G Suite is so sweet!
November 29, 2018

G Suite is so sweet!

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Overall Satisfaction with G Suite

G Suite is used for any and everything in my organizations. It is the most efficient way that exists to create, edit, and store documents of all types within a company, allowing constant access to the most updated version to everyone who needs it. These documents can be easily added to emails through Gmail or shared with the public as well. And these are just the basics of how you can utilize G Suite, and leaves out other incredible features like Voice, Hangouts, etc.
  • It’s an incredibly efficient way to create and update documents, spreadsheets, forms, and more.
  • Staying organIzed across an organization is easy with G Suite, as it allows access to the most up to date version of any document, detailed sharing capabilities (public and private) and integrates with countless other platforms.
  • Gmail is by far the best email platform to work with due to its countless built in features and add-ons as well as its simple access to everything within your Google Drive.
  • Google Forms could be more robust and allow for more customization. While there are other companies that do forms better, the benefit of G Suite is having everything in one place and it would be great if the forms could be more complex.
  • Google Voice is limiting, and while it is a great feature to have, the ability to add only one masked phone number per cell phone is challenging for people who work for multiple companies like myself.
  • I wish Gmail had more customization options for managing my Inbox. Since I receive emails form various incoming mailboxes (info@, support@, name@, etc), it would be nice to have those go to custom tabs in place of the uncustomizable “Social” and “Promotions”.
  • G Suite is lacking in any project management features. While it does have Google Keep for list making, that is incredibly limited and doesn’t allow for due dates to be set for tasks.
  • G Suite has enabled our organization and efficiently to be taken up a notch, by ensuring everyone within the company has access to the most accurate information quickly.
  • It has made it easy to gather information from clients (Forms) as well as share public documents (privacy/sharing settings), which has saved the company money on other software.
  • We have also saved money on call forwarding software by using Google Voice.
  • Switching from Dropbox to Google Drive for storage saved us countless hours (and therefore labor costs) on asking for and waiting for verification something was the most up to date, finding documents, reviewing revisions, creating quick assigned tasks right within a document, etc.
The closest comparison to G Suite, specifically Drive, is Dropbox and Sharepoint. Sharepont is clunky and hard to use, and ended up costing us more time trying to use it then it saved us. While Dropbox was much better, it had a higher cost and less features than G Suite, and was still not as efficient.
G Suite is great for internal organization within a company of any kind. It has features to help keep basic documents organized and up to date but is not complex enough with features to take the place of a CRM, any marketing software, manage work flows or project management. It is, to put it simply, a great cloud storage tool with really helpful add ons, but is not intended to be used for much more than that.

Using G Suite

8 - Everyone in every role in my organization uses G Suite. From copywriters to marketing to operations and the cofounders. It’s crucial for everyone to be a part of it for the utmost efficiency.
We don’t have anyone to support G Suite because it doesn’t require it. It is user friendly and not complex even slightly. We’ve never had an issue that requires support of any kind in the years using it.
  • Cloud storage, document organization
  • Email
  • Gathering outside information in Forms
  • We’ve used other software that integrates with G Suite to quickly see real-time information in one place. From event attendee lists to mailing list subscribers we’ve synced outside software to various Google Sheets to make the info easy for everyone to view.
  • There are less obvious features in G Suite that we could likely use to make our processes even more robust and efficient. Features we don’t use much or at all are Jamboard, Slides, and Forms, all of which could be helpful to our teams.
There is no better solution for cloud storage and real time collaboration. The amount of features included in G Suite is unmatched and out of other things we’ve tried over the years, nothing comes close to being as great of a tool.

Using G Suite

Everything within G suite is incredibly user friendly. Nothing is complicated to setup or use regularly and all features are relatively intuitive.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Real time collaboration on documents or spreadsheets.
  • Creating and managing a form and it’s responses.
  • Managing and customizing email.
  • Sharing documents and spreadsheets internally or publicly.
  • Reviewing revisions to documents and spreadsheets can be a little confusing to understand at first.
  • Remembering to share or unshare particular documents or spreadsheets as they are created can take some practice.
Yes - Their mobile interface works very well. It’s lacking in that you have to download multiple apps to use each piece (ie. a separate app for Drive, Docs, Sheets, Keep, etc) but overall each of them work flawlessly.