Comprehensive, robust event registration solution with excellent reporting features! Impress your C-Suite!
Megan Gates | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 13, 2018

Comprehensive, robust event registration solution with excellent reporting features! Impress your C-Suite!

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Overall Satisfaction with Cvent Event Management

We use Cvent across all of our customer events in higher education and for a portion of our event management in our school group. Every single day I thank the lord my organization chose to invest in Cvent! As a small events team, we were bogged down with plate spinning. Cvent takes all of the plates in the air and stacks them neatly into one platform that seamlessly integrates with so many of the other platforms we use daily: SFDC, Marketo, CrowdCompass, etc. It's a timesaver, and in an industry where time is money, the initial large investment creates a larger return on investment simply in time saved. Our corporate office also appreciates the comprehensive financial reporting that we roll up to them each year and it helps us be more strategic with budgeting. The reporting functionalities and financial reporting have helped our team be more data and metrics-driven which is very important when it comes to strategic and informed decision-making in an organization that makes an almost $3m investment in face to face, live events.
  • What I love most about Cvent is that even if you only manage 1-3 events a year vs. 100+ events a year, it still offers so much value. It takes away a lot of the manual work associated with managing one event, much less 100+ events per year. No more spreadsheets! It eliminates so much paperwork on our end -- and as a small event team, that is CRUCIAL to our event program success.
  • At times, an emailed invitation is the first impression we give to our potential customers, so that vehicle has to provide a ton of info, all while being on brand, and looking professional. There are so many avenues for personalization within Cvent, from a branding perspective, as well as a features/functionality perspective.
  • Great customer service -- our account manager is always just an email or phone call away to discuss any problems we might have. The online Support is also robust and amazing, as well as the Cvent community of users that I learn from everyday! Cvent offers so many opportunities for personal development within the tool.
  • The training and administrative set up process was NOT intuitive. Every organization that uses this tool is not the same, but the training wasn't quite tailored to our organization's needs. A lot of time was spent on modules we never use.
  • Our Account Manager oftentimes tried to help, but was unavailable a lot. We were encouraged to contact the Support number, rather than personalized 1:1 with our Account Manager. It would be great if we had just ONE liaison at Cvent rather than being sent to several different arms for different needs.
  • I wish the SFDC custom integration wasn't an extra cost to our organization because that is a huge need for us, but the free turnkey solution just won't work for us.
  • We worked with the Creative Services team to create a custom, branded suite of registration tools. Not only did this process take EIGHT WEEKS longer than we had contracted, but the CS team was oftentimes hard to communicate our needs with and unresponsive. On top of that, they wanted to charge us for the extra time, even when it was the fault of their team (one of the team leads left the company, and our project got sent back to the bottom of the priority list). Eventually, after lengthy conversations with our Account Manager, they finished our design at the price that was originally quoted, but it really set us back so much time in our event process as we use a registration site template for over 100+ events.
  • I am able to provide comprehensive reporting on open rates and CTR, which at the end of the day, helps us as an organization monitor and follow up with the customers we have invited to make sure they plan to attend. This could attribute to higher ROI numbers.
  • The financial reporting has helped us be more accurate with our full financial roll up to corporate in terms of budgeting. Because of that, we can easily track expenses and calculate total return on investment at the end of the year. We had a conversion rate at our events of 63% this year! Amazing!
  • The integrations with Marketo & SFDC have been crucial for us in triggering automated alerts to our sales org, ultimately allowing them to easily follow up with customers to close the loop on the event attendees' experience, thus furthering the sale and gaining revenue.
Although Eventbrite is a great tool, I don't find it to be as comprehensive and compatible with all of our back end systems. Cvent is a much more robust tool, and therefore I believe it to be more expensive, but at an enterprise level, it's so worth it to have all the tools to streamline the event experience and make our organization faster and more efficient. I would compare Eventbrite and Cvent as the minor leagues vs. the major leagues.
If you manage a lot of events that are similar in structure (i.e. you could use a registration page template/agenda, etc.) Cvent is a HUGE time saver as you can simply copy the event and change the content to match the different events. I could also see this being a great tool for those who handle large conferences of 1,000+ where you have many different elective breakout sessions. Cvent is the perfect tool for managing tracks and also lets the user (if they are using in tandem with CrowdCompass mobile app) set up their own schedule within the app and receive notifications. Really really streamlines the whole process.

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