How Hubspot saved our Business.
December 11, 2013

How Hubspot saved our Business.

Katie Krizek | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction

  • Hubspot taught myself and my co-workers what Inbound Marketing is. We had heard the term for years but never fully understood it. Now we fully understand Inbound Marketing and have taught the concept and ideas to our entire company. Inbound Marketing has brought us more leads then we had using traditional marketing methods.
  • Hubspot keeps us up to date on current marketing trends both inbound and outbound. We don't have time to follow Google and all the changes they make. Thanks to Hubspot we are told how to change our website to reflect the changes Google makes.
  • Hubspot has helped us turn our website into another sales person. The Blogs have helped us get new organic traffic we would never be getting. Calls to Action have helped us capture visitors to our website and convert them to leads.
  • The idea of the Marketing Funnel has been around for years. My boss always believed in the Funnel Idea. Then when Hubspot starting implementing the Sales Funnel, my boss became a true believer in Hubspot.
  • Hubspot has changed the Dashboard a few times without us knowing about it. We get used to one design and it changes. They don't always tell us when they change it.
  • Key Word Grader is gone, but we know that was Google's doing not Hubspot.
  • Hubspot email platform, when it was released in September 2012 they made is seem like it was very easy. The person who uses Constant Contact to set up our Email Blasts did not agree that Hubspots Email Platform was easy. Hopefully it changed.
  • That is it! I don't have much to say about improvement.
  • Faster Lead Conversion. Our typical lead Conversion is 30 days -12 months. We still have those but Hubspot has helped us convert some leads in a week. The idea that a person can do an entire transaction over the internet and never speak to a person is something we never thought possible 5 years ago.
  • Our employee's can see what products and pages potential customers have looked it. It took them a while to get used to this idea.
  • We don't know where we would be without Hubspot. We would never have Blogs, E-Books, Call's to Action, Landing Pages and customers. We believe about 50% of our current customers are generated from a Hubspot feature on our website.
We figured we are married to Hubspot for a long time. Besides being happy with the Software and Service. We don't see any way of being able to move away from Hubspot. We are okay with the idea, because Hubspot does so much for us. The tracking they do is worth it plus all the information they provide on current marketing trends. We honestly don't know where we would be without them.
Hubspot is a great software and tool. It takes your business a step above competition and brings you into current ways of the world. Since Email blasts are not the only way of electronic marketing. Hubspot has taught us how to design our website and blogs so potential customers find us. We would never have all the inbound traffic we have without Hubspot.

Product Usage

3 - Graphic Designer, Advertising Coordinator, Website Maintenance, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager and Vice President.
2 - 3 people in total work on Hubspot. One person works from home and designs all CTAs (calls to action), E-Books and graphics related things. There are 2 of us in the office that manage Hubpsot part-time. We both have several other functions and duties so Hubspot is done in our free time. My Vice President writes blogs and manages key words. My role to is use Hubspot to manage leads and keep the website, calls to action, e-books and landing pages up to date and relevant.
  • More leads that turn into customers. Generate Sales.
  • Publish blogs. Blogs have increased our inbound traffic a lot.
  • Increase organic search with keywords, page titles.
  • Be in compliance with Google.
  • We learned that internal linking helps us with google rankings.
  • We knew blogs were important but never realized how important they were.
  • See what pages are most visited so we can improve those pages.
  • We plan to keep using Hubspot for a long time. We still have to catch up to some current features of Hubpsot like segmenting email lists.
  • We plan to leave Constant Contact and use Hubspot Email Platform.
  • In an Ideal world we would intergrate our CRM and Hubspot. That is a big investment for a new CRM.

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