Hubspot Worth Every Penny
Updated March 11, 2014

Hubspot Worth Every Penny

Mallory Schlabach | TrustRadius Reviewer
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We use Hubspot because we needed to understand how our business acted online and how we could leverage that into more clients, and not just any clients -- clients that really were interested and a good fit for our software. It's used across our company in a variety of ways. I am a primary user -- as I use all the functions I can get my hands on, and am responsible for creating and implementing Hubspot. Others in our office use it primarily to follow up with leads as they get qualified and to track leads down our sales funnel. For us, Hubspot has changed us throwing rocks in the dark hoping to hit a few leads to become customers, to giving us a step-by-step tried and true process for getting qualified leads and converting them into customers.
  • Hubspot is fantastic at really understanding what stage you are coming from and helping you build from where you are. Their mandatory training really holds your hand through the process of learning what all the software is capable of, so that you are really getting your money worth. Your consultant will take the time to ask thorough questions about your goals, how your business works, what you want to achieve, how you've performed in the past and they customize their experience with you to make sure you reach those goals.
  • This is the second time we've tried Hubspot. The first time, we saw great success but figured we could do it on our own once we learned the basics for much, much cheaper. We were so wrong. Now that we've started again, we will stick with Hubspot. My life -- not even just my job -- is so much easier because of all the tools at hand. Hubspot literally can handle anything you want to from website statistics to social media management to how to gain and attract leads and more. In the two months we've used it so far, we've already seen tremendous progress and we've just scratched the surface.
  • Hubspot is also good at continually educating you so that you are always learning about what you are doing. There are new blogs, reports, guides, lists, etc. that really help you become a rock star at your job, just by following their advice and really thinking about how to strategically approach marketing to leads. I think I could get lost reading through all the resources they have available on their website, and that doesn't even touch on all the video tutorials and webinar training sessions you have the ability to go through.
  • The Dashboard feature, which I love looking at throughout my work day, is also kind of a pain. The metrics it uses are confusing and sometimes they unexpectedly change. It's hard to get a straight answer sometimes on how they calculate when they appear to be different than expected.
  • A few of the training consultants, while experts at what they do, and really do help to make you shine, also can be a bit snarky and pretentious. While I understand, they are awesome at their job and their company rocks, sometimes they answer questions that really are legitimate for me to ask like I'm dumb for asking them.
  • We've increased the number of leads each month and now have a tangible goal to reach
  • We are spending less time chasing leads that aren't valuable to us, and able to really hone in and spend more time on the leads that we know keep coming back to visit our site and find out more information
Although it is expensive to use Hubspot, it is worth every penny as long as you invest the time to add content to your site that's relevant to your leads. We are able to make better business decisions and know how to connect with our leads and what they're searching for online thanks to all the tools and training we've been given at Hubspot.
Hubspot is an incredible software platform for any company to use. However, to use it to its fullest, you really need to have time dedicated to be able to create the material suggested and to be able to complete all the tasks they ask you to work on during your consulting sessions. The consultants work with you to find a time to fit things into your schedule and try not to give you more than you can handle, but to do it well, you'll really need to take the time and just work on it.

Product Usage

4 - The two main business functions represented by the people using Hubspot are marketing -- as far as trying to attract the leads, so building the landing pages, creating the content to put behind the forms, creating campaigns so the leads have a clear path to take to go from someone visiting the site to someone who will become a customer. The other main busines function is the flip side -- sales. They use Hubspot to track the leads that come in to the site and return. They handle lead nurturing, re-engaging leads who haven't touched base in awhile and qualifying leads who are ready to go through demos of our software.
1 - I primarily handle all of Hubspot internally. You will need someone who is self-motivated to complete all the tasks available, and someone who really understands your target client base, so you can customize their experience on your web site. We are a really small company, but really want to see ourselves succeed. With Hubspot, we are able to handle all of the statistics and data regarding how people interact with out site, and see in real-time how to adjust our content so that we're covering those visitors into leads and then into clients. It really has transformed how we do business and how we attract leads because it's no longer just a stab in the dark. Since it is in one program, it makes it so that even one person can handle everything if needed.


Every time I've had to deal with support, they've not only thoroughly answered my question, but also given me other ideas to think about for how to handle the situation I'm asking about. They are friendly, quick, professional and really understand the software to be able to get me the best solution for my needs. The email support answers in a few hours usually, and the phone support is immediate.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
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No - The regular support is able to handle all of my requests in a timely manner, so I've never seen the need to pay for more support.