The Right Fit for a Microsoft Heavy Workplace
February 26, 2020

The Right Fit for a Microsoft Heavy Workplace

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Overall Satisfaction with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is being used virtually exclusively by myself and my co-workers for work-related chat and rapid communication. What started as a shout-out for it from one of our managers that likes to try new things exploded into a full-organization adoption of the software within a week. Our former software that we still use for VoIP had a chat function that was clunky and limited, but Teams has been a breath of fresh air, adding personality and useability to our internal chat function. The ability to share spreadsheets with previews, GIFs, and screenshots seamlessly without having to attached anything manually is a huge plus.

The software also interfaces perfectly with Outlook in terms of availability and calendar, something our former chat software wasn't able to do. The screensharing aspect of a call or video chat adds another convenience of not having to unplug the laptop and bring it to someone for them to take a look at what you're referencing.

The interface has a very short learning curve, and is in every way intuitive, even to my co-workers that are usually late adopters of new things.

A hidden gem that might not be readily apparent is the "more apps" area under the button that looks like an elipse. This allows interfacing with OneNote and other apps!
  • Filesharing
  • GIFs and other fun aspects of a chat software
  • "(name) is typing" display.
  • Interfacing with Microsoft Suite programs
  • Drawing contacts from Outlook
  • A taskbar widget that allows replies from right clicking the taskbar icon.
  • more GIF engines beyond GIPHY, or a native GIPHY interface complete with mood categories.
  • Recent Chats column collapsible to bubbles with initial before disappearing when narrowing the window, similar to Apple iMessage on Mac software.
  • The software has allowed far faster completion of minor tasks that can slow down greater objectives.
  • The software has allowed for less cluttered email inboxes with internal person-to-person communication.
  • The software has cut down on productivity disruption that comes with more clunky types of communication.
The main advantage of Microsoft Teams over these suites comes down to interfacility with other Microsoft Programs used ubiquitously in the office. Both of the other softwares have advantages in other respects for VoIP and group management, but Teams just fits in with the other software already in use.
For intra-company communication, Microsoft Teams is perfectly suited. Informal, quick, and fun, it's perfect from co-worker to co-worker.

Externally, Microsoft Teams is probably less appropriate. With client or customer contact, it's probably the best way to go.

Another factor to consider within the company is the importance level of the message and to what degree communications should be easily preserved, printed, or forwarded and copied to other individuals.