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Matthew Bernstein profile photo
October 30, 2019

We Love Using Groove!

Score 10 out of 10
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Groove is a fantastic resource for my organization. The ability to track and measure engagement with emails has completely changed how my team is selling. The best thing about Groove is the analytics it provides in terms of how many times, along with where, an email was opened. This insight is so valuable!
  • Email tracking.
  • Open verification.
  • Location of email opener.
  • If multiple users open, there is no way to distinguish between openers.
  • More options to schedule emails.
Groove is best suited to be used by a salesperson who is sending out multiple first outreach emails in a given day. It is a tool that can be used by this person to track engagement with the individual emails, as well as offers insight into when the email was opened, allowing the seller to reach out at the right time.
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October 30, 2019

Get in the Groove!

Score 8 out of 10
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I work as a regional seller for a national media vendor. Our entire sales department (including support staff and management) utilizes Groove. It helps manage email flow (which is the primary form of communication for our sellers) as well as providing insight into email viewing and reading statistics/views for a prospect, client and internal emails.
  • Email flow and cadence. Ability to write initial and follow up emails as part of a new business sales cadence.
  • Insight into whether or not emails are read and the # of times they are read.
  • Schedule automated follow up emails and emails to go out at specific dates and times.
  • When an email is forwarded, there is no insight as to which user is viewing the email.
  • Lack of a confirmation notification when an email is scheduled to be sent at a later date.
  • A pixel must be downloaded when an email is read, but some clients/users do not download the pixel and therefore there is no visibility into who views the email.
Groove does a few things that are essential to the sales process very well including (but not limited to):

  • It provides valuable insight into whether or not emails are being viewed by prospective leads and clients.
  • Tracks open and reply statistics for email templates which can be used for A/B testing specific types of emails.
  • Schedules emails to go out at specific times and automate follow-ups.
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Adam Packard profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
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Groove was first purchased to address one problem, then additional services were purchased to address other problems. It was used (is probably still being used) by our Client Success and Professional Services departments. Initially, we utilized Salesforce Inbox to capture inbound emails from our clients. Once we learned that Groove also captured outbound emails, we made the switch quickly. Once set up, we were able to capture all email conversations with our clients and record them automatically within Salesforce. Later we were having trouble with some of our reps getting in enough dials to their clients, so we added their dialer functionality.
  • Groove helps make sure that you're importing ALL of your communications with your clients into Salesforce.
  • Groove makes it easy to mass email customized emails to all of your clients (that don't feel like mass emails)
  • Groove is easy to implement. Short training and you're good to start using it!
  • Groove has so many offerings, they don't seem to connect in any way on their site. No way of knowing that the other offerings are something you might need if you're not involved in the sales process.
  • If you ever have an issue, their chat support is less than timely. Usually takes a while to receive any kind of support, though when they respond, they do all they can to take care of you.
  • When using Flows, if you want to have the same person in more than one Flow, there's no easy way to tell Groove to just ignore them. You have to individually sort through pages of contacts and ignore certain warnings (but not all of them).
  • When using Flows, they don't have a solid "de-dupe" process. They just show a warning flag on the contact that there's more than one, then uncheck ALL of those users from your flow. One would assume the system would just run a de-dupe as soon as you hit send, and then it would send it to one of those contacts and remove the rest, but no.
  • The way Groove displays opened emails, even with the Chrome extension, just isn't intuitive. The information is there, just not in a format that's easily accessible or digestible.
I can't think of any scenario where Groove is not suited to help small to medium businesses.

