A tale of JobDiva and me
Eric Sangma | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 16, 2020

A tale of JobDiva and me

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Overall Satisfaction with JobDiva

At our organization, JobDiva is the go-to ATS for talent acquisition. It is used across the whole organization for recruitment purposes. I strongly recommend JobDiva as it gives access to the latest talent out there in the market for employers. JobDiva is simple and very straightforward with a multitude of features that provide ease and a smooth workflow for recruitment.
  • Ease of access
  • Multitude of features for every user at different professional levels
  • Consolidation of the entire recruitment process under one app
  • The submission of candidates on the JobDiva portal can be more elaborate.
  • Aesthetics could be improved.
  • Sometimes the Boolean strings tend to create errors.
  • Immensely helped in easing the process from requisition to work offer generation in the company.
  • Recruitment has had an immense impact on the growth of the company and it has a lot to do with JobDiva.
  • Analysis of the company's business process and its pros and cons have been made easier.
JobDiva is a bit more detail-oriented rather than just being ambiguous. JobDiva, in my opinion, is more user-friendly than the rest of the ATS solutions I mentioned. Search results vary from requisition to requisition, and JobDiva may be slightly behind the rest of the ATS solutions (but it makes up for it in other areas).
I give it a 7 out of 10 because there is always room for improvement. I would not consider JobDiva to be the best ATS solution just yet. As I have mentioned, a lot can be improved in its functionality (Boolean), aesthetics, search results, and so on. This review comes from a person who has been using it as a first-hand recruiter. With advancement in its UI development, I look forward to an improved and more refined version of JobDiva soon.
Dice Open Web, CareerBuilder Applicant Tracking (formerly Luceo), Monster.com
JobDiva is well suited for finding talent on the market and it is very easy to use (user-friendly). It has a wide database structure that allows new daily updates to its candidate searching structure. If there are any cons I'd say maybe the accuracy or the functionality of the User Interface can be improved. The responsiveness of the pages can also be enhanced.

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