Amazing experience with Pure Connect
Updated January 07, 2019

Amazing experience with Pure Connect

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Overall Satisfaction with Genesys Engage (formerly PureEngage)

We are a call center and we use for agents as well across of the organization.
  • Easy to manage specially in VMware environment
  • Provide a good solution for our employee size organization
  • I like the idea to move to the web
  • Reports, specially custom reports.
  • Upgrades sometimes are having issues and we find out after the upgrade. This situation implies to open a ticket with Partner/Genesys to get a solution and sometimes business needs sooner the fix.
  • I would like to see a different tier structure to manage Interaction Administrator. We have a three tier structure and is a challenge to give some permissions to lower tiers without putting at risk some settings.
  • web chat
  • sms
  • interaction connect
One of the features that we use a lot is Dialer. The biggest advantage is the configuration because is well designed and you can change so many settings. For instance we are able to push 50 calls per second when we need too and have room to take inbound calls.
Reports could be one of the weakest points of the system. This is because the "canned" reports work fine but customs are a challenge to create, so we have to relate to a different tool to accomplish it.

Genesys PureConnect (discontinued) Feature Ratings

Agent dashboard
Validate callers
Outbound response
Call forwarding
Warm transfer
Predictive dialing
Interactive voice response
Call scripts
Call tracking
Inbound call routing
Quality management
Call analytics
Historical reporting
Live reporting
Not Rated

Using Genesys Engage (formerly PureEngage)

800 - Our PureConnect system serves to Business users, Call Center Agent (customer service, collections) in a wide range of solutions. For instance, inbound call, IVR processing, outbound calls (Campaigns). Also, we have a small section of sales (about 10 people) that is looking into offering our business to a boarder audience.
50 - We have different teams that support Pure Connect. We have our level 1 support that deals with end user issues (login, installation, headset, etc), then we have another team that manage the actual infrastructure (windows updates, backup, recordings, pure connect update, etc). We have another group that deals with workforce management and another one that works on reports from database.
  • inbound call management
  • IVR payments
  • Campaigns tailored to promote our company and reaching out our customers.
  • implementation of payments in the IVR
  • integrate with in-house CRM system
  • allow stores to verify their status via IVR
We are so embedded on Pure Connect that we like to progress with it. For instance, we are looking into ways to provide different solutions to our customers, help our business to succeed, and work in a better CX.
One of the biggest advantages is that all is in one platform.

Evaluating Genesys Engage (formerly PureEngage) and Competitors

  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Third-party Reviews
The product as a whole provide several features that allow us to use it as we need it. For instance, 2 years ago, we were not even talking about SMS or chat, or 3 years ago, our dialer was not in place. As today, we are using our dialer 100% and thinking into introducing SMS for next year.
I think that all in one platform is a great advantage and you can escalate as needed. Also, Pure Connect being able to run in a windows OS environment, provide to us an excellent infrastructure for updates (windows as well as CIC) and allows to maintain in a more effective way because we don't need "extra" vendors like other systems.

Genesys Engage (formerly PureEngage) Implementation

At the time of implementation, I was not part of the company. What I heard was that people needed more time to learn the system and was not provided at the time. As today, we have several training for each specific team and will help to get a grasp really quick of the system.
  • I don't know because I was not in the company at the time.

Genesys Engage (formerly PureEngage) Training

  • Online training
  • In-person training
I liked the setup of the whole class. The instructor knew the topic well enough to answer questions from entry level to a more advanced one.
Instructor encouraged participation of the whole class and was able to engage every one. Also provided "real live" examples so everyone can relate to it.

Genesys Engage (formerly PureEngage) Support

We used to have direct support from Interactive Intelligence and was really slow and took a lot of time to update. Then we moved to a Partner model and improved a lot compared with previous experience. After a while we moved to another partner and is working better now. We are looking into a better experience with support on 2019
Kept well informed
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Quick Initial Response
Escalation required
We had an challenge situation with dialer calls and warm transfers. We provided interaction ID, logs, screenshots and after some calls, Genesys came back with a solution for our environment.
We had several more examples by the support via community, our partner, and direct contact with Genesys engineers. Our regional Sales Rep also helped with our issues

Using Genesys Engage (formerly PureEngage)

At first, you have to learn the interface, how each interaction works, and how routes within the system.
After some months managing IA I think a new engineer can feel confident for management and a couple of more months to learn Attendant. The biggest help is to have a lab and practice over there before changing.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Slow to learn
  • maintenance
  • reports
  • interface (IA)
  • custom reports
  • export of configuration items
  • help menu not too clear in some areas