A great phone service with easy user setup.
March 09, 2019

A great phone service with easy user setup.

David Scalise | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Fuze

Their support team is great at responding in a timely manner. There is rarely a case that sits in the queue for a long time and doesn't get assigned to someone. They know their systems well and can often reply with the steps necessary to fix the problem the first time. This way you can get back to other tasks instead of waiting for support.
We didn't start out with Fuze as our initial company, we were originally with ThinkingPhones. When they were purchased by Fuze the switch over to their systems was pretty much seamless. There was no noticeable downtime and we didn't have any phones that were not working after the changeover was made.
We use Fuze across the entire organization. Our business is based around using our phones and we need a strong and reliable provider to make sure our phones are always up and running. Fuze not only makes using their service easy to use but it also helps make the support and setup easier for me on the back end.


  • Availability to use your work number anytime anywhere. Our recruiters make themselves available as much as they can. Being able to answer calls from their worklines while not in the office and make calls from their work numbers is a big deal.
  • Setting up new phones and numbers is very easy with their hub. I don't always have to go directly to their support team to setup new users. As long as I have the mac address of the phone and we have free numbers I can set a new user up in minutes.
  • Their support team is great as well. If I do need to get help with an issue their support team is quick to respond and very knowledgeable about their systems. Their team is also able to fix most support cases within the same day.


  • Their admin portal that I use to login to can sometimes feel clunky. There is a lot of button pressing to get through the menus and you always have to click a refresh button when adjusting search parameters. This is different from the hub, which is more for user setup.
  • The Fuze app is not always the most reliable. While being able to use it to call from your work number anywhere is nice. Calls sometimes have one-way audio and, on occasion, caused users calls to go directly to their voicemail.
  • The user portal could use a refresh as well. Some of our users use an e-fax number for sending documents to clients. The feature is often missed because it is hidden inside a menu instead of being out in the open.
The only company I have used previously that I can speak to is Birch. We were using them when I first got hired and their systems did not work so well from a support standpoint. I would constantly be stuck on hold, sometimes for an hour, waiting for the next available representative. I had to sit on the phone with the support team and wait for them to enter the information needed for new users. Fuze makes that experience much easier with being able to setup users myself and their online portal to interact with the support team.
Setting up new users is a big thing that Fuze does well and it's something that helps save time as well. There have been a couple of times where we've needed to get some last minute new hires setup quick. Using the Fuze hub lets me create a user, assign their service, assign a number, and assign them to a brand new phone in about 10-15 minutes. I don't need to put in a support ticket and wait for their team to do it.

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