Fuze is a cloud-based unified communications platform that includes IP PBX voice service, video conferencing, and collaboration tools such as content sharing and instant messaging capabilities. It also integrates with a wide range of popular CTI, CRM, and click-to-call solutions. Unified Communications as a Service-I implemented Fuze in an environment with approximately 90 users, for a manufacturer of marine equipment in Fort Lauderdale. It is currently used across the whole organization, which consists of facilities in Fort Lauderdale and Holland, in addition to a mobile service group working around the world. Fuze addresses the distributed nature of the workforce and allows voice, video, and text collaboration between our offices and mobile users.,The Fuze implementation process was the smoothest and best-organized roll-out of any major infrastructure project I have been involved with. The engineering and sales team provided a clear roadmap, stuck to it, and performed flawlessly. The system stability, voice quality, user provisioning and de-provisioning, and overall ease of use is something Fuze has done particularly well. Whatever I need is there in the portal, and the 'take-it-for-granted' feeling the users have is a huge strength. Continuous improvement- in the two years this company has used Fuze we have seen numerous updates to the softphone, new features in the desktop phones, and constant communication from our customer advocates and support team. Tech support- rarely used but responsive and experienced, a definite strength.,A more aggressive end-user training and help scenario. Users who are unfamiliar with UCaaS and are wedded to the traditional role of the desktop phone can be slow picking up the idea of a UCaaS account and all the benefits and possibilities. More visible links and reminders on the phones, softphones, and apps, and easy access to short videos put right in front of users' eyes might help user adoption.,10,10,10,All 90 users are on Fuze voice, most of them with a desktop phone. Some users use the softphone, some use the app, and there is a lot of crossover in that most desktop phone users also use the app on their mobile device. We were able to start fresh with Fuze as we built and moved into a new facility, so all new infrastructure. That put everyone on the same platform at the same time.,Nextiva and RingCentral,Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Code42 (formerly CrashPlan), Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics GP,70,1,Stable, high-quality VOIP cloud-based PBX mobility conferencing,Mobile service teams keeping in touch using softphones and mobility,Continued expansion of conferencing and mobile app; Fuze constantly updating and adding features,9,Yes,Price Product Features Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor,The UC space has evolved significantly in the last couple of years. I am pleased with Fuze and we will be with them through December of 2020. In the third quarter of 2020 I will begin evaluating, but I expect continued evolution and competition like Microsoft Teams to continue to pressure companies like Fuze. Predicting how I might change my evaluation and selection process is premature at this time. If I was renewing right now I would definitely stick with Fuze.,Positive- better communication from our mobile users Positive- no problems Positive- stable, quality UC,Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was minimal,Firewall rules Making sure AT&T gave up the phone numbers on time,No,During our provisioning they were exceptional in helping troubleshoot firewall issues and helping us get our rules correct. Not really support, more configuration, but excellent expertise. Fuze support has done everything we have ever asked in an efficient and timely manner.,Desk phones are desk phones, dial tones and buttons so the basic functionality is familiar. Adding personalized aspects like speed dial and backgrounds is easy and intuitive Starting meetings is easy.,Yes,10Fuze offers simplicity. One less thing to worry about.Fuze is being used across the entirety of our company. Our 70+ employees utilize Fuze to communicate internally to colleagues as well as externally to our many clients. It has been integral in our company culture of simplicity. With the integration of phone, chat, screen sharing, and conference calls we no longer need many separate programs for users to learn and navigate. It can be used from a computer or traditional VOIP phone meeting the varied needs of our users. The program itself is simple to understand but still comes with a full set of features. The team at Fuze is constantly pushing updates with major improvements, keeping our team on the cutting edge with communication.,Interactive remote meetings are a breeze with Fuze. The ability to share and control remote screens works well. The phone app is very useful. You can join any meeting from your phone and even receive calls through your extension. Even on cellular data, screen sharing still works well. User administration is as simple as it can get. Fuze integrates well with Active Directory and the support team will help set up all the defaults. New users can be created with just a few clicks.,Our team loves to send gifs. Teams allowed us to integrate a giphy button. Fuze does not have the same functionality although they have mentioned it will be in a future update. If you don't have sound turned on getting a notification of a new message can be problematic. The icon on the taskbar blinks, letting you know there is a new message. Sometimes this doesn't function correctly. There is no way for a user to block or control a blocked list of phone numbers. Some users get many scam calls or annoying cold calls. This would be a helpful feature.,8,8,9,Adoption has gone as well as can be imagined. We always have users who complain about any change, but once they take the time to learn Fuze they come around quickly. People overall enjoy the combination of many different programs they used to run. Some also enjoy the extra desk space since they no longer need a physical