December 02, 2015


William Bowers | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with HireVue

HireVue is being used across the organization. It helps us screen candidates for job openings for software developers.


  • HireVue is easy to use. It has a good, straight forward user interface.
  • The coding questions, complete with unit tests are great.
  • The video questions work well.


  • HireVue does not work well in Safari. The UI gets all garbled.
  • One of the biggest reasons to do coding questions for candidates is to see how they think. While it is nice to see their final solutions it would be nice to "replay" a coding question complete with audio from the candidate to see how they went about solving the coding question.
  • Is there a way to use HireVue in real time? Lots of people use CollabEdit instead for live coding questions. It would be cool if HireVue could as well.
  • HireVue helps us not waste time bringing people in for an in-person interview. So right there it is a good investment as a time saver.
  • I think in some cases HireVue gets us more candidates because some people are more comfortable with it as an entry point rather than an in-person interview to begin with.
  • On the negative side, I have also heard around the software developer industry that some people avoid HireVue based job openings like the plague. They feel like it won't give them the right representation that a live interview can.
  • CollabEdit
CollabEdit lets you do live coding interviews. HireVue doesn't as far as I am aware. In this CollabEdit wins.
Right now I think it is good for a quick screening of candidates and not for a full real interview. It would still be advised to bring people in for an in person interview. I would ask a couple video questions to see their personality and a couple written questions to see their writing skills. Then at least 2 coding questions to see if they can at least pass those.

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  • Nicole Frisbee | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Hey William, thanks for reviewing HireVue! We appreciate it, and take all feedback into consideration. Our developers are constantly working on making HireVue even better, and we love any and all feedback as well as feature requests.We're glad that you are enjoying CodeVue and the overall HireVue experience! When you say that HireVue does not work well in Safari, could you give me a little more detail? We want HireVue to run smoothly on all supported browsers and operating systems. I'm sure you have already tried clearing all cache & cookies and have Safari updated to the latest version? We have Live Video Interviews, however the real-time coding interviews is a fantastic idea, and our developers would love to get on that (if they aren't already). I'll collaborate with them ASAP to see about getting this feature added to our platform to make it that much more enjoyable! The audio and replay is also a fantastic idea and I will correspond with our devs on that one as well. Thank you again for your review and your wonderful ideas! Be sure to follow us on Twitter @HireVue, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to get a feel of our culture and HR content! Feel free to join The Hub (our customer community): http://hir.vu/1n6m0sU where you can also add and track new product requests and features at any time. Don't forget to contact our 24/7 support team if anything goes awry! try.hirevue.com/contact Ps) I'm loving the "Hire-Revue" title! - Nicole
    • William Bowers | TrustRadius Reviewer
      Nicole -I was using the latest Safari with the cache and cookies cleared. The UI would not scroll right and the UI was all over the place. It looked completely different in Chrome. It is hard to describe other than that. I just tried it again (it was a few months ago that I had that experience) and I do not see any issues in Safari. So thats good! -- Bill

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