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Archiving Software

Archiving Software Overview

What is Archiving Software?

Archiving Software supports enterprises in retaining and rapidly retrieving structured and unstructured data over time while complying with security standards and the like. File archiving may include images, messages (e.g. IMs, social media posts, etc.), emails, and content from web pages and social sites. Compliant data retention may require retaining data in its native form and context so that it can be understood.

Also called Enterprise Information Archiving (EIA), archiving software is designed to meet discovery requirements. That means that the archive must be searchable so that all stored data can be retrieved with context intact.

Archiving software is most commonly a requirement for banking institutions and governments. More stringent privacy laws means that EIA has become a concern for private corporations as well. Archiving software will contain features overlapping Enterprise Search, Data Governance and eDiscovery, and some features in common with ECM.

Features of Archiving Software

Leading Enterprise Information Archiving vendors focus on some or provide many of the following capabilities:

  • Meet legal and regulatory compliance requirements and provide attestation (e.g. GDPR, SEC, FINRA, CFTC, etc.)

  • Provide high-efficiency low-cost storage for data retention

  • Unified, centralized storage for disparate sources and unstructured data

  • Automated data retrieval and retention, with reporting

  • Tamper-proof “evidentiary” quality records (e.g. non-rewritable)

  • Configurable policy engine for enforcing corporate policy, industry standard, or regulatory requirements

  • An automated classification system for data to be retained or discarded based on importance

  • Apply metadata to ease search, categorization, supervision & discovery

  • Access controls supporting role-requirements, biometrics, etc.

  • Granular retention rules to archive content for as long as needed

  • Employee self-service, search & report generation, with access log

  • Daily reconciliation reporting to verify data capture

  • Redundant, disaster-proof, or third-party verified storage integrity

Pricing Information

Archiving Software is potentially complex and provided by specialized vendors as-a-service. Vendors who specialize in information archiving generally specialize in storage, disaster recovery and resilience, or data security. Archiving Software Suites are modular and contain separate modules for managing the many different kinds of data to be archived by source, or by governing regulations.

Price may be relatively modest for small organizations storing limited data from few sources for disaster resilience. For complex corporations facing onerous regulatory requirements and drawing data from a multitude of sources (e.g. corporate social sites, an email server, corporate website, etc.) price will be far greater. Vendors will also provide one-off services like legacy or physical data migration to an archive, third-party auditing, and continuity services.

Archiving Products

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Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery

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132 Ratings

Commvault is the eponymous data backup and recovery solution from the data management company headquartered in New Jersey. It provides solutions multi-cloud backup, protection for applications, databases, and virtual machines, end-point user data protection, and disaster recovery.

Microsoft Exchange

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464 Ratings

Microsoft Exchange is a secure email / messaging gateway with file archiving and encryption / data loss capability, available as a hosted service (Exchange Online) or installed (Exchange Server).

Actiance was a social media compliance and archiving platform acquired by Smarsh in November 2017. It is now part of the technology underlying the Smarsh Connected Suite. Actiance products Vantage and Socialite are now Connected Capture. Actiance Alcatraz is now Connected Archive.

3 Ratings

WinZip, a Corel Corporation product, is a file management tool, providing file compression and archiving, file or document encryption, PDF file manipulation, and file cleanup.

3 Ratings

Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) is designed to future-proof infrastructure by delivering data protection and disaster recovery for every type of workload. Backed by heterogeneous, image-based technology that protects to and from any target, the vendor boasts combining enterprise-ready feature…

Able2Extract Professional, is a PDF converter, editor and creator. It is a powerful PDF suite that cuts down on the time spent dealing with PDFs and has been the long-time choice for increasing PDF productivity in the office.Able2Extract will let you convert scanned and native PDFs to more than 10 f…

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Symantec acquired LiveOffice in 2012 to expand their cloud migration, and file and email archiving capabilities. The product was part of the Veritas spin-off from Symantec, and is now offered as Enterprise Veritas Enterprise is a cloud based archiving service.

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Irish company Waterford Technologies offers MailMeter, an email archiving solution.

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Newgen e-Gov Office Automation suite aims to provide government agencies the flexibility to automate document-intensive processes, and develop a highly agile operational infrastructure. The solution provides following features: 1.Electronic File (e-File) and Correspondence Management 2.Committee &…