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Sales Engagement Platforms (SEPs)

Best Sales Engagement Platforms (SEPs)

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Sales Engagement Platforms Overview

What are Sales Engagement Platforms (SEPs)?

Sales engagement platforms (SEPs) have emerged as the next evolution of email tracking tools combined with elements of sales acceleration and sales enablement technology. Products in this category are primarily oriented towards salespeople, but also bring together sales and marketing efforts in a similar fashion to account-based marketing (ABM) software to produce high quality targeted sales outreach.

While still an emerging category, SEPs are increasing in popularity among sales development teams. Prominent vendors in the CRM and email tracking/marketing tools space, such as Salesforce, have also started to announce new purpose-built SEP products to add to their portfolios.

The primary goal of SEPs is to help sales reps deliver high-quality customer interactions across communication channels and convert prospective leads into customers. Many of these products include features to increase sales velocity and optimize productivity, but also focus on optimizing content and quality of customer interactions.

Sales Engagement Platform Functionality

Individual products in this category may offer a diverse range of functions and capabilities. However, the key feature unifying these products is a single, cohesive interface for planning, executing, tracking, and analyzing customer interactions across all potential touchpoints and channels - including email, phone calls, social media (LinkedIn in particular), SMS/text, video, and live chat.

The primary sales communication channel has and continues to be email. Many vendors have created their SEPs around this medium. Accordingly, many SEP products have a set of email tracking features at their core, with additional features like CRM software integration, multi-channel support, the ability to test messaging, and customer engagement analytics.

Another key function of sales engagement software is the ability to design and schedule sales activity sequences across multiple touchpoints and channels. This allows sales reps to craft personalized content for leads. At the same time it automates part of their workflow, which streamlines the sales cycle. More data on lead and account engagement and a faster sales cycle are two of the main ways SEP users can think about ROI.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration

One way to conceptualize the role of an SEP within a sales technology stack is to picture it sitting right on top of customer relationship management (CRM) software. The sales engagement platform can function as a conductor, allowing sales reps to coordinate and share all of the customer interaction data gathered from various communication channels, with the CRM behaving as a data repository below.

Many SEP products have the ability to integrate with CRM software. Some products are built directly within the CRM infrastructure. Others may turn the salesperson’s email inbox into a sales engagement hub.

For salespeople, a key benefit of using a sales engagement platform is that it minimizes the amount of time spent toggling back and forth between different applications, manually entering data, and searching for lead-specific information across multiple interfaces. An SEP’s unified interface and centralized data organization capabilities are driving factors for adoption and ROI.

SEPs Features & Capabilities

Although this product space is still developing, the majority of vendors offer products that include a basic set of features centered around email tracking and monitoring. Many products also include other communication channels such as phone, LinkedIn, and SMS/text.

  • Compatibility with email platforms: The sales email tracking software works with the sales rep’s email account (e.g. Gmail or Outlook).

  • CRM integration: Automatic logging of customer interaction data across communication channels in CRM software (e.g. Salesforce), and access to CRM data from within the SEP interface.

  • Email tracking metrics: Provides accurate tracking for opens, reads, click-throughs, etc.

  • Sales email engagement tracking: Users can track sales content engagement at a more granular level, such as how long readers spent looking at attachments or particular slides in presentations.

  • Email and content templates: Sales reps can set up and customize reusable email templates.

  • Sales cadence: Design and sequence outreach campaigns around desired intervals or outcomes across communication channels (e.g. email, phone, SMS/text)

  • Cadence progression automation: Automate progression of leads through cadences based on response rules (e.g. stop cadence if lead responds).

  • Sales campaign management: Sort templates, plans, leads, or cadences into campaigns.

  • Sales email reports: Includes individual and/or team reports on sales email metrics.

  • Sales email and content recommendations: The tool makes recommendations about the next best actions to take and content suggestions based on email/call engagement activity and other sales intelligence.

  • Sales email scheduling: Reps can schedule emails to be sent later.

