Clicktools offers seamless integration to your CRM system for capturing customer satisfaction
Updated March 18, 2015

Clicktools offers seamless integration to your CRM system for capturing customer satisfaction

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Modules Used

  • Customer Sat Surveys - integrated with Salesforce

Overall Satisfaction with Clicktools

Grass Valley produces products for the broadcast industry. Salesforce is our CRM system for the Service organization globally. Prior to Clicktools, we were conducting random Customer Satisfaction surveys on closed Service engagements for North America and occasionally from our European region. The process was labor intensive and only reaching a small percentage of our customer base. With the integration of Clicktools and Salesforce, we have now fully automated the process, reaching 100% of the customer base and supporting 8 different languages. We are receiving timely feedback from all geographies allowing for us to respond more quickly to feedback from our customers.
  • Automation! - Clicktools makes it easy with their integration to Salesforce. We can utilize different surveys that target the specific type of service engagement (Telephone Support, Field Service/On-site call, Customer Training). During the time we've been using Clicktools, we've made modifications to the surveys to improve readability or gain different perspective. Their user interface is intuitive, allowing changes to the surveys to be quick and easy.
  • Multilingual Support - When we close a Service engagement, We are sending specific (regional) information from Salesforce to Clicktools which determines the most probably local language of the customer. By sending the customer a survey in their language, our response rate is better. Customer comments on each survey are also captured in their native language making it easier for them to provide feedback.
  • Reporting - While Clicktools does have their own reporting capabilities within their interface, since they "sync" real time with Salesforce on each returned survey, this allows us to utilize the reporting capabilities within our CRM system to gather a complete set of metrics on Customer Satisfaction. This also allows a Grass Valley Service Manager to see the results and comments from the survey that was received on any service engagement.
  • Clicktools Support - From the very beginning of our relationship with Clicktools, they have supported our needs as we moved from our manual process to a fully integrated and automated Customer Satisfaction measurement system. Our Clicktools Account manager has been there from the beginning of the relationship and understands our business. We've looked to them for recommendations as we've evolved our process. They draw on their experiences from other customers to provide support as well as provide a wealth of materials on their website.
  • This is difficult as we've not really had any bad experiences. Early in the process, their User Interface was not the most intuitive but as with most web-based tools, they evolve and get better through time. That is the case with theirs. I suppose our implementation is pretty basic so we really are not utilizing all the capabilities that Clicktools has to offer.
  • Being able to gather customer feedback globally has allowed us to respond more quickly to specific needs within geographies. Having a database of historical Customer Satisfaction data to draw on provides more credibility when going to executive management for resource needs. With the assistance of Clicktools, we have adopted the "NPS" ("Net Promoter" Score) concept that is an industry standard for measuring overall Customer Satisfaction. "I would recommend Grass Valley based on this service experience" is on all surveys and we use the ratings (scale 1-10) of this response as our NPS and to gauge how well we are doing overall.
When we started looking for vendors to integrate with Salesforce, the only other product we investigated was "MarketTools". We had no prior experience with either but I believe the deciding factor and why we chose Clicktools was cost.
We chose Clicktools because of their easy of integration with the Salesforce CRM system. Having prior experience with gathering customer satisfaction surveys helped us in defining what we wanted from Clicktools.

Using Clicktools

Support Engineers and Service Management
2 - Editing and familiarity with a Web UI
  • Capturing customer perception of how well our Service organization is doing globally.
  • Obtaining timely feedback from our customers on what we are doing well and what we can improve upon.
  • Integration with our CRM system for easy of providing KPI's (Key Process Indicators) to management
  • When we started this process, we only provided surveys in "English". By having the ability to capture comments and survey return rates globally, we were able to identify possible problems with English being a 2nd language for customers who were not understanding what we were asking on the survey. Being able to easily improve on the customer experience by offering surveys in 8 languages removed the language problem from the equation.
  • Even after the change to support 8 languages, we still saw confusion on the survey where some customers misinterpreted the rating system we were using ("1" = bad, "10"=good). Clicktools very quickly and easily replaced the 1 with a sad face and a "smiley" in place of the 10. As they say "a picture is worth a 1000 words..." Too early to know if this change results in any additional improvement as we've just implemented it but time will tell.
  • By capturing surveys in multiple languages and through the metrics we monitor, we've learned there may be some cultural barriers to the on-line survey process. This is being attributed to the low survey return rates we see from certain regions. Its not that those customers provide low ratings on the surveys, they simply do not respond at all.
  • We initially created specific surveys for 3 different types of Service Engagements (Phone Support, On-Site Service and Training). We are currently only utilizing one (Phone Support). We will be looking to expand this in the future as our internal processes become more refined.
They are meeting our needs for capturing customer satisfaction and being fully integrated with our CRM system is a requirement.

Clicktools Implementation