Druva Backup - A Life Saver for Data Loss
December 03, 2015

Druva Backup - A Life Saver for Data Loss

S Seethalakshmi | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Druva

Druva has used by our organization more than five years. We have been using it for our backup purposes for laptop and mobile devices. It is being used across the whole organization. It address one of our prolonging business issues of data loss due to theft or hard disk failure.
  • The first and foremost thing about Druva is user friendliness for both administrators and users.
  • Easy deployment and upgrades of clients.
  • User is able to recover the data by themselves by using web or client.
  • No performance lagging issues when Druva is installed.
  • Only thing I am expecting are slight security improvements.
  • While doing .pst files backup, it should compress at much as possible. Since these days users have more data in mail than [the] system.
  • After upgrading to new version, the ability to roll back to the older version in case of any issues.
  • Better consumer cervice
  • ROI for data recovery on hard disk failures. We are saving INR 50000 per month. We are able to get all the data from Druva.
  • Best compression ratio which leads to minimum storage uUtilization. since we are using the on-premise setup.
  • Vaultize and Open Source
Best in class features like data deduplication, compression, user friendliness and easy client deployment - these are the features which stacks up Druva against others.
Ask about flexibility of implementation and security of data storage. The user should get the assurance of the data privacy. These are well suited by Druva.

Druva Data Resiliency Cloud Feature Ratings

Universal recovery
Instant recovery
Recovery verification
Business application protection
Multiple backup destinations
Incremental backup identification
Backup to the cloud
Deduplication and file compression

Using Druva

400 - All Functions Like HR,R&D,Operation,IT, Sales and Service
10 - They know basic administration skills on a laptop.
Knowledge of Druva inSync
  • Regular backup, in case a user has mistakenly deleted data we can recover and provide it within seconds without any delay.
  • Whole data recovery if hard disk crash or laptop loss.
  • Recovery from mobile devices apart from laptop.
  • Data recovery from Ipad if device is lost
  • Inclusion of .pst files with compression ratio
  • Exclusion of program files
  • We are planning to expand it across our group companies
  • Taking backup of data from our area office users
  • Increasing the storage of the current one with latest storage technologies
Because it is the best In class for backup.

Evaluating Druva and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Vendor Reputation
  • Analyst Reports
  • Third-party Reviews
Product Features - They should support all my requirements.
I would follow my same evaluation process - trying out, reading the reviews, preparing reports etc.

Druva Implementation

ya Few Points which we have learned like easy and optimized client deployment based on user availability
Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled - 
  1. Took the scenarios first
  2. Identified Issues and Users
  3. Implemented Druva phase by phase
  • Availability of users
  • Storage for data backup
  • Resources to deploy the software

Druva Training

  • Online training
  • In-person training
They are very well knowledgeable. They conducted a two day training session and they explained each and everything.
Because it is the best.

Configuring Druva

Druva configuration is very user friendly.
Yes - we have customized the interface extensively - Based on our requirements we have configured our UI.
No - we have not done any custom code

Druva Support

We can get immediate support and response. Online chat is also available where technicians are responding immediately. They will carefully listen and understand our issues and then provide the recommendations and actions. Once the issue solved they will follow up to make sure the customer didn't have the issue again and the issue is resolved.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Yes - We need support in case critical issues happened that our in house support team wasn't able to solve.
One time, during a server migration from physical to VM, my server hard disk went to non operational mode where my Druva storage is located. Due to this, the user's backup didn't happen. When I made a request, Druva support people took the remote session and collected the logs and analyzed them. Within hours they came back with a solution and we did the recovery successfully.

Using Druva

Overall it is very good product. It is total life saver. It fixes and supports all my existing Issues.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • My first choice is user based recovery at any time
  • Easy client deployment and upgrade
  • Policy configurations are very user friendly
  • Roll up to old version in case the new version is having issues
Yes - It is working very good and is very user friendly.

Druva Reliability

Because we can scale up to our requirement no restrictions.
Sometimes or many times Druva is always available. No downtime issues.
Yes all the UI and pages load quickly.