phone.,Microsoft Teams, Slack and GoToMeeting,Microsoft Office 365, VMware vCenter Server, TeamViewerFuze -- Meeting, Chat, and Phone Solution For The Growing BusinessWe currently utilize Fuze across our entire organization. Other than email, it is a heavily-used source of collaboration between teams and employees for internal communication, external meetings, and our phone system. Previously, many of our tools were on different platforms, all from different vendors, and often lead to confusion and training issues, whereas with Fuze, everything is centralized into one package that allows us to focus on one product for our communication needs.,A single platform that covers instant messaging, screen-share meetings, and phone calls. A fast, intuitive interface which assists in quickly onboarding new employees to the platform. Client support for many devices-- physical phones, mobile phone apps, and desktop apps for multiple OSes.,The support portal system can be difficult to navigate. An idea System is implemented, but needs dramatic improvements. The administrative interface can feel disjointed (some features are available in this portal system, and other features in a different portal system).,9,7,10,Adoption of Fuze Voice within the company was quick and fairly painless. The primary issue that we encountered was re-training employees on how to use the meeting features of the Fuze platform, as they were used to other solutions, such as GoToMeeting. Once re-training was completed, this resolved the majority of adoption issues -- we have had nothing but great feedback from our personnel on the Fuze platform.,Jive Hosted VoIP, Microsoft Teams and GoToMeeting,Microsoft Office 365, KACE Endpoint Systems Management Appliance, CylancePROTECTGreat Product once all the kinks are worked outFuze is being used in all departments in our organization. Our sales department uses Fuze for their day to day calling, customer meetings and interactions. We also use Fuze in all of our meeting rooms. It addresses our voice\telecommunication needs.,Once setup and properly configured, audio quality with Fuze is great. Fuze eliminates the need to purchase hardware handsets as calls can be made via the Fuze application and wireless headset. Provisioning new users and removing users once they leave the organization is very quick.,Increase compatibility with various wireless headsets. Adding the ability to forward to a number via App settings vs Use the same password to login to Fuze app and Fuze portal Option to record calls via Fuze Application,7,6,7,It took us a while but once all the kinks were resolved, Fuze works well for our organization. All departments in our organization use Fuze to communicate daily and rely on Fuze as one of our main communication tools. Technical Support was a challenge when we first started but after some communication with our Customer Success Manager and interactions with escalations, support improved.,Mitel Applications Suite,Skype for Business, Microsoft Azure, TeamViewer,500,9,Sales Customer Support Helpdesk Executive comminication,Fax,Fuze Meetings Chat,7,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Positive Sales Experience with the VendorFuze makes cloud telephony as easy as taking it out of the box!Fuze is the cornerstone of our business operations. We utilize the Contact Center package for our BDC and Collection efforts. The tools make it easy for our staff to view current volume and ensure low wait times. Also we have created an interactive IVR that helps us record all closings for consistency and a clear compliant close.,Easy to Deploy services and configurable by non-IT individuals Reporting has always been very easy and provides valuable insight Telephony that just works and is completely stable.,Support always could use improvement. But this is the case at any organization. Investment in additional Contact Center tools Provide more self-help abilities,10,8,10,The adoption rate was immediate. The collaboration tools have helped provide a consistent experience across all departments.,Avaya and Mitel Applications Suite,SolarWinds Remote Monitoring & Management, Kofax Capture, Salesforce Lightning,500,3,Queuing of Calls Routing of Calls Visibility of Inbound call volume and wait times,Intelligent Routing of calls based upon web services and customer data Creation of a recorded virtual closing room,Mobile device management Data and process integration into the Sales process,10,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability,I would have asked for a Proof of Concept. Speed was the factor in our deployment, so understanding the full picture may have made user adoption of the add on services easier.,Positive ROI within 6 monthsFuze is a Fantastic Cloud Phone SolutionWe implemented Fuze to replace our aging (and expensive) in-house phone system. The voice and ACD components have been absolutely fantastic. We have since implemented for customers of ours as well with nothing but good reviews.,Voice Calls - soft phone has been able to replace my desk phone while still maintaining all the functionality that I had before and then some. Portability - I run this frequently from my iPhone when I need to contact folks and need their number or if I just need to join a meeting while I’m the road and then easily transition to my softphone once I’m at my computer. Portability 2 - I can run this from home when I’m working remote with no issues. Sound quality is very good!,We tried the Fuze conferencing but it was just too difficult for external users to easily get connected correctly. We ultimately moved to Zoom which is very simple for people to understand and use even if they have never used it before. I have no other complaints.,10,9,10,Our users, with the exception of the small group every organization has that dislikes change of any sort loves it.,RingCentral,Zoom, Skype for Business (formerly Lync),365,3,Call Center Soft Phones Smart Phone Apps,White labeling Call Center services,Conferencing if that part improves over what we tried when we implemented it Lync integration if they offer it for On-Prem implementations of