Mimecast Email Archiving is the cream of the crop. It is a bit costly but you will not regret it!
November 14, 2017

Mimecast Email Archiving is the cream of the crop. It is a bit costly but you will not regret it!

Jeffrey Rudacille | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving

Mimecast has become an integral part of our organization. It solves 4 separate business problems and it does it very well. Our company is using it for all 4 of these situations:
1-It archives all of our email both incoming and outgoing.
2-It sterilizes our email for spam, viruses and other malicious content.
3-It allows our Outlook users, who have the Mimecast add-in installed, the ability to send and receive large file attachments.
4-It acts as a DR recovery for our mail solution. We host our on exchange server but if it goes down the users can login into Mimecast to continue sending and receiving email. We just used this feature when our power was out for 4 days after Hurricane Irma.
  • It archives every email into and out of your enterprise including mail between internal users. This provides a legally acceptable archive that we can access at any point to find emails whether we need just one from a year ago or a lot to enter into a court case.
  • Since we have our MX record pointing to them first, they host all of our email in the cloud so users can access it even in the event our local email repository is down. We used this feature quite well during this past years Hurricane season.
  • Mimecast has a feature that allows me to sandbox all links, in emails, before users are redirected to them. This has saved us several times in that users clicked on links they should not have but Mimecast intercepted the request and stopped the user from going to the site.
  • Although many people seem to love it, I think their search capability takes some getting used to. It works and you can find anything you need but it is not as clean as if searching in Outlook.
  • When an incoming domain is on the Mimecast's blacklist the email is totally blocked and there is no notification of this so if a user tells me they are not getting email from somewhere I sometimes have to assume this is the issue and go the extra step and add that domain to a white list not knowing if it will really solve the issue.
  • The Large File send options in outlook work fairly well but if one is sending a dozen files the receiver SHOULD get an option to download them all into one size but they do not. Instead they have to download each file individually.
  • Some of their new client releases can cause issues so you must test the clients well and usually stick with a good one when you get one that works well in your environment.
  • One large positive impact is that it has removed the need to manage email archiving (think .pst files!). The .pst files were always becoming corrupt and they were hard to manage for both IT and the users. That is a thing of the past now that we have Mimecast.
  • Having all the archived email in one place as has given us a positive ROI in that users can now spend less time searching for older email (through multiple .pst files) and can move on to more important issues at hand once they find what they need in Mimecast.
  • Having Mimecast at our border, protecting us against malicious links and attachments, is an ongoing positive ROI in that it has surely saved us from at least one bad viral like situation.
  • Finally Mimecast has given the company a positive emotional ROI in that users now feel comfortable with the archiving solution and are quite happy with the company for offering the Mimecast capability to them when it comes to finding archived information.
  • Citrix ShareFile
One of the big features of Mimecast is the ability to send large files. We used to use CItrix Sharefile for this but switched over to Mimecast's LFS for one large reason...since we are archiving all of our mail in Mimeast anyway we would have wanted these attachments, even if large, also available to if we go back to look at old emails. However just for usability sake I think Citrix Sharefile's large file send is more polished and probably works a little better. We just choose to use the Mimecast so we had a one stop shop when it came to email archiving.
It is an enterprise product as such it is quite expensive and most suited for companies with at least 75 users and up. It would be great if you are hosting your own email environment but from what I understand the set is a bit hard if you try to use this with Office 365 or a hosted exchange situation. If you are in the business of needing email archives for a lot of legal situations, Mimecast can be your savior over and over again.