Not an ideal product
March 29, 2019

Not an ideal product

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Overall Satisfaction with ETO by Social Solutions

The current ETO system that we pay for is used exclusively for one program that serves clients across three different departments within our organization. It was purchased to serve as a case management tool, as we currently do not have any technology infrastructure to serve this purpose. It was also selected for its data collection features that would permit us to pull data about clients in this program.
  • The administration of user accounts is easy to learn and manage.
  • Creating touchpoints is relatively straightforward.
  • The chat feature for help/support is really useful.
  • The user interface is not intuitive and exceptionally difficult for non-tech savvy people to learn.
  • The system is not as customizable as we were led to believe at the initial purchase.
  • The system does not interface well with other systems. Organizationally we are moving towards data integration, and we will likely replace ETO because of this limitation.
  • Considering the limitations of the system, the cost is quite high. We've seen only marginal benefits of this system over pen and paper, and the ROI is not promising.
  • The initial build process was very frustrating. We didn't understand what the developer was billing us for. Something like simple touchpoint forms was billed for more hours than it would seem to require.
  • A system like this should be both fully mobile compatible and have offline functionality.
  • We would benefit from more nuanced security settings.
  • I do not believe that we have had a positive ROI on this investment. The features are too limited to really add value to the work we are doing.
  • Prior to purchasing and implementing ETO, we used pen and paper. With ETO fully implemented, the time spent by our data analyst on collecting information has decreased by about 60%. However, the time spent by the case managers entering data into the system has roughly doubled. Additionally, we have not been able to fully replace the pen and paper. For things like external referrals and taking notes when no internet connection is available, our case managers still fill out paper forms and rely on archaic methods such as faxes to share information.
We originally built our program around SharePoint and were dissatisfied by the lack of transparency it provided. We then moved to ETO, primarily because it was the cheapest of the other solutions that we looked at. Now, we are realizing that we are not getting any real value from our ETO system, so we will likely be investing in a more sophisticated system.
I have a difficult time imagining a scenario where this would be an optimal solution. In our current program that is using ETO, we have many external partners that need to be involved in client care. However, the external partners refuse to use ETO because it is redundant to their existing systems (and we cannot link ETO to their existing databases). Our staff operating this program are largely field-based. ETO is a barrier for them because they can't use it on their mobile phones, and there is no offline capability. Many of the buildings that our clients meet with their providers in (such as hospitals and long-term care facilities) are old buildings that block cell signals and don't have WiFi. It's severely burdensome for staff to have to take notes on paper when meeting with clients in these settings and then have to type it into ETO later.

ETO by Social Solutions Support

When I have a simple issue and chat is available, the issue usually gets resolved really quickly. If a have a complex issue, it can take months to get resolved. During this time typically have no idea where my help request is or what or who I am waiting on to respond.
Knowledgeable team
Slow Resolution
Poor followup
Problems left unsolved
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Escalation required
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Using ETO by Social Solutions

This system has been fairly well adapted by our staff who are very tech-savvy, particularly those who have previously worked in an EHR. Those who are less tech-savvy or who have really specific needs from this system (such as printing out a certain touchpoint) have struggled immensely.
Technical support not required
Do not like to use
Unnecessarily complex
Difficult to use
Not well integrated
Slow to learn
Lots to learn
  • Referrals
  • Creating a new dashboard
  • Following up on touchpoints/referrals
  • Searching for inactive clients