Skype for Business,8,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability,I would make sure I understood exactly what types of Lync integration was offered..,It has saved us a lot of money Resources that used to support our old in-house phone system are now free to do other things,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled,Old Phones that would not work with Fuze Phones that needed to be flashed before we could get them to work with Fuze Conference Room Phones that had to be replaced with newer models,No,They have always provided exceptional support.,Making Calls Queue Management,Haven't found any,Yes,9Fuze is a well-rounded and excellent product to work withWe currently use Fuze company-wide as our VoIP phone system for all our unified/telecommunications needs. It currently fulfills the role of being the single source of all our telecommunication activities, which vary in scope and usage company-wide.,Customer service. Ease of use. Stability.,Fuze Connect for ServiceNow could be improved upon.,8,8,5,As a Service Desk Analyst, I, unfortunately, cannot provide pertinent and meaningful feedback to this question.,,ServiceNow, BeyondTrust Remote Support (formerly Bomgar Remote Support)Fuze as a UCAAS solution: Could be better and offer better customer serviceFuze UCAAS is used across our company within the back office and front office. And also within the Contact Centre.,Fuze for Mobile FCC Limited hardware Desktop,Billing not accurate and complicated Instability with the UCAAS platform Unknown and unexplained issues regularly occurring. For example, wireless phones going offline. Poor account management and customer engagement.,6,5,7,It's widely implemented but adoption is not easy. The issue is with the lack of stability and employees lack of confidence in the platform. Lots of employee training has been carried out.,,Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Illustrator CCFuze is a good, cheap solution. Not ideal for advanced analytics or large centersWe use Fuze as our contact center solution. They provide all phone services for our agents. We previously had all hard phones, but recently moved to soft phones (pc based),Cost Effective Simple to use Responsive customer Support,APIs are pretty bad A lot of the work has to be done on their end, which leads to delays. Would be great to be able to manage software independently No adherence or availability measures. On break, etc., doesn't work. The system can be buggy.,4,9,7,We adopted it for our support phone line and overall phone provider. It has done well, but other apps have passed it for different applications. For client calls we use Zoom, for internal communication we use Slack,NICE inContact CXone, Jive Hosted VoIP and Five9 Predictive Dialer,Vantage Point, Olark, Slack,Yes,They are always willing to create queues and rename things etc. I love their hustle here. It would be better though if I had the ability to make and manage my own queues.,User interface for end users is clear The actual function of answering the phone Call Transfers,Biggest complaint is finding users. You have to cycle through EVERY user in a list. There is no search function You can't make your own queues or re-name things. Fuze has to do this for you,Yes, but I don't use it,7Fuze is a really good tool and definitely worth looking at!Fuze was meant to be used by the whole organization but we had a good amount of people who had trouble adopting it due to being set in their previous habits. We used it for inter-office chat, voice calling prospects, and customers, it could be used for video calling prospects and customers but I never ended up using the video function. It also integrated with our CRM at the time, Hubspot. I also had the Fuze app on my phone, and could easily answer calls through my phone and could tell it was coming from Fuze which meant it was a work call. I also used the messenger portion on my phone. I felt like it was really easy to use and I liked the layout.,I really liked the phone app. I felt like it was easy to install and it was immediately obvious when someone from work was calling or messaging vs. someone personal. The integration with my CRM was simple and made calling right from the web very easy. I liked the chat function and creating groups.,Overall I felt like Fuze met my personal needs as an SDR. Occasionally I felt like I had issues with sound or calls not connecting well, although it is difficult for me to know if it was problems with Fuze or possibly my work computer or internet. Could have been more robust in terms of document sharing (similar to MS Teams.),6,8,1,Fuze voice was primarily used by the SDR team, and I believe it was used by support. It was supposed to be used by others in the organization as well, mostly sales, but it was not fully adopted. I believe the reason for this is it was a newer system when I joined the organization, and there were many folks who did not enjoy adopting the new ways of doing things, including using Fuze, our CRM, and other helpful software systems. I do not feel the difficulty with adoption had anything to do with the shortcomings of Fuze. As I mentioned earlier in this review, I thought Fuze was an overall easy to use tool both on my laptop and on my phone.,Skype for Business (formerly Lync) and HubSpot CRM,Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Microsoft Teams, MS SharePointComparing Fuze to other Unified Communication OptionsThe entire organization is using Fuze for Unified Communications for our local and remote workers throughout North America. Using Fuze allows for ease of availability, communication between teams, and allows for our customer service teams to accept calls into their queues.,Microsoft Integration Video Bridges Continual updates that resolves or expands capabilities,Better support More consistent user experience depending on connectivity Quicker response when screensharing,6,2,3,Solution was deployed throughout the organization. Having deployed over 2 years ago, many of our users may only use some of it's features (messaging).,Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Skype