DiscoverOrg is the most accurate prospecting tool out there!
September 07, 2019

DiscoverOrg is the most accurate prospecting tool out there!

Tina Lai | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with DiscoverOrg

DiscoverOrg is currently used by a department. The sales department or business development department (team of new business/hunters) for lead gen and prospecting purposes. The sales team/sales ops team that generates lists (2 sales ops leads that generates list) currently supports 4 verticals & about 50 sales reps. Lists are generated weekly for the teams for Fortune 1000 companies for targeted campaigns that focus on industries/functions. The business problems that it solves for/addresses is finding the right target people at companies, and obtaining current email/phone information for them. In addition to highlighting hierarchies for prospecting decision-makers at large companies. It does not solve for finding information for smaller companies.
  • Prospecting Lists/Lead Gen - Discover Org does this very well because of it's ability to provide current information (email/phone) on an individual at a company. It's easy to segment & drill down by categories - to find the right targets to reach out to.
  • Insights - DiscoverOrg is great at providing insights or "scopes" on prospects as well. Meaning it will show who is handling what project (Decision-Maker) and what projects they are particularly interested in at the moment/what initiatives. For example, the scopes may show that they are interested in AI initiatives or a Merger & Acquisition or Digital Transformation & will say who is in charge of the initiative.
  • Stellar filtering capabilities - you can filter lists in so many ways. You can go by function, or even look at companies with small marketing teams (let's say less than 10), or you can search for companies with an "x" amount of $ budget for IT spend. Or even companies that use a specific HR workplace management system.
  • DiscoverOrg doesn't support smaller companies - so you can't prospect for SMB segment. It's mostly for larger companies.
  • The price point is quite high per user. It's not a tool that can be used by 50 sales reps. It can only be used by 2 people since licenses cost $20,000 per license. It's not helpful to the sales team to wait for the turnaround times of sales ops to generate the lists and to have more users.
  • If Filtering can be done with LOGIC or BOOLEAN system so that it can be even more precise. That is a Nice to Have. But mostly the price point is the main issue.
  • Oh the UI/UX is not the most intuitive or pretty. It looks antiquated and from like the 90s. Could use a design refresh since it's not very pretty.
  • DiscoverOrg has had a positive impact on prospecting for the sales teams. It's increased efficiencies to be able to create a list of 1000s in less than 2 mins. It's been able to increase our number/rate of outreach, reduce time to prospect & increased our sales velocity to generate opportunities at a faster rate.
  • The negative impact it has had on our team is that the sale team cannot use DiscoverOrg and it has to be used through our sales ops team because of permission issues/access issues.
  • The ability to reach a large list of prospects has provided an ROI. We are getting a Return on Investment. I just am not the one who manages the costs so don't know to what extent it's paid for itself.
We actually use all 3 tools of ZoomInfo, LeadGenius & Sales Navigator. We use Sales Navigator a lot to search for the right titles like Corp Dev & Strategy roles and then use ZoomInfo to append the data into our Salesforce. The process takes a lot longer, but it is very targeted and the right people to reach out to. And it adds the data directly into salesforce which DiscoverOrg does not. But at least the lists are easy to upload into SFDC if you have permission to do so. We use DiscoverOrg for larger company prospecting. We didn't not use the other companies. We use them all.
The reports that are generated are generally for targeted prospecting lists. This can be to be very specific about a function or role at a company, for a company with a small marketing team of fewer than 10 people (so they will need more marketing help), seniority level of the prospect, the keywords in the title and the company names. You can do multiple companies at a time for the lists - which is very helpful for your target accounts/lists. Yes the reports are robust and meet our needs.
DiscoverOrg is well suited for hunters that are prospecting Fortune 1000 companies and ones that need to be strategic about getting into a large organization. It well-suited to see the hierarchy and also to see what the target/prospects are interested in/initiative-wise to be able to speak to what may be a potential pain point for them. It's really great for getting the information you need about a company holistically with budgets/revenues/team sizes/employee counts/industries etc. The information it gathers is very accurate and precise for lead generation and prospecting. DiscoverOrg doesn't make as much sense for a sales team that is focusing on small accounts or startups or company sizes of less than 500 employees. Also, it actually isn't able to filter/find "Strategy" roles or "Corporate Development" roles as much. And it can't pull in lists based on "Previous Companies Worked At".

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