My view on Crazy Egg
May 24, 2018

My view on Crazy Egg

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Overall Satisfaction with Crazy Egg

In a process of understanding user journey on the website - we have thought of seeking a help of a tool which gives complete information on heatmaps, clicks and also gives user recordings. We have tried a few tools earlier but to some point, we are not happy with the outcomes and finally, we have preferred Crazy Egg. We tested and we got it.

It is used by me (marketing team) where I generate meaningful insights and deliver to sr.managers and stakeholders about how the user is performing with clear numbers. Crazy Egg addresses business issues in web marketing. The information says what are the do don'ts or what can be done better for that web page in order to engage the audience
  • Heatmap and scroll maps are definitely the biggest asset for Crazy Egg and this helps every marketer/business user to think a lot about the website and of course! this is the selling point for them too
  • Confetti feature is the 2nd and yes more important feature for someone who loves to compare user data with visits on the website. One need not go web analytics tools for other information as Confetti feature does most things happen
  • Overlay feature lets the user see clicks on every segment of the page with overall visits and LIVE visits.
  • Funnel analysis is definitely a missing feature and has to be initiated as users journey across pages is more important to understand and detailed view of conversion rate is important to analyze for any business user. As we live in the world of conversion rate
  • Definitely the best pick for users who would like to understand the website from the user's perspective.
  • ROI for this tool is directly dependent on how you use the tool as there is a lot of data can be grabbed.
  • Please don't assume that the less highlighted areas in web section are of no use or least bothered. At times even a click might convert. So understand the tool before using it and this tool is always a good ROI if used by analyst mindset
There are a lot of tools with similar feature and closely equal pricing- This factor is the most confusing. As we need something for our website and not every tool has everything and it took time for us to understand this. We choose Crazy Egg for its ease of using and anyone can be trained to use it.

The main reason to chose Crazy Egg is the ease of creating snapshots and downloadable features. For me personally -the "confetti" feature helped a lot and its the main feature which is like a ALL IN 1.
+ I strongly believe that this tool helps when a firm has good user count (depends on business model) as most of these tools are data friends. More data - more valuable insights
+ Best fit if someone who is looking for deeper insights of individual page
- Not suggested for very fewer visits of a website. Suggested to improve better visit count

Crazy Egg Support

The support team response was pretty clear and easy to understand and again it all depends on how one asks the question. If our query is easy enough then any support team can answer in ease
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