Jive talkin' (sorry)
June 13, 2018

Jive talkin' (sorry)

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Overall Satisfaction with Jive

Jive is being used across the entire organization to provide a company-wide internal resource for file hosting, discussion, announcements and so on. In a larger organization like ours with offices all over the world, it is important that all employees have a shared resource of this type for sharing documents and information.
  • Jive does not have too much of a learning curve - most of it is pretty intuitive for anyone who has used similar tools in the past.
  • In the right hands, information can be organized well.
  • It is quite highly customizable by users, which is always a plus - one size does not always fit all!
  • I have sometimes found previews of uploaded files to be unreliable - Jive has failed to correctly render some files and gave up completely on some others.
  • Information is only as well-organized as the user. It's a shame there aren't more guidelines or guardrails to help avoid confusion.
  • Tagging, at least in our implementation, is the wild west. Lots of duplicative tags because absolutely anyone can add tags, even if variations of those tags already exist and could be used instead. This is a common problem in tools like these, though.
  • The effects have been mostly positive as we did not previously have a company-wide tool of this type available to all employees. That's not necessarily specific to Jive as we could have used any tool, but Jive is largely up to the job.
  • The only negative impact has been an occasional poor use of the tool, which has not had the desired effect of a more productive workforce.
  • The ability to share information with third parties outside the company on a limited basis is a plus for collaboration with partners.
I honestly don't recall what we briefly used before Jive - it wasn't good and didn't last long. I think it was under-utilized because you couldn't really do a whole lot with it. Jive does pretty much everything we need it to do, so for that reason alone, Jive is the superior tool.
It's definitely worth considering Jive for the type of application we've developed i.e. a central shared repository for all employees to host and discuss information. I can't say I have ever used a superior tool, but they may exist. I'm just not sure I would want to use it exclusively for file hosting, though. It does integrate with various other tools, so perhaps it would be fine if used in conjunction with another tool for that purpose.

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