for Business (formerly Lync),Microsoft Office 365, Workspace ONE Powered by AirWatchFuze is a good small to medium size business phone solutionFuze is used by the whole organization. This solution addresses having a single platform that is simple to deploy, manager, and expand as the company grows. The solution has also been very helpful for creating call center routing for customers and ring groups so that customers are always getting a live person.,Simple easy deployment with only the need for internet access Portal access that allows for quick changes to call routing and scripts Expansion is as simple as adding additional phones and placing them in groups needed,Support for the phones is slow to get started and get a resolution Most support is done via email with little to no real time calls ATA's are not as stable and support is weak for them,9,5,10,We had over 20 different phones systems prior to Fuze and thus had many different types of phones. The users adapted to the new phones quickly with the training provided and where very happy with the improved quality and reliability of the phones.,8x8 Contact Center,SolarWinds Network Device Monitor, Cisco Nexus, Ubiquiti WLANUnleashing the desktopIt is being used primarily as a cloud PBX with collaborative tools as a bonus.,It works It is truly ATAWAD It continues to improve,User interface Bandwidth usage of collaborative tools The color,8,8,6,In Europe it works extremely well, plenty of investment in testing and training. The US experience was suboptimal with limited investment in end-user needs.,,Microsoft Office 2016, Jabber, Microsoft TeamsFuzzer...We are using mostly Fuze Desktop and a few Polycom for conference rooms. Fuze is used across the organization. Fuze address not having servers on site and the maintenance upkeep. Fuze Desktop allows the users to be moblie anywhere.,They welcome any suggestions. Support team will assist you till the end. Fuze Desktop pretty simple to use. They also send Fuze outage notifications. This help you be aware of what's going on in Fuze.,Following through on suggested ideas about making the product a better product. Call center features could use some improving. Particular allowing supervisor to add and remove there agents. Better analytics,7,8,6,Well as you probably know, most people don't like change. However, I would say it's been about 50/50 with the organization. As Fuze upgrades their product, more users will adapt. User are able to see present status of the each other. Also Fuze voice allows you to be mobile and can assure you will experience the same services.,,Oracle Access Management, Microsoft 365 Business, UltiProFuze as the telephony system at our organizationIt is used by the organization and deployed at all offices across multiple geographies. It is used as a replacement to the existing physical phone system and also used as Fuze for Salesforce as a call center.,Account Team Technical Support Platform,I feel Fuze for Salesforce is not matured enough. Upgrade process causes issues sometimes. Sometimes I get issues and voice functionality does not work. Mostly happens around upgrade, gets resolved once we perform cache update or restart the app.,10,9,9,It is widely adopted, some users still prefer internal messaging tools over Fuze as an individual preference.,NICE inContact CXone, Microsoft TeamsMultiple Remote Locations - Fuze Voice ReviewFuze Voice is being used across our organization for its meeting, soft-phone, and messaging capabilities.,Fuze is open to feedback that directly impacts and implements feature requests made by customers. Recent updates have increased functionality. Ample notice of upcoming updates reduces downtime and allows for user notifications.,Support and documentation can be difficult to access. Status page is helpful however finding configuration and how-to documentation for non-admins is difficult. Consistent soft phone and mobile device UI. Difficulties answering calls from soft phone - could cause calls to be missed.,7,4,3,Fuze Voice has been adopted throughout the company however done so as replacement to issuing of hardware. Many remote locations are using soft phones on company-issued hardware. Desktop and iOS versions of application have issues handing off between bluetooth connected devices.,Skype for Business,AirWatch, Microsoft Office 365,75,5,Remote Phone Call Routing Business Hours Messaging,Hosted Conferences Screen Sharing,Expand to additional users. Leverage conference calls capabilities across entire organization.,7,Not Sure,Price Product Features,Better consideration on what all was needed by the business as implementation has changed somewhat since it was deployed.,Eased remote management of calls. Allows for remote locations to have communication via soft phone. Messaging capabilities allow entire team to more easily communicate.,Yes,Recent UI/UX updates along with receiving notifications for updates has been a great improvement!,Recent UX improvements have made application easier to use and more consistent between desktop and mobile device versions. Website is easy to setup, change, and maintain for end users however a bit complicated for admins.,Specific user to send/receive faxes, wish it was integrated with user accounts. Admin roles can make it a bit cumbersome to setup user accounts.,Yes,4,Yes,Updated conference call windows and capabilities. Updated and improved UI/UX!,Additional features - specifically easier to control call handling between soft phone and mobile device. Integrate fax capabilities with user accounts.A great phone service with easy user setup.We use Fuze across the entire organization. Our business is based around using our phones and we need a strong and reliable provider to make sure our phones are always up and running. Fuze not only makes using their service easy to use but it also helps make the support and setup easier for me on the back end.,Availability to use your work number anytime anywhere. Our recruiters make themselves available as much as they can. Being able to answer calls from their worklines while not in the office and make