Using freshdesk in a startup
Ignacio Cruz | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 23, 2018

Using freshdesk in a startup

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We use Freshdesk for various kinds of customer support tickets. We have an integration via API with some forms that customers use to change specific data in our platform. We also receive feedback from direct consultations via email and a textbox in our platform. As we are still a startup Freshdesk is being used by the whole organization as we want to provide a great customer service. We have a room in Google Chat that receives the tickets and we classify the tickets with the type of consultation. Then we assign an agent that is going to take care of the case. It really works well for managing tickets and the new UI makes it easier to work on.
  • Managing customer support tickets.
  • Assigning agents to a ticket.
  • Integration with the whole suite of Freshworks.
  • Re-assigning the customer that wrote.
  • Identifying the customer that wrote with a client (account) that you have.
  • Having two agents on one ticket.
  • It was very easy to implement.
  • We managed to reduce the time of response as we organized who had to answer the tickets.
  • Integration with our main communications channel (first Slack, now Google Chat).
Freshdesk is a lot easier to implement than and is a lot cheapier also. I have used on my former work, and the tools that it had aveilable were almost the same, but it was easier to manage and start using. Take into account that I am comparing the version of from 3 years ago with the Freshdesk of today.
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We actually do not use this functionality.
On Freshdesk it is very easy to assign an agent to a specific ticket, in fact, you can assign an agent based on the type of ticket that you have received. This makes it easier to automate the work and gain time on the response, because as we use it, when you have a ticket assigned to your user you receive a Google Chat message (that is something that you can do with the API) to start working on it.
Freshdesk has the possibility of having various sources of information generating tickets. We actually use two: direct channel via email and integration with 2 forms in our platform. This is extremely accurate and works perfectly for us. We do not use spam filters because we do not need them at the time.
We do not use any of the analytics provided by freshdesk. In our plan it is very basic so finally it is not relevant to our organization. If we would use the tier up plans maybe the analytic would have some relevance for us.
We did not know Freshdesk had a natural language processing tool.
We have used, and continue using, Freshdesk as our customer support platform. As a startup I would totally recommend it because it is very easy to implement and it has all the basics you need to work on managing and answering tickets. It has some tools to scale your business and embrace you as you grow as a company. We are now going to hire more stuff and the features on the tier up plans are super interesting.