how it can be used. I have worked with Gong in other roles and see huge value in tools like this, so I've been able to give a few tips.
  • The call transcripts are great and easy to read through. I can easily scan and locate parts of the call I want to re-listen to by searching the transcripts.
  • I love the snippet tool, which allows me to only share certain aspects of a call with people.
  • It's helpful to be able to share a selected part of the call with parties outside my organization too.
  • Could provide more insights post-meeting with recommendations based on behaviors (talk time, filler words, etc.).
  • Could also provide a reason for these recommendations based on industry stats.
  • The biggest piece I notice is the coaching and improvement in client relationships as a result. I know to give a few seconds of silence before my client responds now, because I am more self-aware of my talking habits, and I no longer talk over or interrupt.
  • I also notice the quality of opportunities improving, because I give my client enough time to fully answer my questions due to coaching. I also am not busy taking notes so I'm able to ask deeper level questions, as I'm completely focused on what the client is saying in that moment.
I personally did not select Chorus, but it does a great job! I used to use Gong at my previous company, and I liked that too. I have found that Chorus' transcript tool does a better job of translating the script of the call.
Chorus fits right into our instance of Salesforce, and easily and automatically documents all of our meetings and calls. When I worked with Gong in my last company, we did not have that set up, I'm not even sure it was possible.
I am not sure, I have not been here long enough as of right now. So far we mainly use it to send clients recordings of the demos we've run for them. It does help us identify when a client is actively revisiting past meetings.
I have not worked with them yet, but the onboarding training available was very straightforward and easy.
I think it's perfect for any situation for different reasons. Only if a client does not want to be recorded would I not recommend it. I think there is huge value to having calls transcribed/available to revisit. For me, the main positive is being able to really be present in my meetings and not taking notes or typing while my client is speaking. I am able to actively listen to what they are saying because I know I can pick up the details any time in the future.