Groove worked well for me because I had 300+ customers to personally track, with 1000+ contacts. I was confident that my emails, inbound and outbound, would always appear in Salesforce for all to see (no having to track down the previous rep to see if they could explain the half-conversation I would previously see with Salesforce Inbox). Also, when I used the Flow process to mass email my clients, I would get a solid report after the fact that allowed me to mark contacts whose email addresses bounced or were on a do not contact list.
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Mikolka Morrill profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
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Groove is used primarily by our sales organization. It serves as our main way to reach out to prospects as well as set up flows that are independent from our mMarketing team. We have tried using it as a way to keep cadence with prospects as well, but due to the difficulty with the "call" task, we only use it for email cadence.
  • Email cadence
  • Templates for emails
  • Integration with Gmail
  • The "call" task is not great, hard to use
  • More customization on "automatic actions" when people are imported/finish Groove Flows
It's extremely useful for keeping cadence with prospects through the use of "flows". We ended up using Salesforce tasks for reminders for calls because you have to force it to ignore the call if you don't use their callbar. It also isn't great on reminders of when to reach back out to people when outside of flows -- Gmails "snooze" works better in my opinion.
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Score 10 out of 10
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Groove is currently being used by various departments, but primarily by the sales team. We use the core functionality to connect Salesforce and Gmail extensively and are just starting to use Flows more extensively. Groove has done a great job helping us record emails and events in Google with Salesforce. This is really helping us understand tasks and touch points with our clients. It also vastly improved our demo booking process by allowing us to create Google calendar events and automatically having those sync up with Salesforce as events.
  • Calendar scheduling link. Helps our teams book meetings, demos, and events.
  • Email and task sync between Salesforce and Google.
  • Displaying Salesforce data directly in Gmail. Very helpful to see that data when reviewing emails.
  • Dialer could be improved.
  • Would love to see some of the functionality extend to Mobile gmail and Salesforce eventually.
Groove is well suited for syncing info between Salesforce and Google. Also if you have trouble getting your team to record info in Salesforce, this tool can be incredibly valuable as it makes it simple to fill out Salesforce data directly from Gmail or Calendar. The scheduling link and flexibility of having various meeting types is also very helpful for productivity.
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William Reese profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Groove is used by the members of two customer-facing departments to integrate email (Google) to Salesforce. Logging these emails to Salesforce contact records is helpful to the organization overall to see what has been discussed with whom at least in that communication medium. We also use the tracking feature to see if and when the recipient opened any given email.
  • Matching inbox Contacts to Salesforce contacts
  • Email Logging
  • Email Tracking
  • Adding new Contacts on the fly from within Gmail interface
  • There are too many Groove buttons/links in the Gmail interface and on the Chrome browser. Users can and do get confused what button pertains to which function set.
  • It would be nice if Groove also worked in Firefox browser.
  • Calendar sync can be unreliable at times. A couple of users prefer to use their Salesforce calendars first and foremost and sync to Gmail calendar. If they delete an invite to an All Staff meeting from Salesforce, Groove notifies everyone that the meeting was canceled on the Gmail side.
  • How about adding a mobile app that can integrate to the Gmail mobile app?
Well suited for the desktop browser environment and only the Chrome browser. Also well suited for logging and tracking of emails, selectively or for all email sends/recipients. Generally good for contact matching, though if one uses the Salesforce NPSP objects, Groove might not match someone easily for whom we have multiple email addresses.

Not well suited for users that rely on mobile interface first (or foremost) and users that accidentally use Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.
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Lucy Boone profile photo
August 29, 2018