calls from their work numbers is a big deal. Setting up new phones and numbers is very easy with their hub. I don't always have to go directly to their support team to setup new users. As long as I have the mac address of the phone and we have free numbers I can set a new user up in minutes. Their support team is great as well. If I do need to get help with an issue their support team is quick to respond and very knowledgeable about their systems. Their team is also able to fix most support cases within the same day.,Their admin portal that I use to login to can sometimes feel clunky. There is a lot of button pressing to get through the menus and you always have to click a refresh button when adjusting search parameters. This is different from the hub, which is more for user setup. The Fuze app is not always the most reliable. While being able to use it to call from your work number anywhere is nice. Calls sometimes have one-way audio and, on occasion, caused users calls to go directly to their voicemail. The user portal could use a refresh as well. Some of our users use an e-fax number for sending documents to clients. The feature is often missed because it is hidden inside a menu instead of being out in the open.,9,9,9,Fuze Voice was widely adopted as it is our main phone system. Most of their features are used company wide and we haven't had any issues getting new hires to use their systems. The only system that is a bit underused is the desktop app. While it is used for meetings, the chat feature isn't used much outside of my department. I think that has more to do with everyone being more comfortable using Google Hangouts as it is right there in the email account when they sign in, and not another app that needs to be opened.,,Adobe Illustrator CC, Microsoft 365 BusinessCloud based phone systemFuze replaced and is still in process of replacing our old hardware phone system across the entire organization.,Fuze is a modern solution for communication in and out of an organization. It acts well as a softphone system, from my perspective its best use in the U.S. Works as a conferencing tool, both for audio and video.,Functionality outside the U.S. still needs improvements, in audio quality and range of dialing options. First level support is poor. Complicated requests from tech support take too long and are very clumsy.,7,6,9,I can only report on my location, users are still getting used to working long hours with a headset. Some won't adopt it and are using a USB phone handle for Fuze. Age is a factor in adopting Fuze as a desk phone solution, as younger employees adopt it more swiftly.,,Webex Meetings, Skype for Business (formerly Lync), SlackFuze UCC helps me sleep at night.We use Fuze across our entire organization. We also use it in our Customer Service call center and our Crisis Response Call center. The instant messaging feature is probably the most widely used part of the platform although we use all modules from the company. The consistency of the customer service and dependability of the product addressed some pain points we had experienced with previous vendors.,Instant messaging using a single contact list across the organization. Easily configurable and manageable call center module with data reporting on the user level. Video conferencing is easy to use and integrates well with other applications such as Google Calendar and Outlook.,We would like a bit more control over the user account names. At this point, we have to put in a ticket to change a username. At times the size limitation for eFax has been a challenge, but we have found ways to work around that. I would like to see a bit more customization availability on their web portal.,10,9,8,Fuze voice has been widely adopted by our organization. We decided to take the opportunity to implement softphones and remove the need for traditional phones on desktops. The adoption of a virtual phone took time, but our users are now very comfortable with the virtual phones on their PCs. We were able to seamlessly deploy the application using Active Directly group policy which simplified administration for my staff.,Mitel MiCollab, Cisco Hosted Unified Communications Services and Windstream Cloud Connect,SysTools G Suite/Google Apps Backup, Hyper-VFuze ReviewAll desk phones and conference phones are Fuze phones within our company.,1st line of defense with any Fuze issue is handled well. It's easy to open a ticket and get someone on the line to speak to. Easy set up for first-time users. It is not complicated to get to your answer machine.,Level 2 issues troubleshooting can improve. Level 2 techs can be more available. The provision window could be open 24/7 for phone resets.,7,7,7,No issues with the Fuze voice. All phones function properly and I don't have to troubleshoot much. However sometimes when they roll out updates, my conference phones go down and have to be reset. Definite room for improvement there.,Verizon Communications OutsourcingFly High FuzeWe have been using Fuze for almost 3 years now across all of our Technicolor US region & EU regions. There are regularity issues in the APAC region especially in India & China where Fuze wasn't able to provide their solution for telephony until now.,Fuze is really coming up with a new unified collaboration features & upgrading it to benefit to clients. Such as softphone services for both desktop, web & for the phones. The Fuze project team is good enough to analyze the customer's requirement & come up with a very positive deployment approach. Delivery of hardware phones & timeline is up to mark from fuze. Fuze support seems to be very impressive nowadays.,Fuze could still improve on the support side. Need to engage with our Site IT teams to discuss the Fuze issues if the site is really facing. The Fuze support team needs to understand the concern about the issues. At least once in a quarter fuze need to conduct a survey on site level to improve the service quality if anything change is required from our local IT on the Fuze solution.,8,6,7,Most of our users are very comfortable using softphone services. This solution has been