KnowBe4 is a must for any organization, especially those with security compliances
Updated August 10, 2021

KnowBe4 is a must for any organization, especially those with security compliances

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Overall Satisfaction with KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training

We use KnowBe4 to train and test our staff on Cyber Security topics related to our business and general local applicable regulations. We deploy this across all email users, which covers all the front office employees and some key individuals in the manufacturing area as well. The KnowBe4 platform is an easy to use, deploy and maintain method to implement a Cyber Security training program. This tool helps to first gives us a place to create and manage the Cyber Security training. Secondly the platform has a means to test your users and keep Cyber Security top of mind. With the Phishing platform I run regular testing and have created awards programs to keep Cyber Security a focus, but keeping it from a positive place. The platform also has a way to send out periodic cyber security information to users inboxes. I have caught users forwarding those newsletters to family and friends so that is a good sign they are reading it and find it useful. With training records and performance on Phishing tests we can track how well we are doing as a company and track individual users.
  • KnowBe4 provides great training materials.
  • The KnowBe4 Phishing platform has relevant and up to date templates for testing.
  • I create awards programs and would appreciate different reporting metrics, though I can get by with what I do get. This is a selfish request.
  • I would like more design capabilities with the template builder, maybe more fonts and other styling options.
  • We have realized an increase in cybersecurity awareness that spans beyond the traditional as our users find ways to implement security practices in other aspects of our organization and take that knowledge home with them.
  • We have identified breaches at other organizations as a result of our users ability to quickly identify malicious email content.
KnowBe4 has proven to be the most mature product in the cybersecurity training and phishing testing platforms. The up to date content and large capacity of content seems larger than any other I have seen. The content also features many entertaining options that match my personal style and allow me to keep Cyber Security an important thing on my network without scaring users so much they won't open any emails. The Phishing platform has a large base of standard templates that is kept up to date as well as a community based content area that takes allows other users to share good content with the rest of the community. The tracking statistics and insights are very helpful.

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It would be easy to fall into a pattern of pushing out the same stale old content and have users drone through hours of boring training. The fresh and diverse content allows for some freshness in the program. Some users have even asked for additional training on specific topics. There are tools in the training content that go beyond basic training videos to games, posters and other various tools that have allowed me to keep Cyber Security top of mind for my users in a busy hectic digital world.
I tend to deploy new users as groups so when our organization is adding a few new employees over the course of a month I will partner with the department lead to deploy the training platform and subsequent onboard training to fit in with overall employee onboarding process. I like the automated rule based tools that allow me to build rules for new users to need to complete certain training and sends out updates every weeks to the user and manager to remind them of the training until it is completed.
First and foremost the completion of the required training is the first metric tracked for every user. This is important for insurance and compliance purposes. The next metrics I watch and track are annual click rates on Phishing tests at the company level. We also run intense month long annual campaign where I focus our users heavily on current security trends through the use of a customized phishing program. I use the click rates to build out an awards program where users gain points by not clicking links and also marking those test attempts using the Phish Alert tool. This allows me to both know they won't fall for Phishing attempts but also know how to spot those attempts.
I personally believe that KnowBe4 is a great solution for almost any company. I personally feel they are an easy win for any organization that has cybersecurity policy requirements, as they even provide tools to help you keep track of compliance. In the very least they provide tools and a place to track user involvement in your training program. I feel very small companies may struggle with justifying the cost of KnowBe4, however the cost of a breach will be much higher. In today's environment any organization that thinks either they don't have anything of value to be stolen or are not a target is fooling themselves. All organizations have information of value, reputation and a contact list if nothing else. Also with ransomware an infection will cost the organization something whether it is time to recover or actual payment to an attacker. Also the approach being used by attackers these days pays little attention to business size but simply spams as many email accounts as possible. Your information has value to you and ransomware can take it hostage, train your users and don't let it happen.

KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training New Features

I have not had the opportunity yet to take advantage of these new features, as we tend to manage our enrollment more manually. We do intend to look more closely at these features in the near future as our user base has grown.
We now use the PhishER tools, which allow us to analyze the actual incoming Phishing emails. Using this tool I can monitor what real threats are out in the wild, but also we utilize the tools to automatically turn real world phishing attacks into Phishing tests based on AI. The results of surveys help to drive our Phishing tests and influence our testing programs as well.
The platform has so much flexibility, yet it also allows the admins the ability to automate much of the process of creating and maintaining a cybersecurity training program. I use some of the automated tools, but I also like to tweak some of the phishing tests to create my own rewards programs. The platform is flexible enough to allow me to create the sort of campaigns I want, relatively easily. However automatic tools are also available to setup the program with minimal input.
I love the PhishFlip feature and wish I could use it as an email filter. PhishFlip has "defanged" a number of tricky real world phishing attacks and given me feedback on how my users would have responded to that threat. This is extremely valuable as this is real world stuff. Also considering that many attacks don't affect just one of our users, but often times a group of them. Now when one user identifies that threat, they are saving the rest of the users from the threat all while allowing a true life test to proceed. This is a huge game changer and plays a featured role in my Cyber Security communications.

KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training Support

I have not had much need to contact support. The few times have usually been easily addressed by Wiki articles online. The support staff has been extremely generous and willing to help.