Good Little Product

Score 9 out of 10
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Groove is being used by our sales team (SDRs, AEs, and our Sales Opps Manager) to track email activity back to Salesforce, sync Salesforce & Google calendar, and allow more proactive email engagement, by tracking email opens so reps can follow up real-time.
  • Templates - easy to use, team really loves them.
  • Open tracking is helpful for engagement.
  • Logs email quickly & accurately to Salesforce.
  • Doesn't sync tasks from Salesforce, only events.
  • When creating an event in Salesforce, invites the contact/lead, even if you don't want to.(For our demos, we attach the event to the Salesforce object, but only invite the AE, not the prospect.)
  • Activity & notifications are seen by clicking into the Chrome extension, which is a small icon in the toolbar. I wish it were more prominent.
Really stable, easy to use functionality if you're wanting to make sure all email touches are appropriately logged in Salesforce. It's a pretty straightforward use case.
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Gretchen Barton profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Groove is awesome! It's used at my company to track our sales efforts, to support mass mailing campaigns and to consolidate our workflow. It's used exclusively by the sales department, though I could easily see its use expanding across the larger organization. The business problems it addresses are the ability to track what we're doing, to help people remember who they contacted, to see if our prospects opened their emails and when and how frequently they opened them, and to help us manage our reach out efforts based on interest and engagement rates.
  • Mass Mailings - Unbelievable. When you're reaching out to everyone and their mother, Groove helps you keep track of your work in the most intuitive way ever!
  • Reporting - Not only will you be able to track who you reached out to and when, you'll be able to see who is most interested/engaged with your communications and will be prompted to reach out to those folks first!
  • Integration - You're able to consolidate your workflow, working directly out of Groove, because of its sync with Salesforce and with your email. You can easily import and tweak contact information, push your notes right into Salesforce from the platform and engage with your sales information quickly and easily.
  • FWIW, Groove is INCREDIBLY responsive to client requests and has done a lot of tweaks in the past based on client suggestions, so with that in mind, the only thing that I recall wanting and not having when I last used Groove was being able to import LinkedIn contacts (without their email or phone) and tracking reach outs to them over LinkedInmail. That was pretty much it.
Groove is incredibly well-suited to sales and marketing that's tracked in a CRM. When you have folks who are reaching out to a large variety of people and seeding the market, there's nothing else like it that's so responsive and intuitive and easy to manage. In terms of scenarios where it's less appropriate, I imagine situations in which there was no value in knowing when people opened your email and/or you didn't need to keep track of when you last reached out to folks en masse, you wouldn't need Groove.
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Briana Werner profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
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We utilize Groove to log incoming emails in our Google accounts into Salesforce. We can also use templates from Salesforce in Google due to the use of Groove. I think most of the sales and customer service teams use Groove. It has become a tool that my colleagues and myself use every day.
  • It makes the transition from Salesforce to Gmail smooth
  • Using Groove in Gmail is easy, the buttons and links are easy to locate and utilize.
  • Groove makes it easy to ensure you are attaching the email to the correct contact and account.
  • I am not able to use the templates. My company has templates in Salesforce, which we should be able to use in Groove, but I am not able to get it to work properly.
  • I am only able to use Groove while using Google Chrome as my browser. Unable to locate or use in Firefox, which I sometimes like to use with Salesforce.
Groove really makes the workflow easier for my day to day tasks. I can easily log customers' emails without going through the torturing process of copying and pasting to Salesforce. With Groove, one click of a button and the email is logged. It really makes my job quicker and more efficient. I do not really have anything bad to say about Groove. I would advise anyone who has to log emails from Gmail to another system to use Groove.
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Hannah Smith profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
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We use Groove in conjunction with Salesforce and Gmail. Groove logs email communications with accounts seamlessly. This results in more efficient documentation across the team. Additionally, we are able to see engagement with email communications.
  • Tracking email opens & clicks. This helps me to know who has the potential to respond to email and who I should probably stick to phone calls.
  • Scheduling emails to be sent. This helps me to send e-mails at times that they are more likely to be read by the recipient. Its particularly helpful when sending emails across different time zones!
  • OmniBar. Groove has a side bar that opens in Gmail so you are able to see account information as you open or format an email. You can see open rate, click rate, and any high level notes that my have been previously been entered by you or a teammate about that account.
  • Open and Click rates. These can be deceiving because often times an email is forwarded and opened by people other than the recipient. These opens count toward the open/click rates for the original recipient.
  • Logging. To my knowledge, emails are only logged to Salesforce when you have both programs open. Therefore, emails sent from my phone or sent while not logged into Salesforce, do not get automatically logged.
  • Hyperlinks. Sometimes hyperlinks within an email can get completely reconfigured to go through Groove initially. This has occurred when copy/paste is used from email to email. The newly titled links seem to work the same but it could cause suspicion or confusion for the recipient.
I personally love Groove for follow ups done after a large tradeshow. It helps me see the truly interested leads' engagement and focus my ongoing follow up.
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Andrew Reese profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Our sales team gets quite a few inbound leads, so we use this as a quick and streamlined way to connect with the new leads and manage follow ups. It's a really easy way to quickly put different leads in the appropriate "flow" (it's basically a mini email campaign) in order to connect with them.
  • Mass emailing
  • Great Gmail and Salesforce integrations
  • Quick and easy to add users to flows on the fly
  • It would be helpful to have an easier way to execute all of the flows at once instead of going through each one individually
  • Has some great features within the SFDC integration, but it could use some additional sorting options
Groove is great for sales teams and marketing teams at startups, but it might be harder to manage with large companies/teams. It's great for setting up several different flows for different types of scenarios and doing the initial outreach, which is all I've used it for, so I can't really speak to what it can't do.
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Greg Larsen profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
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Review Source
We use Groove across multiple departments at Lingotek. Our sales team uses Groove to create efficiencies in the email prospecting process. They are able to create flows that allow us to create consistency in our prospecting efforts. These flows also allow us to decrease the time to onboard and ramp a new sales rep. They give us analytics on which strategies and email templates are having the most success so that we can make changes and increase our chances of success in the future.