  • Sales email automation: Allows reps to set up automatic follow-up messages.

  • Follow-up reminders: Sales reps can resend emails to themselves (appear at top of inbox) or schedule reminders to follow up on certain emails.

  • Click-to-call: Sales reps can call a prospect or customer from within their email or sales engagement platform.

  • Sales intelligence: Information about previous or current prospective customers, sometimes from third party data sources, for sales reps to create prospect profiles.

Advanced Features

Some vendors offer more advanced features that focus on intelligent customer engagement analytics to optimize content and quality of customer interactions.

  • Conversation/meeting intelligence: Ability to analyze sales conversations, identify what the most successful sales reps are doing, and use those practices to coach other (or new) sales reps.

  • Customer engagement analytics: Ability to analyze customer interaction metrics and see which types of interactions or channels have the most positive impact on customer experience. This is a more robust, comprehensive view than just email tracking metrics.

  • A/B message testing: Ability to analyze the content of sales campaigns across channels (especially phone and email) in order to optimize messaging and convert more prospects into customers. Examples of testing metrics are message script and length, call length, time of day, and style of message (formal or more personal).

Pricing Information

Many SEP products are priced on a monthly subscription model, per sales rep. Basic products that may only include traditional email tracking tools can cost as little as $10 per user per month. The more advanced products which offer CRM integration, multi-channel conversation management, and intelligent analytics capabilities are more expensive and can cost upwards of $100 per user per month.

Many vendors do not include pricing information on their website but will provide a quote upon request. Some products also have a free trial period usually lasting about a month.

Sales Engagement Products

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Outreach is a customer engagement platform that promises to help optimize every interaction throughout the customer lifecycle. The platform manages all customer interactions across email, voice and social, and leverages machine learning to guide reps to take the right actions. Outreach has thousa... Predictive Playbooks

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141 Ratings Predictive Playbooks aims to help SDRs and AEs quickly build closeable pipeline, by helping salespeople get a hold of more of the right people. uses their A.I.-platform called Neuralytics to target likely buyers combined with their cadence engine to help sales reps...


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SalesLoft provides sales people with data sourced from the web to help prioritize leads and inform sales people so that they can have more productive sales conversations. SalesLoft competes directly with InsideView and LeadLander.

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35 Ratings

Groove is a software platform designed to facilitate sales team productivity, with email and calendar integration, campaign automation, analytics, a dialer, and account-based selling tools.

16 Ratings

Mixmax offers a sales engagement product that includes a host of sales email tracking tools, gmail inbox integration, CRM integration with Salesforce, integrations with multiple communication channels such as SMS and twitter, automated sales sequencing, and the ability to personalize messages at ...

12 Ratings

Reply is a multichannel sales engagement platform which automates personal email outreach, calls, and tasks, while Sales can focus on what really matters - closing deals. Whether it's inbound, outbound, recruiting, account management, business development, new user trials or existing customers ...

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Salesforce High Velocity Sales is a cloud-based sales engagement platform that uses artificial intelligence capabilities to increase sales productivity. Key features include the click-to-call 'lightning dialer', ability to create sales cadences, sales workflow automation with ‘Einstein lead scori...

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The SalesboxAI Revenue Engine aims to help users close deals faster using Conversational AI. SalesboxAI Avatars engage with specific Buying Group members to uncover Demand Units through two way conversations across multiple channels at scale. Omni-Channel Sales Avatar - The user's personal AI-d...

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Configuration Engine on top of Salesforce (CPQ)e-Con CPQ helps businesses sell custom products and services easily and accurately. No matter how many options or variations, our powerful guided selling tools, API integrations, calculator and rules engine produce flawless, visually stunning proposa...

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RevenueGrid is a Sales Engagement platform that is designed to maximize return on every customer engagement through account specific revenue signals and automated outreach. Revenue IntelligenceReceive alerts that prompt everyone to engage with prospects at the right time, the right way. Then, u...