Thoughts about LabTech
July 22, 2016

Thoughts about LabTech

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Overall Satisfaction with LabTech

We use LabTech to manage the computers within our organization, as well as a few thousand computers we manage for our customers.
  • Provides good, detailed information about computers' properties - running processes, installed software, hardware, networking, logs, etc...
  • Provides simple, fast, and powerful remote access capabilities.
  • Can be configured to automatically respond when certain behaviors occur on monitored computers. The possible responses are limited only by imagination.
  • Has powerful scripting capabilities.
  • The user interface is improving with new versions but is unintuitive and sometimes difficult to figure out.
  • LabTech can save enormous man-hours of work through scripting & automation. If there is a task that must be repeated on multiple systems - pushing updates (Microsoft or 3rd party), or installing/uninstalling applications for example - then a LabTech admin can spend time *once* to configure LabTech to perform that action on all of the computers, and then the action can occur automatically. It isn't necessary for a technician to perform the action repeatedly for every managed computer.
  • Kaseya
We evaluated Kaseya and found that it had a more attractive and seductive interface, but when we questioned the Kaseya presenters we learned that every weakness we were frustrated by in LabTech was also lacking in Kaseya - it seemed both products have the same inabilities.
LabTech is very powerful and vary capable & useful if you learn how to use it correctly. If you aren't able to put in the needed time and effort to learn it, then it won't be very beneficial. The LT training offerings are very good, if you have the time & money to attend them.

Using LabTech

20 - Infrastructure & Help Desk Technicians - they support customer servers & workstations
2 - LabTech admins should be curious and adept at figuring out logical puzzles and problem-solving. LabTech is a big workflow engine, so understanding how and why it behaves in certain ways is a big part of supporting LabTech.
  • Maintaining Microsoft & 3rd-party patches are up-to-date on managed systems
  • Remote-access to user computers in order to help users having trouble.
  • Deploy software without needing to send a technician to every workstation.
  • We can analyze what hardware or software is in-use at client sites and generate reports, to suggest upgrades.
  • We can have LabTech proactively alert us if a specific component or machine is failing, and automatically generate an email to an Acct Rep to quote out a replacement part.
We've invested the $ & time to learn the product and make productive use of it. It is now an indispensable tool.