A marketer-friendly tech product: you're crazy NOT to try CrazyEgg.
May 13, 2014

A marketer-friendly tech product: you're crazy NOT to try CrazyEgg.

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Overall Satisfaction with Crazy Egg

We use CrazyEgg to track how customers are using pages on our site. The pages we track are either very important or very new. This tool is only used by the marketing department to inform website design and UX decisions regarding our e-commerce site. Since we are in a niche market, we use it as a proxy for focus groups and UX studies.
  • It's helpful to present data to the VPs in a visual manner. It's a lot easier to get their buy-in on the success (or not) of site design.
  • Playing around with the confetti filter is fascinating -- it's insightful to learn how different segments behave differently.
  • My favorite part is reviewing where on a page customers expect hyperlinks. Sometimes, it's not where you'd think. This is an easy problem to fix, but without CrazyEgg we wouldn't know it WAS a problem.
  • The program claims to be click tracking but it appears to over-report click-throughs if links are more than once on a page. I want to know who is clicking on the link on the TOP of the page vs. the BOTTOM of the page.
  • CrazyEgg struggles to report on pages that have tabs or drop-downs. (Or maybe I just don't set it up correctly). If you want to know information about what they clicked on when they went to re-sort information (by title? by price?) this tool isn't as good to tell you that.
  • I get frustrated when my snapshot runs out of views. I can't really complain, though, for the $20 a month I spend. If I could spend a small amount more to upgrade just one snapshot (ie our homepage) I would do it, but at this point it's not worth the jump in the price from one package to the next.
  • I wish that I could resort some of the filter selections on the confetti map (for example, it would be interesting to view "time to click" as it relates to seconds vs. just which segment was most popular).
  • Increased trust in the expertise of decisions made by professional graphic designers. It's great when you can have something to back you up besides your gut.
  • Fast turnaround on information. Snapshots are easy to set up and start tracking right away, so you can see trends almost immediately.
  • Efficiency of decision making. Now instead of sitting in a meeting arguing (I mean discussing) the possible options and projected efficacy, one can simply test their theories and come back with hard data from real customers.
The only other tool that does something similar is Google Analytic's in-page analytics. I'm sure you *could* set up similar filters but for a marketer that doesn't write RegEx on a daily basis, it's so much easier to use the pre-existing tools built into Crazy Egg. The time saving alone of not having to rely on GA for this data is worth the small monthly subscription fee.
It provides great value. Good quality for little cost. It's a technology product that's marketer-friendly.
This is a very easy tool to use for the uninitiated. It's much easier to navigate (and more trustworthy) than GA's in-page analytics. When I worked in academia the UX professional I worked with loved to investigate this tool for the validity of her designs. I also found it very helpful for the non-technical decision maker to buy into what the designers and marketing analysts were proposing.