made much simpler & for users who travel frequently this softphone solution is making them connect & communicate easily. Challenge: No Fuze Solution so far for India & China, as well as other similar countries.,Webex Meetings, InterCall and BlueJeans,Webex Meetings, Avaya Communicator, SlackService needs improvement, good application thoughFuze is being used by the entire company. Fuze Desktop allows people from all departments to communicate internally and externally. I have been supporting users from other departments within the company for more than one year now.Although Fuze Desktop shows some errors once in a while it is indeed a regular application used in the company.,Fuze has many features that allow you to communicate Fuze allows you to create meetings You can use Fuze on your smartphone (spp),Fuze has poor call quality sometimes. It's not easy/intuitive to manage some features in Fuze portal. Fuze support takes long time to get back to you.,4,3,6,Many people in the organization adopted Fuze very well, but it's never possible to get 100% satisfaction. Many users preferred the old phones since Fuze was very inconsistent in the beginning, had poor quality and as mentioned previously, Fuze Support was not good and reliable help for our team.,Cisco WebEx Room Series (formerly Cisco Spark Room Series),ServiceNow, Absolute Endpoint Security, Microsoft Office 2016Fuze is good, not greatFuze is the primary (and only, currently) voice and contact center provider for our company. All our global users use it. We currently use this in conjunction with Zoom and InContact.,Voice payload, especially with the advances to the mobile and softphone clients. Basic contact center routing. We have call centers with low numbers of users who only need basic routing. This helps us avoid a more expensive solution that is overkill. TAM program: Amanda Juliano. We have a fantastic relationship with our TAM. She is extraordinarily responsive and gets great results for questions and issues we have.,Overall reporting. The advances in reporting have come a long way, but there are areas where data and data manipulation fall short. Limiting live data to 90 days and only allowing long term reporting to a BI tool is hampering the tools that can be used by standard managers. We would like the ability to run trending outside of a BI tool. We need to be more granular with individual call details. (ex. ID'ing fats pass calls versus standard queue calls). Removing tools before a full replacement is ready. Removing data older than 90 days in reporting pages. Going GA with new softphone clients before full functionality of the old tools is in place. Moving reporting to a new platform without copying old reports to the new platform and copying current, saved reports for users. These are a few examples where a new solution was introduced before securing the current capabilities in the new tool.,8,7,7,With our mass migration to Fuze, we had an environment of forced usages. We have had little issues with desk phones. But over time, the softphone and mobile apps have improved greatly. When we first moved to Fuze we had very limited adoption using the remote tools even though we have a large, remote workforce. As the tools have become more stable we have seen adoption grow in parallel.,,Zoom, NICE inContact CXone, Microsoft Office 365Just about ticks the box but could be so much better with more direct customer service/engagement.We have approximately 200 licenses used across our company for IM/Chat, Voice, Video & Collaboration meetings. Our Customer Service centre uses the call centre solution.,95% of the Time the Fuze solution works well Relatively simple to use User management relatively simple,Billing - duplicate bills. Billing descriptions/period not always transparent Customer Engagement - most of the time you are dealing with non-personal support/escalations/billing . Little or no ownership of issues or listening to the needs of the business. Lack of consultancy - i.e. how to get the most out of the solution Reliability of the Fuze system is not 100%, with sound quality distortions, interference, voice over. And when we experience issues, Fuze don't seem too interested with resolving, engaging or supporting.,6,6,7,Inconsistency across the company. Some have adopted it well. Others are struggling and when there are reliability issues, they are less inclined to use.,,Skype for Business (formerly Lync), Zoom, Cisco Webex Room Series (formerly Cisco Spark Room Series)Overall Impressions of FuzeFuze is being used across the entire company as our primary form of audio communications as well as our customer facing help desk system. We've replaced our traditional PRIs and gone completely VOIP. It replaces our old legacy and out of date platform and provides us a single uniform solution across all offices that can be managed anywhere.,The application for audio calls works great. It's been well designed and is updated frequently Audio quality has always been good both on mpls and regular internet The implementation team was great! On the ball and had solutions/answers to all of our issues during go live,The collaboration piece doesn't work well. Demo'd it but doesn't compare to WebEex in terms of functionality and stability. Support team is lacking. Slow responses, unanswered questions, needed prodding and escalation. Backend UIi is not user-friendly. The UI is dated and lacks cohesiveness. There are still references to and tools are scattered amongst different websites.,6,3,10,Adoption has been around 50%. Many users prior did not actually use the phone that often and this reflects a lot more now that it's cloud based and we have modern details and metrics around usage. Also the transition from a traditional physical phone compared to the current softphone users are just not used to it yet.,Skype for Business (formerly Lync) and Mitel Applications Suite,Microsoft Office 2016, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, WebEx Meetings
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123 Ratings
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About Fuze

