Using Groove as an AE
October 10, 2020

Using Groove as an AE

Stuart McMurran | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Groove

Groove is used within the sales department at Feedzai. I believe some of the marketing folk have access to the tool as well. Groove was implemented to help sales executives reach out to more prospects within their territory. The tool has been useful because developing new Groove Flows is easy and provides for semi-automatic and automatics task completion while I focus on other areas.
  • The platform itself is intuitive to use. I personally enjoy creating Flows. I find that it's easy to know what step I'm in for each prospect and account. I typically use the same "flow" steps to save on time but customize my content. I copy the flow and then edit it appropriately for the account I'm going after. But overall, I do not re-create the wheel.
  • Adding prospects into Groove is not hard. I first utilize ZoomInfo and add the prospects into the account I've created in Salesforce. From there, I go into Groove and then Add Members. It's very easy to do. I find that I can build many accounts in a day.
  • Analytics that show your open rate, the conversion rate on the phone, etc. are helpful and encouraging. This page of Groove helps shed light on which communication channel is most effective. It may also help provide insight into how your most successful reps are messaging. Allowing for management to pinpoint top performers to either: 1) reward and/or 2) have these reps share their insights with other team members.
  • I can't add people to Groove then push to Salesforce. Prospects must be in Salesforce then added into Groove. Pushing prospects from Groove to Salesforce could help save on time. But it's a minor inconvenience for the value I get out of the platform.
  • A small issue I've noticed is that I have gotten in touch with prospects, marked it as such in Groove, but then the prospect has moved ahead in the Groove Flow when I don't want that prospect to continue anymore.
  • I think the addition of a visual timeline of activity with an account or prospect would be helpful. For example, clicking on an account and within a "summary" view of the account, a timeline exists of the date when you created the account, added people, had contact with a prospect, etc. having an overall timeline like this could easily show activity, length of the sales cycle.
  • One problem I am solving with Groove has been eliminating the need to duplicate activity. I am able to update my notes on prospects while simultaneously having that data sync to Salesforce so I don't have to do it again.
  • Benefits I have realized include a fast ability to qualify or disqualify accounts/prospects. I enjoy being on the phone so Groove helps put me into a rhythm to get in touch with the right prospects that I've loaded into a Flow.
  • Marketing can use the platform to send out content to the prospects we nurture. They can do this by pretending to be me instead of sending information from a general marketing email alias.
Our marketing and sales organization wanted to improve outbound activity. As someone who has used both ClearSlide and Outreach, Groove most resembles the Outreach platform. Feedzai is a growing organization and I believe we chose Groove because it had the right amount of features we cared about at the appropriate cost. I was not part of the decision making team to purchase the system.

Outreach, I think, probably has more features. I believe they have a system in place that can help with the negotiation piece of the sales process. ClearSlide for example is more of a presentation platform that is good for when you catch a prospect live and they give you time to present your offering right there.
I rank it an 8 because I've had no issues and believe they are a competent team to help where we may have problems. Overall they have been communicative to us.
I use it to the extent of what I need to get out of it. Therefore, I can reasonably give it an 8/10 because it works well but may have a few glitches here and there.

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Consider the market you are going after. I think using Groove is a very helpful SDR/outbound tool that can enhance a team's ability to get in touch with their target prospects. Be careful to not overdue automatic emails with templates. This can make your organization look unfocused. Groove is a great outbound sales platform for keeping your top prospects in a cadence. I'm not sure it's a tool I would use If I were only going after a small handful of large accounts.