In our customer service department we use Groove to make sure that all customer interactions are automatically logged to Salesforce.
  • Easy-to-use interface and user controls
  • Complete customization of the app to integrate with Salesforce exactly how we want it
  • The data analytics and reporting functionality are superb in identifying the best email templates and cadences.
  • The pricing is more on-par with the value. Not over-priced like some of their competitors.
  • Small team, but very nimble and willing to listen to customers. They respond quickly to any customer service request.
  • User management on the admin side is a little confusing at times.
  • Sharing templates amongst reps and teams has been a little finicky in the past, but seems to be fixed for us now.
Groove is a perfect prospecting tool for a growing SaaS company that is looking to add some automation and efficiency to their prospecting process. They are priced in a good range for you to not have to ramp your license count and you can get going very quickly with them. If you are looking for a tool that is going to adapt to your process and strategy rather than you having to adapt to its process and capability, then Groove is the right tool for you.
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Mustafa Hubaishi profile photo
May 25, 2018

Groove - thanks!

Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
Groove is being used by my department. It's a good way to send a personalized email to a potential customer with a cadence. It allows you to share templates across the team and look at analytics to see which cadences worked best with the most open rates for example. It also helps set reminders for each prospect or client with the GMAIL add-on. Further, it integrates with LinkedIn as an Add-on called Groove Prospector and that integrates with SFDC to help you find contact information such as email addresses. I would recommend Groove as it boosts productivity and helps the team stay organized. Finally, it ensures you don't miss an email or call with the reminder feature.
  • Reminders
  • Email cadences
  • Add-on with LinkedIn for a deeper dive and missing information
  • Shared and saved templates
  • Analytics
  • Gmail add-on
  • LinkedIn Prospector is being removed in July
  • If you have a lot of leads or inbound leads to address and need a system that can cater to unique messages that can be replicated and customized on the fly.
  • If you're managing a large pipeline and need a system to help organize your process and stay on top of work.
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James Gullick profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Groove has helped our team tremendously. My favorite piece is the Gmail plugin - we are able to bring in email templates, add in user info to SalesForce and place individuals into drips with ease. Groove has become an integral part of our day-to-day and we couldn't be as effective without it!
  • Saves time in writing emails
  • Provides great tracking for email campaigns and drips
  • Sometimes the info grabbed in the SalesForce (Gmail plugin) sync is incorrect.
Groove is great for sales teams looking to streamline emailing and prospecting processes.
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Daniel Cameron profile photo
August 31, 2018