Fuze is a global cloud communications and collaboration software platform for the enterprise. The platform is designed to enable seamless transition between calling, meeting, chatting, content sharing, and collaboration on any device. The vendor’s value proposition is that Fuze empowers the digital workforce anytime, anywhere, and across any device.

Headquartered in Boston, MA, Fuze has additional locations including New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Ottawa, London, Amsterdam, Aveiro (Portugal), Paris, Munich, Zurich, Copenhagen, and Sydney.

Fuze Features

Cloud PBX Features
Has featureHosted PBX
Has featureMulti-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Has featureUser templates
Has featureCall reports
Has featureDirectory of employee names
Call Management Features
Has featureAnswering rules
Has featureCall recording
Has featureCall park
Does not have featureCall screening
Has featureMessage alerts
VoIP system collaboration Features
Has featureVideo conferencing
Has featureAudio conferencing
Does not have featureVideo screen sharing
Does not have featureInstant messaging
Mobile apps Features
Has featureMobile app for iOS
Has featureMobile app for Android

Fuze Videos (2)

Fuze Downloadables

Fuze Integrations

Salesforce Service Cloud, Zendesk, Microsoft Office 365, ServiceNow, NetSuite, Zoho CRM, SugarCRM, Bullhorn CRM (unpublished), Skype for Business (formerly Lync), Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM)

Fuze Competitors

RingCentral, 8x8 X Series (Formerly Virtual Office), Mitel MiCollab, Dialpad, Slack, Avaya Intelligent Xperiences Contact Center, Microsoft Skype For Business, Cisco, MiCloud Connect (formerly ShoreTel)


Does not have featureFree Trial Available?No
Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
Entry-level set up fee?Required

Fuze Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)
Enterprises (> 500 employees)

Fuze Support Options

 Paid Version
Video Tutorials / Webinar

Fuze Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:Apple iOS, Android, Mobile Web
Supported Countries:Global - NA, EMEA, APAC
Supported Languages: Spanish, French, German