GetFeedback - Hurry up and Get it. You'll love the Feedback (and your response rate)!
September 09, 2016

GetFeedback - Hurry up and Get it. You'll love the Feedback (and your response rate)!

Karol Clark | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with GetFeedback

We use GetFeedback internally and externally here are a few of the business problems we've been able to solve:
  • Recruiting uses 3 surveys to qualify new job applicants
  • Corporate Training uses it to find out what should be adjusted after each new hire training session
  • Human Resources uses it for employee stratification and employee of the quarter nominations
  • Leads are qualified through the use of what we call our "Solution Builder App"
  • Customers are sent surveys when an opportunity is lost to see what we could've done to secure the business
  • The interface is super easy to use. If you can put together a PowerPoint you can make a survey.
  • The integration with our Salesforce instance is critical. They have done a nice job making the process fairly simple.
  • The customer support I've gotten when I've had to use it was very helpful and friendly.
  • The only real challenge I've encountered is that they don't have a simple way to use a defined drop-down list that is in our CRM.
  • I wish I could get a custom icon for ratings vs. just stars, hearts, circles or numbers. That was not a deal breaker, but it would be kind of cool to have.
  • The process of creating a URL (distributing a Salesforce Aware Survey) to embed in an email template is a little complicated and takes some practice, especially for a novice admin that, at the time, didn't have much experience in adding modifiers and merge fields.
  • Our response rate for our lead qualifying survey has been hovering around 55%. That doesn't mean that they complete the entire thing, but at least we are getting some answers back. It also allows us to weed out any leads that are outside of our scope of work. The survey when answered in its entirety gets a lead 13 steps down our customer journey map.
  • The automation of sending out the recruiting survey has allowed our recruiting manager to focus on qualified applicants and has completely eliminated the duplicate data entry of key information that the hiring managers required for determining if a candidate should be scheduled for a phone interview. Over the past year of using this survey we received 145 survey back. That is 145 manual emails that no longer had to be sent out by staff. You do the math on that time savings.
  • The new hire training feedback has allowed internal trainers to understand how to better tailor each session to on-board future employees in a more effective manner. With over 33 different training modules you can imagine how intensive our on-boarding process can be and if we can understand what works and what doesn't this only adds to the effectiveness of each trainer.
At the time of our evaluation we found that the integration with our CRM just wasn't there. The pricing and the ability to customize the templates made the choice to select GetFeedback easy.
I really haven't found an instance where GetFeedback wasn't well suited. In fact it is one of my favorite SaaS subscriptions we have right after Salesforce. I've even presented the solution at our local Women In Tech networking events. Being a self proclaimed early adopter of new software it was very easy to navigate and get up and running. I was able to teach the software to others inside our company that are technology adverse and they picked it up very quickly.

The surveys are very graphically appealing and the way they are responsive to any devise is critical in this ever increasing mobile world of ours. Being able to brand each survey with our colors and logos was an important factor to us. Being a very small company (under 20 employees) these surveys make us look professional and a lot larger than we are.

GetFeedback Feature Ratings

Survey templates
Custom logo/branding
Changes to live survey
Question design help
Multiple question types
Survey logic flexibility
Response tracking
Not Rated
Data export
Standard reports
Vendor-offered crowdsourcing
Not Rated
Respondent restrictions
Access controls
Not Rated
Not Rated

Using GetFeedback

3 - Marketing
Human Resources
Sales Managers
Executive Team
1 - If you can build a PowerPoint and do some simple internet searching, you can use GefFeedback. Making a survey "Salesforce Aware" can be a little tricky for a new admin, but it can be learned. Use the help feature they are very quick to respond.
  • Recruiting - qualifying applicants
  • Lead qualification - giving each Account Executive a little bit more insight on which leads to follow up on and eliminating the leads that do not fall within our core markets
  • Customer satisfaction - this is one of our most recent survey's that we launched (just this week). Our executive team is trying to understand the reasons behind any lost opportunities. I think this one will be the most valuable for us going into 2017.
  • By building in a few project questions on our lead qualification survey we have been able to take some math off the shoulders of our account executives. Our opportunities are project based and each project requires an area calculation to be done before the right solution can be prepared for a customer. Having the customer provide the project dimensions in the unit of measure they choose allows us to push the information through to our CRM and basically start the CPQ process for them.
  • Oh, I am sure there are plenty of other ways we will use it in the future. We just haven't discovered them yet.
We have just renewed our annual license. I don't think we could move the company backwards at this point.

GetFeedback Support

The few times, and I mean few, I have had to reach out to the support staff they were very helpful. I was also lucky enough to meet the developer at a users' conference. His willingness to hear what I had to say was impressive. After understanding his background coming from the CRM world I knew that he knew what we as users needed in the way of integration.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
It has been so long since I have had to contact support that I can't recall a specific instance. I do remember getting very timely support and I never had to repeat my issue to a support rep even if a different one called or emailed me back. The solutions they provided even though weren't exactly the answers I wanted did give me hope that the product was evolving and additional features and functionality are always being considered.