Groove is the best!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
At Intersection, our sales team uses Groove to help with the day to day processes of business development and account management. I personally use Groove to manage my mail merge lists with special sales opportunities, proposal tracking and follow up reminders. The app adds features to Gmail that will help with scheduling and your CRM processes. The integration to Salesforce is great because I can submit meeting summaries, leads and contacts directly from my email chain which eliminates time and the need to switch applications. As a salesperson working many different clients the reminders and tracking are key because this provides insights into the next steps and client reception to your messages.
  • Salesforce integration
  • Gmail integration
  • Reminders
  • Link, email tracking
  • I truly do not have anything bad to say about Groove. They sent a rep out to meet with our sales reps to maximize the product specifically for us.
Groove is a must for salespeople who are reaching out to many prospects and clients on a daily basis. The reminders and insights will always keep you a step ahead and will help drive business for you.
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Domenico Di Cicco profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
We use it to track activity in SFDC, open emails, templates.
  • Love how I can track open emails from prospects.
  • Templates make my job easier to send out more emails than I could manually.
  • Being able to track in SFDC makes my job easier for follow up.
  • I want to track forwarded emails.
  • Need a mobile app.
  • Need to have campaigns run easier.
Groove makes my job so much easier for outreach. If a client opens the email frequently or after a long time, I know about it, and that helps with outreach.
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Clayton Graham profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
Sales and Marketing use Groove to help maintain consistent messages while still being able to quickly customize and use them to social sell within the canned contexts.
  • Automates and speeds up blanket communications
  • Helps track cold calling and warm leads
  • Great integrations with Google and Salesforce
  • Slow to load sometimes
  • Can be tricky to sort through shared templates
Groove is great for sales and marketing roles, probably not very effective for accounting or anything with strict timelines.
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Jared DeLong profile photo
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Groove was first used by our sales team to follow up with opportunities in our pipeline. Our customer success team decided to try out Groove to see if it could help us better manage our check-ins with customers during the onboarding process. The tool was useful, however there was some lack in functionality that ultimately led to us discontinuing to use it.
  • Groove has a great integration with Salesforce that can sync all contacts and accounts.
  • Groove allows you to create various email templates that can create an efficient drip series of check-ins.
  • Groove has a beautiful and simple interface that's simple to navigate and use.
  • Groove will only allow you to set up a trigger series with one email address. For clients we're working with who have multiple staff, there is not an easy way to us to include those people in one continuous series.
  • Their trigger concept is based on a certain number of days, however not all emails sent out during the series are automatic. Each email has to be manually sent, which was not efficient for our team who needed better automation.
  • Some tags would not work properly in Groove based on the data we were tracking in Salesforce.
Groove is great for a sales team managing a pipeline and wanting the ability to still manage and manually send every email check in to a potential client. I didn't find it as well suited for automated check-ins that we were needing to do with customers during the client onboarding process because if an email was not automatically sent, our 30-day onboarding schedule would get off track.
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No photo available
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Groove is used across the Customer Success team to see email opens and views, to create and save templates for more common emails, and email scheduling to prevent disruption of clients outside of working hours, and some users utilize the scheduling link to book meetings with clients. It helps our team better understand which emails are resonating with clients if the client was able to view proactive outreach we have generated and saves us bundles of time with the templates and scheduling capabilities.
  • Email scheduling - There have been plenty of times where I've been working rather late and was worried about disrupting the client's sleep schedule. This is especially helpful if your team isn't divided into territories and works with global contacts. With the scheduling, you can have emails hit inboxes at 8:00 am during the client's working hours, rather than in the middle of their night.
  • Templates - Many emails that we write around common questions can take time to type out, even if the answer is quite simple. With the templates tool, I can draft a core version of the email and have a strong baseline starting point to work from, and then I only need to add customization to meet the client's exact needs for the particular request. It's also nice that you can reference other people's templates, or link to Salesforce.
  • Chrome Extension - With the Chrome Extension, I'm able to quickly see pending Salesforce tasks, reminders, and the open history of my sent emails so I can make sure I'm reaching my clients with the appropriate timing. I don't even have to leave my email!
  • Adding contacts from Gmail - Another reason I don't have to leave my email. Groove will pre-load contact information and link with Salesforce to create new contacts or leads. It will also do its best to grab information from the email signature lines, to prevent you from having to fill out even more information. Anything that prevents further tabs for quick actions is a win in my book.
  • Scheduling Meetings - There is a lot of cool functionality with the scheduling links to book meetings with clients, but often times I would end up in back-to-back meetings, or more phone calls than I could handle in a day if I wasn't careful. Improving the ability to add buffers of a few minutes between meetings (which seems to only sometimes work), and also allowing for expiration of meeting links would be phenomenal. The expiration is more important for individuals working with contacts around the world. Clients would find old links and book random meetings with me with 10 - 15 minutes notice and wouldn't confirm, which made me feel as though I was caught slightly off guard and left scrambling.
  • Template Editing - This feature could be more friendly. There'd be some moments where the mail-merge drop down wouldn't load at all for me, so I ended up memorizing them so I could manually type them. Additionally, sometimes pasting would lead to very strange formatting and it was difficult to get the formatting back to a presentable level.
  • Template Content Capabilities - The ability to add images to templates would be immensely helpful, especially for commonly asked questions where screenshots are helpful. I would utilize the template option much more if I could include images and align them appropriately.
Groove is well-suited for Customer Success, Customer Support, Account Management, Renewals, or Sales teams. Gaining a better understanding of your open rates, saving time with templates, and skipping the 2 - 3 emails to just book a meeting makes Groove a huge time saver on many fronts. There's also the Flows feature, which I haven't had the chance to dive too deeply into, but it would also likely be helpful to maintain a campaign or series of emails that were being sent out.

