DemandTools - a highly recommended data integrity tool for Administrators
Updated April 30, 2015

DemandTools - a highly recommended data integrity tool for Administrators

Gary T Payne | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Modules Used

  • MassEffect
  • MassImpact
  • ReassignOwnership
  • MassBackup
  • Single Table Deduplicator
  • MassLeadConvert
  • Lead2ContactDedupe
  • Lead2AccountDedupe

Overall Satisfaction with DemandTools

DemandTools by CRM Fusion is an outstanding data integrity application that makes the processes of data extraction, insertion, update, backup, and de-duplication very efficient and easy. I use it daily to create a backup MS Access database of my instance (w/o attachments). Whenever there is a change in territory alignment, usually due to personnel changes, it is the primary tool I use to transfer ownership of the data sets. It does far more than the Data Loader application. It's de-duplication feature allows review of individual records while recommending the survivor record based on rules the user can create and/or edit. It comes with recommended de-duplication scenarios that handle most of the de-duplication task, but also allows the user to create their own custom scenarios and save them for future use. Another nice feature is its ability to correct address and phone number formats in mass, allowing a standardized view of the data. Most administrators that I have conversed with also use and recommend the DemandTools application.
  • I used Demand Tools to mass convert Lead records into Account and Contact records, matching up many of the records with existing Account and Contact records prior to converting them, this avoiding a lot of data duplication.
  • After inserting data records from various company systems into the database, a lot of duplicate records were created. DemandTools was used to reduce the data duplication through several iterative processes requiring multiple, different filter criteria scenarios.
  • Following a mass data integration into from several company systems, it was necessary to update the address and phone number formats to a standardized format using DemandTools to make the corrections.
  • During the de-duplication process it would be nice to pick and choose key values from different duplicated records. Currently DemandTools only allows retention of a single record's data field values, which may lead to missing information in a field that was populated in one of the other duplicate records but not in the retained record. E.g., one record has the proper email address while another record has the proper phone number, so which record do you retain? It would be great to designate by field which values you want retained in final merged record.
  • The ability to create a SQL database backup would be nice. Currently if a object has more than 250 data fields it cannot be backed up into a MS Access database.
  • During the de-duplication process it would be helpful to copy and then paste data values from one record and add it to another record. E.g. if there are two duplicated records and both have different values in a "Comments" field, and you want to retain the values from both records, it would be great to be able to combine the data from both records in the "Comments" field using a copy and paste methodology so the retained record has all of the data from both records.
  • DemandTools has been instrumental in making our database more useful to our users by merging duplicate records, allowing quarterly updates of financial information in a timely manner, and helping to maintain data integrity through use of its insertion and update functionality.
  • DemandTools has helped reduce new hire sales territory orientation times by bringing new field sales personnel up to speed more quickly via ownership changes to account and contact records.
  • The DemandTools backup database helps to perform more advanced data analytics than is possible in
  • Microsoft Access,GoldMine,Act-On,,,Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite
DemandTools is much easier to use than competitor applications, and its cost is very competitive.
DemandTools is well suited for organizations that have data from multiple sources where data cleansing becomes important. The need for DemandTools is diminished if the data is provided from a single system, unless there is a good chance of data duplication. Some key questions might be:
How much data duplication is taking place? How often does the data need to be de-duplicated? What data integrity tools are available for use now? How is data extracted, inserted, and/or updated and how often? How important is data format standardization?

Using DemandTools

I use DemandTools every workday and would be very challenged to perform the amount of work needed to maintain our database in the time frame allowed without it.

DemandTools Implementation