LogMeIn Central Helps Us Help Our Users
Updated July 31, 2018

LogMeIn Central Helps Us Help Our Users

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We have off-WAN sites to which LogMeIn gives us access. Our computers at remote sites are not on the Domain and do not use VPN. Their only access to us is via RDP, but our only access to them is via LogMeIn. LMI is also installed on Domain-Joined laptops for remote assistance in the event they are home, or out of town and the unit is inaccessible via our WAN. Our entire I.T. department has access to LogMeIn, but only a select few have administrative access.


  • Scheduled reboot of PCs. This is helpful for users who forget, or refuse to restart their computer on a semi-regular basis.
  • Assigned installation packages - we can generate install packages which will force a computer into a particular group. We can also set timed or quantity expirations so they cannot be used indefinitely.
  • Antivirus Status - LogMeIn will give us the AV status of any computer on which LMI is installed. This is helpful to detect computers in the wild which may be vulnerable.
  • Windows Update Status - In a similar vein as AV status, LogMeIn also monitors update status and lets us know if there's an issue with Windows Updates. Again, useful for the off-domain PCs which we don't touch or control nearly as often.


  • I wish we had more control of the client. We cannot turn off the remote notification - when connecting to a PC, the user is always notified that we are on with them.
  • Online notification - it would be helpful if we could flag particular units so we are notified when they come online via LogMeIn.
  • Group editing - moving a computer from one group to another isn't a quick task. Moving a GROUP of computers is downright impossible unless you've just created that group.
  • There's a lack of computer information from the console. Showing us a serial number, and maybe PC specs would be helpful.
  • Saves time - we can quickly get onto a computer with issues - provided it's online.
  • Remote wake up - MOST of the time, we are able to remotely wake computers using LogMeIn. It doesn't always work, but what does? This is big for a number of reasons. First, if we need to perform evening maintenance on a PC and the user has neglected to leave the computer on for us, or it has gone to sleep, we can wake the computer and continue our work. Second - LMI has helped us recover a stolen laptop. Due to the culprit not wiping the computer, LogMeIn was still on it, and we were able to wake the unit, remote in, and get the computer's location.
  • Less hand holding - we have techs in the field who simply install their package and forget it. This gives us immediate access to the PCs if necessary.
We use IntelliAdmin Remote Control for most on-Domain remote sessions. The advantage LogMeIn has over IARC is its group lists. LogMeIn presents all of your computers in an easy to navigate list. All of my groups of computers are accessible from one interface. Alternatively, I can push IARC to any computer on my Domain without having to install a package first. Obviously, when pitted against RDP, LogMeIn wins. RDP is nice for working without others watching you, but LMI offers the option to blank the screen, so it's a no-brainer.
Off-WAN sites. Road warriors. Home workers. All of these are excellent use cases for LogMeIn. Having users who work from home, it is neither our job, nor desire to set up port forwarding in their firewalls for remote assistance if necessary. LogMeIn allows us to remote into our computers no matter where they are, provided their connection isn't blocking communication. A similar response for those in the field. We obviously wouldn't be able to connect through a hotel's firewall. LogMeIn makes it easy to help our remote users.

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File transfer
Instant message
Secure remote access with Smart Card authentication
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Access to sleeping/powered-off computers
Over-the-Internet remote session
Initiate remote control from mobile
Remote management of servers & workstations
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Remote Active Directory® management
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Centralized management dashboard
Session record
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Monitoring and Alerts
Multi-platform remote control
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