If you're not booking meetings, feeling a need for templates, or needing to see the email open and link click rates, then this tool may be more than what is necessarily needed.
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Will Sharry profile photo
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Groove is used by the sales team primarily to track meetings with prospects customers and current customers. Groove allows us to track the type of meeting - whether it is a new business meeting, demonstration, implementation walk-thru, integration call, procurement discussion, legal review et cetera in order to help us understand how many meetings it takes to close a deal, what kind of meetings help move a deal down the funnel, and what kind of meetings are wasting our time. Thanks to an integration with salesforce, we can track all these meetings in our dashboards easily.
  • Through an integration with Google Calendar, it's very easy to track types of meetings with prospects and customers.
  • Through an integration with Salesforce, it is very easy to track types of meetings in our sales dashboards.
  • Groove overlaps quite a bit with other tools we use in terms of functionality e.g. it helps schedule emails but we use in order to do that.
I would recommend Groove as a way to help sales team track their work, emails and meetings in a way that integrates with Salesforce. It is also great for tracking email opens and where the email is opened allowing a sales rep to know how engaged and interested a prospect is. Also allows you to know exactly when a prospect is opening your emails and at their desk.
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October 20, 2017

Groove is Great!

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
Groove is used by our entire sales department in order to get tracking and insight into our emails. It allows for us to see when prospects interact with our emails and then we can follow up accordingly. It enables us to target prospects in a timely and effective manner. This has been a huge time saver for me and the rest of my team.
  • Ease of use- Groove is very simple and easy to get up and running. The Salesforce plug in is extremely helpful and the Chrome extension is easy to install and get notifications right away.
  • Tracking- tracking your emails through Groove is extremely effective. You can pin point who is opening them up and how they interact with the information you sent them. Allows for my sales team to have a direct call of action based on the activity they see occurring.
  • Attaching emails to Salesforce accounts. This has been extremely effective for us as a sales organization
  • The tracking seems to lag a lot. Notifications usually don't show up instantly as they occur. I would like to see in real time when someone clicks on an email that way I can call them directly right after they engage with it. Sometimes I won't get a notification for a long time.
Groove is well suited for organizations that want to have insight into their email activity. It allows you to see when prospects click or open something in your emails. Also scheduling automated emails to go out at certain times is really beneficial as well. If you want an easy to use, intuitive tracking tool then Groove is perfect for that.
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October 03, 2017

Groove Review

Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is used primarily by the sales team to track prospects and customers opening emails, as well as a way to streamline outreach through email templates. This allows the sales team to conduct more outreach and provides insight into which email templates are most likely to be opened and/or responded to. In short, it helps sharpen sales messaging when interacting with a prospect and/or customer.
  • Email notifications: as soon as a recipient opens an email, it shows from where they opened it and when. Just-in-time notifications gives sales folks an idea of whether the prospect is in the office or not.
  • Email templates: allows sales folks to push out more emails that saves you time to build more pipeline
  • Intuitive analytics: easy to understand, robust reporting on number of clicks, number of opens, and more.
  • When I open a sent email, it shows that the prospect opened it, which is inaccurate information
  • Difficult to use email templates. Takes too much time to build one.
  • Lack of accessible data that can help groove customers understand how other groove customers are leveraging the software
Well suited use case: any sales team with minimal sales tools or inability to track emails that can help you hone in on what emails/key messaging are working or not working when prospecting.

Less suited use case: any outreach or salesloft customer that already has a built-in email tracking and email template capabilities. Quite frankly, there is zero need for it if you have these tools.
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About Groove

Groove is a software platform designed to facilitate sales team productivity, with email and calendar integration, campaign automation, analytics, a dialer, and account-based selling tools.

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